belle, are you okay?

luvstocraftAugust 7, 2011

Gosh, it's not like Belle to be gone so long, and I'm getting worried. I know she is painting,painting, painting getting ready for the Fall show, but sure hope to hear from her this week so we know she is okay.


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Luvs...sorry I worried you!!!!

My laptop has a virus and I haven't been able to go online and when I talked to the guru he said not to access anything from my desk here I have been, cut off from the world. Computer gets de-bugged the first week of Sept.

I tried to gain access here from my DD computer but, as usual, I did something wrong so I am now at the library using their computer and did something right. Hope everyone is good!!!!! Will go back and read everything....

I have been really busy painting and just plain forget to take pictures!!!!! The sale is on the 27th and I think I am about ready. My DM is visiting for the weekend and then I am going to do a run through of my set up-so look out - lots of pictures coming. There are still mega patterns I would like to do, but "not happening" and that's OK.

I made some really cute Halloween tile magnets using my Cricut and vinyl and hope they all don't sell.

My time here is almost up and I have hundreds of emails to delete...gotta run! Take care, and Luvs...thanks for asking!

OMG, no spell check!

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Belle, so glad you were able to get on here. Knew you are always busy, especially since you've been getting ready for the show, but I WAS starting to worry that something had happened because you are just never away that long!

I would be so lost without my computer--it's such a pleasure for me and really opens up my world now especially!

I haven't chatted with you about your Cricut, but I'm so glad you are enjoying it. I had meant to ask about the rubber stamps you mentioned making but forgot to. We'll chat about that after your show when things slow down a bit for you. I've not made allot with mine lately--need to set it up and get back to making some projects. I've saved so many "inspiration ideas" so have lots of projects I'd love to try. I can't wait to see your tiles--and your other pictures too. I know you've made a variety of items and your work is always so nicely done--sure hope people will be spending their money at that craft show! Take care and come by when you can. Luvs

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Hi Ladies, don't know where time has gone but I've been away tooo long. I bought this snowman and trees for .50 at a ys and hope it will get painted before the snow flies. It doesn't have a pattern but I'm thinking I can come up with a design for it.

Belle, I sure hope you will start sharing all your fun projects your making. I can sure use some inspiration!!! My DSis brought me some painting magazines so I'm hoping that I will get going on them too.

You should go over to Holidays and check out all the wonderful posts from Luvs. Or maybe Luvs can post over here for all of you to enjoy.LOL

At this point we are refinishing a china hutch, buffet and tea cart. We purchased this whole set for $300 to help abused kids. I wanted to paint it black but our kids had a fit and don't think you should paint real wood. Guess you know they won. Will be finishing it in Cherry.

The buffet and china cab bottom are alike but different sizes.

This is the tea cart and you can see I had already started sanding it before this picture.

Anj, hope you are ready for school to start this year for the kids. What grades are they in? Amazing how fast they grow up and how fast we grow older.LOL

I haven't started on my ironing board BB sent me the pattern for. She was so sweet to jump on it and now I've been so busy with the business I haven't started on it.

We bought some land on the corner of main and the hwy so I'm excited to get building. However one of my friends has been pretty sick and I haven't started getting bids to build yet. What a process it's been to get this far!

I'll try to be better at coming and chatting soon. Miss all of you and our fun painting forum. Hope this will help catch you up on why I'm MIA.


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So good to see you posting over here again Punk, we sure need some of your speed painting over here, most of us can't seem to get motivated either!

I'm really looking forward to seeing all of Belle's craft show items. She's been painting up a storm working on getting them ready.

Your new furniture pieces are fabulous! I know you will love having all that great storage too.

Good luck on the new building, and congrats on getting such a good location.


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Hi my friends! So nice to hear from both of you! And've been away far to long!

You snowman and trees look like fun! And what a buy! What a big project you have undertaken! Tried to talk DH into purchasing a hutch and cabinet, Broyhill for $ way. The top was in perfect condition but the base was badly scarred and as he said, "At almost 70 and with all of the work I still have to do, I don't need another project." He then pointed out, we didn't have a dining room anymore and it really wouldn't fit my decor...funny how he pushed all of the right buttons! Looks like you have your redo well in hand.

Luvs....never got started on the stamping as with half of the project I had set out to do. I will post pictures of the setup for the sale, better than single photos. I have also been asked to do a Christmas Boutique in Oct., silly me is thinking about it.

Hubby pulled me away Sat., to do a whole day of garage sales, I bought 2 patriotic candle holders by Home Interior for $1.00 and a little Kinkade snowman figure for $1.00. Hubby filled the rest of the back of our van. He then treated me, on Sunday, to a day at the fair and my favorite, a demolition derby. I just love to see those cars crash and we had a friend driving, he lost out really early. Anyway, we walked to the exit, about 2 city blocks, left the grounds and by the time we had gone two miles and stopped at a grocery store my face and neck was swollen and I looked like a lobster. I wanted to just go home but DH went straight to the ER., they looked at me and in I went. Seems that I not only was sunburned but my sunscreen, which I applied just before leading the derby, doesn't mix with my Rosacea cream and then mix in the hottest day of the year..... I have first and second degree burns on my face and neck. The nurse was washing my face with cool water to remove everything and said I must smile a lot cause I have white smile funny...not! DH say I look like a raccoon....not funny again! Anyway, I now have a really nice cream that pretty much takes the pain away, and I have to see a dermatologist later today. I can just imagine what I will look like for the craft show......

Well.....better get moving, Ya'All Take Care!

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Hi Ladies, I'm so sorry I can't seem to do both forums justice. I will try to get into painting this winter and be able to share.

Luvs, we are doing the final sanding on all the dining room pieces. Hopefully will finish before the snow flies.LOL Not sure how I will fit all of this in our home but DS is planning to buy my parents home and it's 3 stories so I know there is room out there.LOL

We met with a contractor last night and he said he could be ready to start building in a couple weeks so we'll see. We have the fair coming up so will be getting ready for that.

Belle, I sure hope your cream has helped the pain. Ouch!!! How did your appointment with the dermatologist go?

Don't worry about what you will look like for the show. Everyone will be mezmerized from your projects. Sure hope you do well and get rich.haha

I'm sure Anj is getting all the kids ready to start school. Hope she has more time to paint. Does anyone know how she's been feeling lately?

So much going on in our busy lives and not enough time to play. Our acct. mgr told DD that we should not be doing any of the selling at our businesses any more. He wants us to be able to stay on top of growing our businesses, taking care of the books, ordering and training. Sure sounds good but not sure that we can make it happen like that. I'm thinking I may be to old for this modern way of thinking.

Will talk later. Hope you all take care and we'll talk later.


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I'm back and still in one piece.....Punk...thanks for appt with the dermatologist went just fine. He said that I really didn't need to see him, thank you ER DR! But he gave me a better med for the burns. So now I am pain free and not peeling yet, but he said soon.

I am finally ready for the show on Sat., and hope I haven't forgot anything. I have what my family calls a "war bag" which is a cute little box that is filled with things like scissors and tape and pins, etc., and it is ready, so hopefully I am. I do need to do a couple of small signs and I am going to try out writing them with my Cricut and marking pens. I am planning on taking along a witch painting that Anj shared to work on during the show. I am going to try it on the solar screen I purchased for another pattern. It was really fun painting on the screen and so easy!

I need to do some weeding and watering before the sun hits the yard, so hope everyone is well and taking time to enjoy they day! Luvs....think of you often! Anj... our kids start school on Thursday, how about yours? Punk...hope the new plans work well for you! Hope to hear from the rest of you soon!!!!!!!


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Belle, guess if the new medicine takes care of the pain it might make the dermatologist appt. worth it. Hope the peeling process isn't to bad. I'm sure with your first and second degree burns on your face and neck you could go from looking like a lobster to a snake!Darn...

Your "war bag" sounds like a good thing! DD brought down her Cricut last weekend but I didn't have any paper or vinyl. I will have to go shopping so I can play with it.

I don't know what solar screen is but hope you will share some or ALL of your projects with us. Maybe you could take some pictures once you get set up.

'Best of Luck' to you at the show. I know you will have fun chatting about your wonderful paintings you do.


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Oh! Punk! I just woke up DH from his morning nap...I was laughing so hard at the "snake" comment, that is exactly how I look!

I needed some signs for the show and decided to use my Cricut to make them....what a snap! They make short makers in lots of colors and you just replace the cutter gizmo with a marker and print away.

As to the solar screen, it is made of two thread like fiber for each wire on a regular screen and they are thicker and almost flat, top and bottom. I will explain the whole things over on the other side.....bottom line....lots of fun!

DH has let me know that he is going to start on the kitchen ceiling repair on Monday, so I need to remove everything! Like I know where I am going to put all of this stuff! Guess it is a good time to re-organize everything. We have to remove the drop down ceiling tiles and cut out the old ceilings sheet rock and remove the old insulation and replace just the insulation. Our ceiling goes from 8' to 18" at the peak...gonna be a fun job! The kids are coming in to help but my big worry is "how do I feed them?" guess everything is going to be done on the BBQ

Going to shed another layer, and the housework is nagging at me, so I'd better get to it before it get to hot, the darned old A/C isn't working, DH things it's just the sensor, sure hope so!

Belle, the red nosed painter

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Oh, Belle, if it's not one thing it's another right? You poor thing. Hopefully the peeling will be pretty much ove by the time you go to the show. I'm curious about your screen painting too. You'll have to show us what you mean when you have time.

Punk, that's great that you are able to keep the house in the family. And I know you are excited to get the new building for your business started. As much as you like people, I'm sure not being part of the sales staff will be hard for you.

I didn't share my last project--it was an old design that I had saved and just not as cute as I had hoped. I'm in the basecoat stage on a little gift for my friend up the street. Seems like things take me so long any more.

I'm sure Anj has been busy with shopping for school clothes and supplies. I really miss her, so hope she will be able to set aside at least one day a week to paint and share with us again.

Belle, thank you for your good thoughts and wishes. I have had so many wonderful people come into our lives now when I need them. I consider each one an answered prayer. DH is pretty "stable" right now and we have things going pretty smoothly for now. Of course I know things can change at any time but am just thankful for what we have now.

Hugs to you both,


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Belle, I don't envy you at all right now knowing what's ahead on your redo!!! However, I'm sure the end results will be wonderful. Maybe sandwiches would work to feed the gang. I love deli's and they can be made so many ways.

Could have fruit and donuts for breakfast and pizza brought in for dinner to help during this time. Melon Days are this Sat. here. I'll be working at our other location so it will be over by the time I could get down there.

I hope you have time to snap pictures while set up at the show to share with us. Gets me all excited.....

Luvs, hope all continues to go well for you and DH. Sad that these things happen in our lives. I guess the old saying "If it doesn't kill you, it will make you stronger" comes into play during these times.

So glad you can stay positive and have so many wonderful people in your life with support. BTW, I for one think you should share your last project with us, girlfriend!!!

Hope the rest of the gang joins us soon.


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I think I'm still alive! Or maybe only the mind is and the! there is enough pain to let me know it all here!

The sale is over..Thank God! What a joke, only not one you want to laugh about! DH and I figure we actually made enough on sales to pay for making all of this stuff, which is good...well except for the Cricut...which doesn't count...DH said so! I posted two posts of pictures and really tried to show only what was new.

I spent the morning cleaning all of the things atop our cupboards in preparation of the big redo. I told DH to go get one of those newer hand held tools that are supposed to make cutting things easier, it small but weights a ton! Sure hope it makes the job easier. One really nice thing is that the weather is cooling off for the next few days. Fall has arrived here, we are having fog in the mornings, but still in the low 70's, which I like!

Luvs....I agree with not posting picture happening here!

Our kids are back in school so I hope Anj's are not far behind, hope she is OK! We also are missing several others..hope all is well with them as well!

Gonna go make myself a Root Beer Float to sooth my pain, if it doesn't work I might have to do one tomorrow to see if it takes more than one dose.

Looking less like a snake everyday! Belle

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Ok y'all don't fall over out of your chairs, but I am here! lol Sorry I am rushing (what's new) so just skimmed the posts and am just so thankful that everyone is stopping by to contribute and share a little! Belle! Sister, Wow, is all I can say! Hope you feel better soon! Punk!! Hello long lost friend! Hope to see that project painted up soon and good luck on your re-do! Luvs my friend! Miss you tons!! BB~ I know you will be painting crazy when winter hits. Everyone else...hello and sorry if I missed ya! ha
Well, I am about crazy over here! Got the kids back in school and I am painting like crazy for a boutique in October. Do have some completed projects that I will post soon, haven't taken time to download pics yet. We have had end of summer bbq's and parties to attend, festivals and whatnot. Seems like every weekend there is something going on. Hubby went back to work so my mornings are free so that's when I've been doing my painting. The house has gone to heck. ha About 2 the kids start coming back in and from then on it is mayhem of homework, snacks and run me here run me there. Stay up late, get up early and do it all again. My HS reunion is coming up in Oct so just got plane tickets to fly home for that! Kids will stay with my parents so just hubby and I can go visit his family and go to the reunion. Should be fun I hope. Garden is coming in so that means making salsa and zucchini breads! Just not enough time in the days as you all know! Ok, I'm gonna get back to painting so I don't lose my momentum! I'll be back soon with pics! Take care everyone!! Going to check out Belle's boutique pics! ~Anj

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Anj, there you are! Been missing you too. Glad you've been having fun, and don't worry too much about the house--the kids will remember the fun times with you and not how neat or not neat the house was! Make those good memories while you can! Loved all of Belle's projects and can't wait to see your's too. Who know's maybe you two will get me and Punk "motivated" again! LOL


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Hey, just stopped by real quick to tell y'all that Rock Creek Emporium has those Glass Block bases back in stock again. Just ordered mine. Total cost $11 for the large one. I know Belle had shown some interest in them before. You can change out your glass blocks and you don't have to drill holes in them. The lights go underneath in the base. Here is a link to check them out. They are under the supplies tab.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rock Creek Emporium

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Isn't it great to see both Anj and Punk back again! But it always seems that when one of us goes missing, someone steps in and keeps us going....

Anj....thanks for the site, I checked it out and DH volunteered to make me a couple of we will see, but it is a great idea. And did I read that you were doing another Boutique? So we all know that you will be busy painting!

We now have all new insulation in the kitchen and mudroom. We were all surprised that it only took one day to do each area. The old sheet rock and insulation came down so easily, and having to only do the new insulation, made it easy. PS..several year ago we dropped the ceiling down, we had an 18" peak and lost lots of heat. Now it all cosy and warm.

I have been put on a stand-by list for next Boutique as Anj call them. But was all but guaranteed a space, as one of their regulars had not yet confirmed and was several day past the deadline. Gosh! What am I doing to myself. Anj...what are you doing for your booth? Care to share what sold well. The only things that sold well for me was Halloween items, Luvs remember the block candle sticks with BOO..sold two of those, and the boots blocks. It's always so hard to decide what to paint. I would really like to do some lace ornaments, but hate the idea of painting on glass.

Guess I need to hit the kitchen and put up all of the "decorations," my walls do look empty, but I just might loose some of the "stuff," didn't realize how cluttered it was.

Take Care!


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Hey far I have painted only a few things. I did the spring soaps and Easter pails for that Spring Boutique I did. Sold all but 2 of the pails and a few soaps, but like you, there was a snow storm that weekend and few customers. Hoping the fall one will be better. I am doing a few Halloween trick r treat pails, signs, I have a tray painted and a big pumpkin so far. I will post some pics real quick so you can see. Not doing duplicates on anything. If it doesn't sell then I can always just use it myself. ha Let me go put them up real quick and get back to painting. ~A

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Ok, 4 projects posted in the Gallery!

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