August heading into September!

anjabeeAugust 29, 2012

Hey ladies! Hope everyone is doing well! Miss you guys! Just wanted to let you know I posted one of my creations over on the Discussions side. Titled Halloween Guy. The head was painted so I figured it was ok to post here for y'all. ha Can't believe the summer is almost over. I'll be posting another one of my creations here soon. I am determined to finish it up today! I wish you all could catch the painting muse! I miss oohing and aahhing over our projects!! Especially with the holidays approaching! Talk to ya soon...I hope! ~Anj

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There is now a snowman guy posted too if you want to take a peek. =) ~Anj

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This one is in the gallery.

Here is a link that might be useful: Witch Sign

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Anj, you are on a roll! How fun to see all your projects this morning. ;o) I can't pick a favorite, I love all three of them. Wish I could be at your fall boutique, be sure to take lots of pictures of your booth for us.

I know what you mean about Pinterest, I love looking there and at Etsy too. And like you, I have so many patterns and ideas that it actually makes it hard to just pick one and get started! LOL

You are motivating me to get back to work on my started but unfinished projects. I certainly NEED to get busy and get some things going for gifts for birthdays and Christmas.

Thanks for sharing your neat creations, hope you can keep up your momentum.

Hugs, Luvs

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That is the plan! ha I did a ghost yesterday but he's not painted. Guess I could post a pic of him in here just so you can see him. I've got 3 more snowmen heads in the works and another pumpkin head. Have some stitcheries done. And have some signs base coated. I'll post as I get them done.
I so wish you would start painting again. I know it's hard to get into it, but once you start you kinda get on a roll and want to finish. I just love your creations and I know you little granddaughter still loves them if she is anything like my 8 yr old! ha Sure is hard to find time to get it all done though. I have to wait until I get everyone off to work and school and after I get the baby fed her second breakfast and down for her nap before I can even begin to get anything started. I've actually got to leave now to take my youngest to school. I'll be back tomorrow with more pics hopefully. Cya!

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I really like how you are using the stands for your creations. Good details on this one with the buttons and tag too.

I might get more painting done if I would stay off this computer. Amazing how time flies when on here! LOL

I am feeling excited at seeing all the things you are making. Will be sure to check in here each day just in case you've posted a pic.

Know you are super busy, don't know how you keep up with it all!


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Another one in the gallery. =)

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OK! I'm back....atlease for this post.......

I've read some of the previous posts and seems everyone is doing well, which is really great! Luv..glad that you are getting your craft areas orginized, I for one hate working in clutter and Anj you just had to post those witch pictures by Monika Brint. I really do like her witches. Makes me think about getting paint and brushes out. I recently purchase a pattern from Patricia Ralinson which is done on wood and has a RocLon banner, it says "if the shoe fits" and has stripped stocking and cool shoes. And Anj., I love painting on RocLon, but the best place to buy it is at a fabric store like Joann's, especially when they have a 40% off coupon. They have lots of different weights and I use a light to medium weight fabric. Be sure not to over spray or coat with your sealer. I like it best because you can cut out designs and they don't curl and be sure to base paint the back side as well. PS most stores call it blackout curtain liner.

I still haven't painted since the last Christmas, but have really made a lot of cards. Most of the time it is fun, but when something just doesn't work out right I tend to get a little "testy" I haven't tried to sell any as of yet, maybe next spring or fall.

Hope you both get your Cricuts out, it is really fun to use once you get the hang of it! And if you can find a group that does paper art, you can exchange or use other members cartridges. And Anj., there are several discount stores in you area that carry their supplies.

Our summer arrived very late and is now lingering on with days in the 60's and low 70's and no rain. We have several large forest fires, none near us, although we are seeing the smoke when the wind shifts.

We finally put our hand dug well to rest, but have opened a can of worms! With the new system we have greater pressure and you would not believe how much "stuff" settles in ones 46 year old pipes. Instead of having pure, clear water, we have brown water. So, the guys are taking everything apart today and cleaning everything. Then we have to put clorox in the water and run it through all of the outlets in the house until we can smell the bleach, then let it sit in the pipes for 12 hours and then let it run for 20 minutes. The things we do to make us feel more secure.....the old well worked just fine!

My GS has finished 2 years of college and is waiting to go into the Coast Guard. He has been working since graduation from High School, but now has to go to a 4 year college to get his degree, which means either loans, or gifts from us, which he will not take, or no college. So...

I now know what the Shingle feel like and believe me you don't want to have them or if you have, I feel for you! They have slowed down my knee replacements, 5 months and still going. Good thing, for some reason I am loosing weight....Hip! Hip! Horray! My GS thought I needed a "pick me up" so he arrived one day with a 4 week old kitten, and he was right. I realized I hadn't really laughed in weeks or maybe months. Shadow is on my lap or near me all the time....think he has a "don't let mommy out of my site" complex....which I don't mind!

Well......that about tells it all! I really will try to come back more often and am going to dust off my bushes and try to use up my paints.

Take Care!


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Woohoo! So glad to have you back Belle! I'm sorry to hear that you've had shingles if I read that right. I've heard they are horrible as an adult. You have had lots going on! Kittens are so much fun! I know how you feel. My little yorkie dog stays glued to me most of the time! She is constantly under my feet and has got to be touching me somewhere all the time. She does not like the baby though. She just sits and glares at her when I hold her. Gonna have to watch out for that jealousy.
I put a few more pics in the gallery. Not sure if you saw the other things I put in the discussion side too. I am painting some pumpkins for my own use today. I ended up not getting pictures of everything that I did for the boutique but I sold almost everything and made right at $160. I was told that I had everything priced too low, but it gave me pleasure to get rid of some of my stash and make a little cash and also hope the people who bought them like them. I really hope you get to paint soon too Belle. I miss our projects and now that the holidays are coming it would really be fun to share! I am going to keep at it since I feel like I'm on a roll. ha
I've got to hurry and go shower before the baby wakes up from her nap. My days revolve around her schedule most days! Y'all have a good day! How is your week Luvs?

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Hello again, Hope everyone is well! last post really gave me a start and I had to go back and read all of the old posts to figure out where the "baby" came from...glad your sale went so well! It's not nice having stuff left over to store.

I finally did it! I have started the 21st year of Christmas Ornaments. I am doing Jamie Mills-Price Sweet Petites, from her Christmastime 7 - doing 28 in all. As I am doing the base coats it hasn't been much fun yet!!!

I have started my card making for Christmas and it is a lot of fun! I love watching the Youtube tutorials as I make my cards - so many new techniques and ideas. I have a large notebook full of cards or ideas I want to try. Anj...have you found a discount source for the Cricut cartridges? Should be one in you area, nothing here except JoAnn's fabrics, but 20 - 40% off isn't bad.

Guess I had better get with the action and finish the base coating and get down to the fun least I hope it is fun! If I have the time after everything else is made, I might challenge myself with JMP's Birch Mark Snowman, he is really cute!

Luv....hope you are taking care of yourself!!!!! Right about now I wish we had your sushine instead of this rain!


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Hi Belle! Just stopped in to check on everyone. Probably need to start a new post for December. ha The time is flying by. I only got a handful of plain pumpkins painted up since I talked to everyone last. Nothing new to post. JMP's patterns give me fits, but they sure turn out so cute when they are done! I hope you'll share pics when you are done!

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