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luvstocraftAugust 30, 2008

Hi Anj, Just a quick hello. We're heading out for a drive down to San Clemente today. Want to check out the State Park there as a possible motorhome destination sometime. I know it's up on a bluff overlooking the ocean with lots of trees. We want to check the sites, security, access to the beach, etc. Think we will take the two dogs along for the ride--they love to GO! LOL

I have sore muscles from trimming bushes the last couple of days. I really like them best grown out, but if they get too tall, they block the water spray from the sprinklers so it doesn't reach the plants in the corner. Everything here NEEDS it's fair share of water! LOL

I finished up the blocks. The sanding and staining helped a bit, but I'm not crazy about them. Don't think I'll post here, might email you a pic so you can see a project gone wrong! LOL

I've already started on a little watermelon sign. Need to select an easy project and make up a few to take on our trip with us. Will need about five at least. Was thinking maybe a Christmas plaque or yard stake. Maybe a Laurie Speltz design, those are usually pretty easy. Like to have little things to give to relatives we visit.

I'd better get off here and get ready to head out. Hope you have a great day too. I'll chat with you later.


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Hi Luvs....good for you going for a little drive. That's always a nice way to spend the day in my opinion. =) Hope you find things up to your standards at the camping grounds.

I got the crawfishers off at around 2pm and they won't be back til after 10pm. I took the 4 yr old out to lunch, the library and to the store to get a little bribe for staying home with me instead of going with the others. They wouldn't get much done having to chase her around. You'll like this....she picked out a tiny little teaset for her "people". The teacups won't even hold a thimbleful of "tea" the are so tiny. ha

DH took me out to eat last night for my b-day and was going to get me the Stephanie Meyer Twilight book series, but they are sold out everywhere, so he's going to order them for me online. Yay!

So now I'm back home and just got the little one settled and I'm getting ready to paint. At the library I looked thru the new Painting mag and copied the pattern and instructions for the small glass block light with the pumpkins. I LOVE THAT!! I just got the right size glass block at TS for $1! Great coincidence. I wonder if it would be ok to paint it first before DH drills the hole. I'm excited to get started on it. Well, if I'm going to get something done I'd better get off here and get to painting. You have a fun day! ~Anj

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OMG! I forgot to wish you a Happy Birthday this morning. I'm glad you had a nice day with your little one. Not familar with the Stephanie Meyer book series, I'll have to do a google search so I know what you're talking about.

I'd not paint the block until it's drilled--what if you did all that work and it somehow got broken????? Yikes! So glad to hear you found the perfect pattern for your block. The last couple issues of Painting mag have had some really good patterns. Quick & Easy mag, not so much. At least IMHO. LOL

We had a good day, got back home around Oneish. Had a bite to eat, then I told DH I was going to do some running around. I hit a couple of the further away TS, got more books including a painting one for cookie jar lids that I didn't already have. It's got three or four patterns I like in it, and it was only a quarter. Got another Christmas decorating book for me and some little golden books for GD. I also bought the Secret Garden book even though it is too old for her right now. I started reading it tonight, and then will stash it away for when she gets older. I might pick up some Nancy Drew books when I find them too--they used to be favorites of mine. Oh, and I found her another Barbie type doll for $1.25. She has three at my house already but she had told me she needed another one so there would be two in each of her Barbie jeeps!

She'll be here at 10 in the morning and is spending the night. I'm sure we will have lots of fun and she will keep me busy! She doesn't like to play by herself much when she is here, always wants me to play dolls, have tea, or color with her. Is your little one like that, or does she enjoy some alone time since she has brothers and sisters?

I'm sort of at a loss sometimes for new things to do with my little GD. Having raised a son, I'm not always sure what little girls might like to play--it's been a long time since I was a little girl! LOL Sometimes we play with my makeup--she especially likes the lipstick and prefers RED! She also has a couple of dress up outfits here and a bag of "jewelry". We sometimes do playdough or puzzles, and we play her "cookie" game, but now she makes me take out the "rotten egg" cards so that sort of spoils the game. LOL (You have little recipe cards and have a long handled spoon with a suction cup on it that you use to take turns picking upside down "ingredient" cards. The one who collects all the needed ingredients wins--but if you pick the rotten egg card, you have to put all your cards back and start over.) I'm sure she'll have me doing all of these things and more tomorrow--and just wait for the four days she's staying with us in Sept. I'll be wiped out for sure then! LOL

Well, I'd better end this before it gets too long. Here's a big hug for your birthday, and I hope you have a wonderful 40th year!



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Thank you for the b-day wishes. I spent the rest of today painting, but only got one thing close to finished. A little Santa box. I watched Pride & Prejudice again while I was painting and took a few phone calls from family calling for my b-day. DD is very happy to play on her own when her siblings aren't around. She still naps every day as well so I do little things with her in between when she seeks me out to play. We color, do puzzles, paint finger & toenails, read or play with her flash cards or draw together. Her new favorite toys are Littlest Petshop Pets and Polly Pockets. She likes anything tiny. She's been playing with her tea set all day.

I just saw the coolest idea for the glass block lights today online. Was looking up Barb Jones tole books because I really like her designs and she has a site. I'll make it a link. If you look on the first page of the Supplies area you'll see the light box. The light goes into the box and shines up thru the glass block that sits on top. I wonder if I could make a box like that? Might be too hard for me. The one she had on her site is sold already. I love the idea of being able to change out the blocks and not having to drill the holes. Check it out. I bet you could make it with your experience.

I love the Secret Garden and I have the book and the movie. And I think we already discussed before our love of Nancy Drew! I can't get older DD interested in her, but I will still pick one up every now and then from the kiddie section of the library to read. You'll have lots of fun with GD, but I doubt you'll have time for any painting while she's there. Time spent with her is much more important. I can't believe it's almost 1am already. I was trying to find a saying that I like to paint on my box so I'd better get done and get to bed. I'll finish this up tomorrow and post it. It's a pattern I've done before on a jar, but I like it on the box too. Til tomorrow. ~Anj

Here is a link that might be useful: light box

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Good morning! Gosh, I've just had so much fun looking at that Barb Jones site! I've seen some of her designs in magazines, but didn't know that she had a website. Her designs all made me smile--although I have to admit I've never quite gotten the idea of snowmen for seasons other than Winter! LOL I'm really in love with the "Snowmen are my cup o tea" design. Would be so perfect for a neighbor gift for Christmas. I also love her "Snowman pledge of allegiance"--too cute. Now I'm wanting to collect baby food jars for those "raggedy lights" and "snowman lights" she does. I love the way she has used old boots and stuff. I used to decorate really country and loved the prim stuff. I still think it is so cute, but have sort of drifted away from it.

Oh, almost forgot the reason I went there! Those light boxes are a great idea. I'm not that good at doing exact measurements to build things, I might manage a plain box. And they seem to have a bit of a lip inside them that the block sits on--wonder if that is routered? Probably well worth the $7.00 price. Hmmm, wonder if just a plain four sided box could work? Wouldn't sit down inside it as nicely, but you could always tie a rag ribbon around where the block meets the base. Those clip lights aren't cheap either, are they? But you could use the same light and just change out the blocks.

You are so lucky your DD will still nap. GD hasn't for a long time, wish she would. When I think she is getting tired (or I am), we usually watch one of her "shows" and have a little snack. That gives me about a 20 minute break at least, sometimes more. I know what you mean about the little things. GD loves them too although I've only gotten her a few things. I'll have to look at the Polly Pocket things again now that she doesn't try to put everything in her mouth anymore! LOL

Well I see my "puppy" has decided to pull all the stuffing out of her new stuffed animal, so I'd better get off here and go pick it all up. Older dog will keep and play with his forever, she just loves to "shred" them! Yikes!

I'll be back later tonight. Have a good day.


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Hey....I was thinking you wouldn't even have to have the bulb light, you could still use the string lights underneath and they are pretty cheap. I LOVE her designs. That scarecrow on the screen I did was one of hers. I didn't know she had books or a sight until yesterday either. You are right, the box is reasonably priced and I wouldn't mind buying one, but she was sold out. I thought it was a smaller lip of wood nailed around the inside, but do you think screening would work? It would hold the block up and still allow the light to come thru? It's got my noggin working cause I would like to have the base and just change out blocks instead of drilling holes. Maybe she'll put up another base for sale and it will solve my problems. ha I went ahead and basecoated my block yesterday and will go ahead and paint it. I will like it painted up as a project even without being lighted.

Hope you are having a good day with GD. DH is boiling crawfish today and everyone is outside eating. I'm not in the mood cause I ate a late breakfast and not hungry. Got the house pretty much cleaned up and am going to get back to painting. May have company coming over tonight for about an hour. UGH. Don't people know it's the long weekend and we don't want to be bothered? ha At least I don't. Do ya'll have anything planned for tomorrow or is it just another day now that you are both retired??


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Me again....It's raining cats and dogs here this morning....which is very appropriate since I'm sitting here watching the progress of Hurricane Gustav. Worried about our family and friends in MS and LA. Hoping they are all as prepared as possible and will be safe. My MIL told me Sat that all the stores were cleaned out so I hope this won't be another Katrina for them. They are in Baton Rouge.
Just checking things out here this morning. I got my Santa box finished yesterday and will post pics today. It turned out really good if I do say so myself. ha Of course the beard is not up to Bebe's level, but it's ok. I'm pleased with it. I may get something else painted today if we don't go anywhere.

Are you having fun with GD? I bet you are pooped. ha ~Anj

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Hi Anj, Good to have two messages from you. Could you please send a little of that rain our way? We could sure use a good shower. I feel so badly for all the people who have to deal with the hurricanes every year. Sure praying that this won't be anything like Katrina! I've heard that there are still so many who do not yet have homes rebuilt and the area is still very torn up. Can't imagine another one hitting them so soon. Hope your family are all safe.

DH took little GD home around noon today when her folks called and said they were home. She was busy playing with her sand outside on the patio and not wanting to go. I'm so glad she is really comfortable with us, and doesn't fret any when she is here. Yes, I am a bit tired. We did allot of playing--a bit of everything from dolls to makeup to "Cinderella's birthday party" to reading stories to watching Max and Ruby! She didn't want to go to sleep even after dinner and a bath and two stories! Kept me up late, then I woke about three and couldn't get back to sleep until five. (Now I'm doing your trick, huh?) At least she slept in until eight.

Glad to hear your santa turned out good. Don't worry about his beard being as good as Bebe's--none of us can paint as good as she does! LOL (Did you read this Bebe? You really raise the bar for all of us I think.)

I've got a little sign cut out and partially based. Might get in there to paint on it a bit this evening. I've been reading my book, and really enjoying it while I rested a bit this afternoon.

We didn't make any special plans for today--wasn't sure how long GD would be here for one thing--and we are neither one "laborers" anymore, so probably don't deserve to celebrate Labor Day! Yahoo! LOL

Okay, I'd better go check the other forum, so I'll chat more later.


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Hi...I just posted my Santa box. I hate that the pictures never look as good as the real project. I've got two other projects Uncle Sam and a little Americana piece. I'm all over the board with the holidays I'm doing, but like I told you....I have so many that are waiting to be done. At least I'm getting a few kicked out and I hope to stay on a roll.

I think DH's family is without power because their phones are not working. I'm sure they are ok. It turned out to be not as bad as it came inland as it was predicted to be, but I'm sure there is still a lot of damage since the winds got over 100mph in some places.

It's nice that DGD is so comfortable at your home. My kids are totally at ease with my parents since they've lived with us since before we started having kids.

Well, it's lunch time here so I need to get some mac n cheese made since that was the order I was given. ha Talk to you later. ~Anj

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Ditto on the mac n cheese, that's what little GD requested for dinner when she was here--and pancakes for breakfast as usual. ;o)

I saw your santa box, just love it! That is a very cute design, and I like how it sort of overlaps onto the next side.

I finished a little watermelon sign today. Realized I hadn't made anything for summer this year, so this looked cute and easy so I cut it out. Surprising how even easy projects can take so long to paint--all the little details are time consuming, aren't they? This one called for quite allot of speckling, so I got some practice at doing that. I'll get a pic posted soon, just haven't uploaded it yet.

We didn't do much today, just a quick trip to do some measurements at the motor home so we can be ready to install the pump for the new sleep number mattress, and then we ran by Sam's Club for a few things. I sat in my room and painted allot and played on the computer a bit this morning.

How is the school schedule going? Are you sleeping better now? Are the kids glad to be back with all their friends? I was concerned, you were doing so many fun things with them that I thought they might not want to go back! ;o)

I'll catch you tomorrow, so glad you are finding time to do a little painting--I love seeing your projects!


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Morning. I am not sleeping much better even with a little help from Tylenol PM. Still waking up at 4am which is better than the 2am from before. I had to go to bed at 9:30 last night. I was like the walking dead. ha I feel better today, but still zombie-like and yawning a lot. It's probably just my body trying to get in sync with the new schedule.

The school schedule is going good. The kids were glad to get back to their friends and they like their teachers so things are going smoothly so far, but it's only been a week and 1/2 so we'll see how it goes. I am getting more painting time in so that makes me happy.

Today I'm going to one of the local grocery stores case lot sale to see if I can pick up some cases of our regularly used canned goods. With 6 of us we go thru a lot of soups (for casseroles) and canned veggies so I'm gonna stock up. ha My DM is going with me so we'll probably stop somewhere for lunch. Any excuse not to cook. ha I think I'll pick up some bacon for blt's for supper. Tomatoes by the bucket around here that I need to process. Gotta get the dehydrator going on the tomatoes and peppers and get going on more zucchini bread. My mom was making plum jam and jelly last night from our tree. I bought jars to make pickles, but no time yet.

DH had some problems with getting my b-day cake the other day....they screwed up the day of the order, so he brought that home last night and everyone sang to me. It was nice. He bought a candle that sang the death toll and the whole cake was black. We were making jokes about my age (40) and how I was half way to the grave and DD was calling me the crypt keeper etc. My 10 yr old started crying and hugged me and said I still looked like I was 20. ha Guess he felt sorry for me. He's my sensitive one.

I guess I need to go help the kids with breakfast and run them to school. I've pretty much got them trained on the microwave and they can fix most of their breakfast items themselves now, but I still supervise. ha The 4 yr old eats with me after they go to school.

Hope you have a good day and I'll look forward to seeing your watermelon sign. CYL ~Anj

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Just a quick hello. I've got a summer cold I guess. Started with a bit of a scratchy throat and now I'm stuffy, achy, and have a sore throat. Upped my vitamin C intake and will probably just take it easy today. Hopefully it won't last too long.

So sweet that your 10 yr. old didn't want you to feel too old! Sort of nice to get to celebrate your birthday on more than one day--I know my neighbor always says it's our birthday "month" so it can last longer. ;o)

All those nice fresh tomotoes sound yummy. Do you ever do them under the broiler with some parmesan sprinkled on top? I like them that way as a side dish. I also love fried green tomatoes too. Know how you must feel not wanting them to go to waste.

Well, I'm not very "wordy" today. Will take a look at the other forum and just may go take a nap.

I'll catch you later.


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Feel better Kay. Poor thing. I hope it goes away as quickly as it came. DH always makes me take that Airborne stuff which seems to make me feel better (may be all in my head). It does have a lot of good stuff in it though and he makes me take lots of vit c too so sounds like you are on top of it. Rest yourself.

I have not done the parmesan tomatoes, but it sounds yummy. Do you just leave them in long enough to let the cheese melt and do you put anything else on them like salt and pepper?

I've been working on some things for my DM today. Still have my house torn apart from moving around my office and bedroom. Lots of things piled on the dining room table that need to be shredded and gone thru. Had some house insurance things that needed attention today too so I didn't get to my paints today. I'd better get back to it. DH will be here soon and I need to get supper on the table. You take care of yourself. ~Anj

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Good morning Anj, I got lots of good rest yesterday and slept well. That Nyquill really zaps me so I sleep, but I think it gives me strange dreams--sometimes that's interesting though! LOL Still sniffling this morning, but the throat feels better. Might get out and take the dogs for a walk, I always think sunshine helps.

I finally got my watermelon posted on the gallery. Nothing fancy, but I need some Summer decorations. Had to do allot of speckling on this one--so don't look too close! LOL

I've been looking at some Fall patterns, so guess I'll try to do one of them next. Just so hard to make a decision.

On those tomatoe halves, yes, I just sprinkle on some salt/pepper and the cheese then pop it in long enough for the cheese to melt. I like the flavor of the hot tomatoes.

My neighbor gave me a Real Simple magazine and it has a recipe that is different using tomatoes: Heat a tablespoon of oil over medium heat. Drain, rinse, and pat dry a 15 oz. can of Chickpeas (garbanzos) and add them to the skillet. Cook, stirring occasionally, until slightly crispy, 3 to 5 minutes. Stir in 4 plum tomatoes, sliced into half moons, 1/2 cup fresh cilantro, 2 tablespoons lemon juice and a little salt and pepper. When you plate it, you sprinkle some crumbled Feta cheese on top. They showed it served with steak.

Well, I'd better go get dressed, and do something. My house is looking messy. DH tends to make piles on every flat surface. Wouldn't be so bad if he ever went back to them but he doesn't--he just leaves them and starts new ones! Usually when I say "this has to be cleaned off", he doesn't even want most of what he piled there! Aargh!

I'll catch you later. Take care and have a good one.


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Hi just getting here today. Been up to my armpits in bell peppers and shredding papers. ha Quite the combination, eh? ha Been dehydrating peppers and still cleaning out filing cabinet.

I'm glad you are feeling a little better. I agree, sunshine can do wonders!
I'm glad you said halves because I would have done thick slices, but I guess either way would work right? I'm gonna make me some tonight.

I made all the kids go and clean their rooms after they got home. I was sooo mad. DD called me from school and said she was going to walk home (I usually pick her up in the afternoons) so I said ok. Well, it should only take her 15 minutes at the most to get home. 30 minutes later, her friends call and ask to talk to her, but she's not home yet. I'm getting a little worried so I jump in the car to go look for her...she is nowhere!! An hour later I am frantic cause I can't find her, her friends said she started walking when they did so they were suprised she wasn't home yet. I stopped by the house to pick up the boys since it was time for them to be home and she comes strolling up with them! She walked to the elementary school and waited for them! UGH! I was soo mad at her! Then she had the nerve to ask if she could go hang out with her friends. By the time I got done blasting her ears she knew she better steer clear of me for a while. She is grounded for a month!

I'm off to go look at your project! Talk to ya later. ~Anj

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Oh, gosh, Anj, I can only imagine how worried you must have been about your DD. In her mind, she probably thought it was "no big deal" how long she took, and that she was doing something nice walking her brothers home. Hopefully, you will be able to explain to her that you hear about bad things happening all the time, and you NEED to know where she is at all times for your peace of mind and her security.

So I've never dehydrated anything? Do you then just add them to soups and sauces when you cook things later? You are such a hard worker and so good about providing good healthy food for your family. I had an email from my middle sister, and she had been canning tomatoes, and making some salsa too. She usually does that every year. She had canned lots of green beans earlier in the season too.

DH just reminded me that we will be heading out on our trip in a week. I know it will be fun when we get going, but I'm just not that excited about it yet. Guess I'd better get my lists started and decide what foods I can make up ahead so they are ready to take. I'll have my computer along, so will still be in touch as we travel. We are headed for Iowa to a factory for an installation that will give us a smoother ride and make it easier on the driver too. Then we will drop down into Mo. to visit the relatives. Might go by Silver Dollar City in So. Mo. before we head back. I need to try to come up with some other places to stop along the route home so we won't drive too much everyday! Gets boring to me if we drive eight hours or more in a day--usually good with about six at the most.

I feel a little better today, just blowing my nose allot. Hope it goes away soon so I can enjoy little GD on Sunday. Then she will be coming on Tues. to spend four days with us while her folks do the seminar. Since she now goes to school three days a week, I'll get to see what it's like getting up early to get her to school! LOL

I've done a little painting today,but not on a Fall item. Just decided to work on a few yard signs to take along on the trip with us. Will use them for gifts as we visit the relatives--they always like that. These are real simple ones with just a couple of little snowmen on them, so I'm doing four at once. LOL

Guess I'd better go figure out what's for dinner. I'll catch you later. Hope you have a much more "boring" day tomorrow! ;o)


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