Finalizing electrical, could you look this over and chime in?

marti8aMay 10, 2012

Cross posted on the decorating forum.

Ideally, this is what I would like in the dining room.

I am going to just have the table and chairs for awhile until I see if there is room for the cabinets. Dh & I discussed having corner cabinets if space is a problem too. For now, I'd like to put sconces on the wall if it works.

We're going to put a chandelier in the center of the room and spots around the perimeter. This drawing has all the lights we are adding (other than the kitchen and living room lights that are already there), marked by yellow and white circles. Lines to show what switches turn them on.

And here is a drawing for the electric outlets.

Advice on the decorating forum was to put outlets all around. I barely understand how it works, but we don't have lot of space left in the box and dh doesn't want me going crazy with plugs and lights. The two plugs, one inside, one outside, in the bottom right corner are already wired. They were in the wall we took out and are connected to the GFI circuit in another part of the house. The patio porch light is already wired too.

Of the remaining lights and plugs, do you think they are enough? Too much? Any that you think wouldn't be used? Honest opinions please as I need to head out to the store to buy the spots today.

I know I want a porch light on the deck side, and an outlet there. I know I want a plug near the dining table so I can plug in the laptop, and I think code requires one plug per wall anyway. I don't know that I need two plugs on the solid wall, but it sure would be nice if I had lighted china cabinets on each side, or even sconces, and with those plugs on a switch.

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We were discussing the ceiling last night. Originally, we had talked of putting beadboard on the ceiling. This house originally had popcorn all over, with oak beams in the living room. We've scraped all except the bedrooms, and are going to add stained wood to the living room.

We talked of beadboard for the kitchen and dining for a couple of reasons. One, to cover any cracks in the ceiling that will occur because of the addition, and two, just for the look. But now I'm seeing so many beadboard ceilings, I'm beginning to think it's going to be a really tired look in 10 years and no way do I want to take it down to sell the house then. We're going to add beams in the kitchen and dining with or without the beadboard.

What do you think about the beadboard look? On it's way out? Will it make the house look dated in 10 years? Will it look like it was done originally in 1983?

Dh has to know because the boxes for the lights have to be set at the right height to be flush with the ceiling.

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Any wall over 24" needs an outlet, so you are going to have to put one in the upper right corner where you have the red X.

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What do you mean by any wall over 24"?

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Marti- What is code for your outlets? In our area, I believe you have to have outlets no further than 8' no more than 4' from any location in the room, to plug something in.

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I don't know LL. All our electrician said was one per wall for that size room. I've given up expecting him to show up. What is it with people?

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Measuring along the base of the wall, the wall on the right side of the double door is more than 24", so it needs a wall receptacle.

The general rule (code) is every 12 feet, again, measuring along the base of the wall. (Supposedly that is because lots of appliances have 6' cords.) But there are additional rules, like the one for the 24" wall.

LL your code must be stricter than most, which is the 12'/6' rule, rather than 8'/4'.

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call your bldg dept and ask them. I wouldn't trust the electrician - especially since he isn't showing up!

would you want an outside light on either side of the door to the new patio?

will the sconces be hardwired up on the walls or a cord run down the wall to the outlet? If you end up putting a cabinet in those spaces, they will cover up any outlets (ok, there are ways around that - I'll be doing that here. it isn't a nicely refined way tho). Just mentioning it... unless you are going to connect the 2 cabinets, you could put an outlet in the center of the 'top' wall? not at the top OF the wall tho - lol!

don't know much about a beadboard ceiling... but could you just put a beam over where the ceilings join to cover any future crack?

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We don't have a building dept but I do have the inspector's number so can give him a call.

I thought about lights on both sides of the patio door, but the one on the right would be in a hole, more or less, blocked in by the fireplace. I'm thinking that would be a great place for a bench and a little lamp, so that's why I want an outlet right there.

If the electrician can do it, I'd like the sconces run to an outlet, with the cord inside the wall, if the electrican can do it. We're putting in recessed outlets on that wall so the china cabinet (if any) can fit up against the wall.

We're going to put beams on the ceiling either way, and dh is thinking T&G on the dining room part of the ceiling now. There is a header between dining room and kitchen. It just didn't work to have a continuous ceiling there.

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'the right would be in a hole, more or less, blocked in by the fireplace'

I wondered about the spacing on that side. thought that might be why just the 1 light.

sounds like you've got it all covered then.

I do think the T&G ceiling in DR will work. I'd thought about it as kitDR but figured that'd be too much and too darkening. splitting it is a good idea.

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First off love your software Marti.

I am not a good one for technical things like electrical. We do have the newer home and HUD inspected and all of that. STILL there seems to be a shortage of plugs in our master bedroom. Or maybe I am just using them wrong by placing our furniture in front of them??

Love the flat cabinets in the dinning room. The corner cabinets would be cute. BUT we had a corner cabinet and it can be difficult to place things in them. The flat ones are so much better for storage.

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I agree Chris. My mom had a corner china cabinet and it didn't hold much.

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But they really are cute. LOL Some times cute has to win out.

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Yes, and the ones I planned wouldn't hold everything anyway. They were more like plate rails for displaying. Most of the china would have to be stored in another cabinet anyway.

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'Or maybe I am just using them wrong by placing our furniture in front of them?? '

I'll be running into that in my new place with placement of furniture and a few large cabinets (craft and stuff storage). So, what I decided to do is use those strips plugged in behind the cabinets. I'll cut out where the outlet is inside the cab so I can access it (unplug if needed to replace) it thru there. One in the laundry room is higher up on the wall (for a freezer?) where I'll again do a cutout and then hang the strip on the wall beside it. It won't be used much - but just in case it's ever needed. Most other rooms will be ok - as far as I know now. I'll be glad to have an outlet on either side of my bed tho.

and the large cabinets (and bookcases) will all be 'wired' to studs in the wall behind them. If I can find those studs - lol! I'm sure I'll have the 'stud finder' by then.

marti - at least you are allowing some time to think that cabinet deal thru. After other projects settle down you'll be able to clear your head and get a better idea of which is more important to you - storage or 'cute'. I do like corner cabs in a DR myself!

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