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luvstocraftAugust 14, 2008

Hi Anj, I'm really missing you on here. Know you are having lots of fun and keeping really busy since this is the last week of DH's vacation.

I've been doing a little painting. I've posted a pic or two for you to see. You'll have to play catchup when you get signed on again.

Just got a call from DIL wondering if she could bring little GD by while she runs her errands today. They are getting ready to go on a camping trip this weekend with a group of friends. Know GD is going to love that, it's her first campout.

I'm taking a break from transplanting some Iris. Not really the right time for it, but they had gotten so tall they were blocking the sprinkler.

Well, better get back at it. Hope to hear from you again soon.


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Hey....when is the right time to transplant iris? Fall and spring? I have some bulbs that I need to get planted. Been keeping them alive in a bucket all summer. ha
I'm missing you too! We have been running running running! My whole family went fishing tonight, but I had to pass so that's why I get a moment to stop in. Love your projects!! You are getting so much done! I'm jealous!

Yesterday we spent most of the day at the rec center pool and today we took my parents with us for a buffet lunch and then took everyone to see Iron Man at the $1 movie. Got home and they went fishing while I've been cleaning and doing laundry. I think we are going back to the pool tomorrow. I'll be glad for school to start. Next week we have all the dental appts and school shopping to do. School starts on the 25th. Hope I can hold out til then. ha I'm tired!

GD is going to love the camping.

Well, I've got a few more things to do before I can get to bed. Keep up the good work while I'm gone. I promise I'll start keeping up my end of things when school starts back! ~Anj

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Hey there! Glad you were able to pop in for a minute. Hope you are taking your vitamins, eating your Cheerios, etc. to give you the energy to keep up with all these fun activities! LOL So glad you are all having fun, got to make the most of the summer vacation time while you can. ;o)

Usually Spring and Fall are the best times to transplant the Iris because it's not so hot. With that said, they are pretty hardy, and as long as you kept them well watered, they would probably do fine most anytime. When I was given mine a couple years ago, the man had cut the tops off. I'm thinking I should do that now that I have transplanted them so the nutrients can go to developing a good root system--but the tops look so pretty and healthy. I might pop in on conversations at GJ and ask if I have to cut them down--or maybe there's even an Iris forum on here. LOL Pick a good location for your's, you know they will multiply and spread, right? I'm having to move mine because they got so tall they are blocking the sprinkler so my other plants aren't getting their share of the water.

The reason I am getting things done is because it's been HOT outside so I just look for things I can do in the house--painting being one of the fun ones. ;o) Sure wish I could get DH to sort through his closet and drawers and part with some stuff he never wears. Closet is so tight, it's a struggle to put laundry away on his side--and you know he's never gonna get back into some of those smaller sizes! LOL

Well, I need to get moving too, want to finish the transplanting and start some trimming on a couple of bushes. Nice that my plants grow so well--then again, it's not always a good thing! LOL


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Hey Lady....thanks for looking that up on the bulbs. I see that you posted some info for me on another thread. I hope mine are still alive....they still have green tops so I'm hopeful. ha My SIL dug them out of her yard and gave them to me, but I could never decide where to put them. With all the changes in our yard and more plans ahead I just couldn't make a decision. Guess I'll wait til it gets a little cooler and plant them in the corner behind a big log I had DH save for me from one of our trees falling.

I planted 2 little fushia plants this year cause I liked how yours looked so much, but they are still tiny. I think I need to hit them, my blueberry bushes, my hydrangias and possibly my hibiscus with some miracle grow and see if it will help them. I want the little things to make it thru the winter.

Only one more week and I get my life back in order!! ha I tell you I'm almost giddy. ha Can't wait for them to get back to school so I can get on my schedule and paint. My house is totally upside down, but I just figure I'll let it go a little longer (just surface cleaning) and then I'll get it back in shape when they aren't around to mess it up right behind me. The more they moan about having to go back the more I hide my secret smile. I'm so evil. hahahaha

Tomorrow thru Wed I have to get up super early to get to the dentist office when he opens. We are the first appts of all 3 of those days. Then school shopping. Then the next week they are outta here! ha

Well, I came here to see if I could find any good eggplant recipes. Got any you'd like to share? I planted some in my garden this year for something different, but the only thing we've ever done with them is batter and fry them. Wish you were nearby and I'd load you up with cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, zucchinis and eggplant. =) Speaking of which I need to go pick my garden. Talk to ya soon. ~Anj

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Hi Anj, All your fresh produce sounds so yummy. I've never done much with eggplant, but I totally love eggplant parmagina (sp). One of the mother's of a girl my son used to date made it so good. She asked me what I'd like one year for Christmas and I told her a whole pan of her wonderful eggplant! LOL Do you like fried green tomatoes? I love them, and fried okra or steamed okra as well.

I think allot of mother's are feeling ready for school to start--even if they don't say it out loud! LOL Will be nice to settle back into a bit of a routine, I'm sure.

Not sure all the gardeners out there would agree with me, but the best tip I've ever been given for my plants is to use steer manure around them twice a year, normally Spring and early Fall. It costs less than a dollar per bag, and you just spread it around your bushes (not touching the stem--just out around them.) It also helps hold in the moisture somewhat too. I used it on my rose bushes, under the fushias, around the blue Plumbago, geraniums, etc. Everything seemed to do really great with it except for the hydrangas--they have really struggled ever since we had that freeze the prior winter. I'm thinking about cutting them all the way back and seeing if they will grow back stronger and better. That article on the Iris did mention having them in the ground at least six weeks before the first frost--thought I'd better point that out since you do get some cold weather where you are.

I've been sort of goofing off this week too, house really needs a good cleanup--I'm actually seeing dust on the shelves and tables! I'm not crazy about housework, and my normal schedule is all messed up now that DH is home all the time. Will attempt to get back on track tomorrow with changing sheets, and getting the bedroom and bathroom all cleaned. Then I'll continue on to the other rooms either same day or next day I hope.

Got to decide on my next project and get the item ready to go. That's always the hardest part for me--just getting a decision made and getting it all ready to go. I think I spent a good four hours of painting time on that turkey. He looks so simple, but really had allot of little detail things. (And we won't say that I'm slower than I used to be!) LOL

Gotta go. Good luck with all the dental visits. I'll catch you later.


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