Is this poison ivy?

idie2liveMay 6, 2010

I have this plant growing in my Euonymous bush and I do not know what it is. I looked at pics and it said PI always have 3 leaves. I am highly allergic to PI and I guess I'm paranoid.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

idie, that doesn't look like poison ivy to me. This time of year the PI leaves are shiny with a slight red tinge. (I've been pulling seedlings out of my mulch this week.) That looks similar to the seedlings that come up around my 'Burning Bush', also in the euonymous family. Maybe someone from your will be familiar with the plant.

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No, it is Virginia creeper.
It also has "leaflets three," but it is not the dreaded one to avoid.

I learned the hard way that the bigger and older the stems/trunks of the vine are, the more potent the juice is.
They say, especially if you are sweating, to be SURE to wash thoroughly with soap WITHIN 10 MINUTES OF EXPOSURE. And put your clothing in the washer right away. Someone told me to also dip my gardening tools in alcohol, better than bleach to kill bacteria and get rid of any chemicals you might be allergic to. I also had a blister on my hand which burst, and the stuff got into my blood stream. As a result, I am highly sensitive to any kind of chemical, such as ChemPrime etc, brought on by extreme exposure on this one occasion. Before this, I was not reactive to poison ivy. But that can change, as I learned the hard way.

And here is a photo I found online, showing a poison ivy growing up a tree. I also give the link to the thread "is this poison ivy?" so you may also submit your photo there where they identify poisonous plants routinely.

Here is a link that might be useful: Is This Poison Ivy? or poison oak/sumac

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I dunno, but I wouldn't touch it. It doesn't look quite right, but it does look like it has 3 leaves.

There's a forum on GW for plant ID or you can go to your state's forum, if your state has one.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

Here's a link to a pic of 'Virginia Creeper'. Our zone 6 variety is a vine with palmate leaves.

Here is a link that might be useful: Virginia Creeper

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Yeah, Mama Goose, your link is Va. creeper. The plants climb via little suction cups. We have Va.creeper. Also, we have the other plant usually growing with the Va. creeper,which I mistakenly identified as VA creeper-- but it is not the poison ivy.

I think a visit to that website, uploading the photo there and asking your question there, will be answered definitively.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

ML, while looking for a pic of Virginia Creeper, I learned something new--although the plant doesn't cause skin rashes, it is poisonous if ingested. Who knew?!

BTW, Virginia Creeper is like poison ivy here in southern Ohio--it covers every fence-post, and we pull it out by the cart-load. When I lived in Colorado, I knew people who actually BOUGHT the plants for landscape use!!

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

I love a good mystery! Check out the second pic on ML's poison ivy link. It's called 'Pepper vine', and looks like the OP (Original Pic).

Here is a link that might be useful: Pepper Vine

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It does look similiar to the Peper vine. I had PI a few years ago (my 2nd time), and it was all over one side of my face (I never want to repeat that experience again).

Thanks for the link. I have looked at so many pics and discriptions. The 3 leaves made me wonder what it was.
I also have a good bit of Virginia Creeper, wild strawberries, etc. Seems like the more I weed, the more I have.

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Idie, the original picture was not actually 3 lone leaves, but five, sort of growing like roses do. If you look at roses, many of the leaf clusters on the blooming stems have three leaves a la PI, but soon develop the 5 in the opposing pairs w/one on the tip, as does your picture.

My reference, TREES & SHRUBS OF THE SOUTHEAST by Blanche Dean, shows a drawing of it and gives the name AMPELOPSIS ARBOREA to peppervine. I quote:
"...leaves deciduous, compound, 2-pinnate or 3 sometimes, .5 to 1.5 inches long, toothed & lobed, bluish green & lustrous above, downy below, few tendrils, often none. Bark warty. Flowers small, whitish, in cymes at end of branches. Fruit inedible, purplish black. Common over the South, both wild & cultivated, climbing on walls & porches for shade. Swamps, coastal plain, FL to TX, MO, VA."

So not poison ivy.

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Thanks ML. I can see what you mean about the 5 leaf 'branches'. So I will 'glove up' and pull it out.

hmmm, On second thought, I'll let my neighbor pull it up when he cuts the grass.

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Poison Ivy? I can know it a mile away. If you have ever come in contact with it, tis' never to be forgotten. AT least for me, the plant reminds me of the movie where vines were growing and taking over everything. I think once you see it you will remember what it looks like from other plants.

Virginia Creeper....yes we still buy it for planting and a great use for privacy. It can get away from you, but pulling the beginnings in the spring makes it go away.

Here is a link that might be useful: Run!

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Honestly I was afraid to even look at this thread. Never been around poison ivy but poison oak has put me in the hospital. Fortunately we do not have any of it here that I have seen. 24 blessed years of not having to worry about it.

I kind of like the virginia creeper.

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Hehehehe, I know of one place that has an obnoxious vine planted for shade and privacy too. It is KUDZU.

When I drove home from south Texas after working on offshore boats, I'd pass through Palacios TX. In late August or September when there was not a strip of shade anywhere and dust was thick on every object, I saw a tiny trailer which had an arbor built to cover it. The owner had apparently intentionally planted kudzu, and it made a dense and cool looking shade over the trailer and a small patio just outside the door. Everywhere else in sight was being baked and looked so miserable, but not this place. It was the only time I ever saw a good use for kudzu.

I heard, don't know for sure, that it is illegal to plant kudzu in Atlanta. You know that the plants grow more than a foot a day and can cover up whole forests thus blocking the light. And it was brought over from Africa--big bright idea before environmental impact was thought about--to stop erosion on the farmlands of the southeast. One day they may discover some great uses for the biomass it creates. I hope so.

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WE have a vine here that is close to kudzu. They call it coyote vine. It really is a form of wild clematis but there is nothing pretty about it. Almost impossible to kill off too even with harsh chemical.

Speaking of shade. I have done all I can in the yard today weeding and lifting. I am going to sew. The shade of the new curtains is working nicely to cool the front porch even as little as I have up.


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mama goose_gw zn6OH

shades, I remember driving between Southern Ohio and Washington,DC, and seeing the kudzu vines. They completely covered miles-long stretches of trees and shrubs, making fantastical shapes. We have Japanese honeysuckle here that is almost as bad, but smells soooooooo good!

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