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paintgirl2008August 4, 2008

I see so many talented people, and so many beautiful projects on this forum, that I got to wondering how you got started tole painting.In my case, I got into painting later in life,When the kids were small I was so busy!! I always loved crafts, and would go to Michael's and just browse. One day I saw a painting project by Donna Dewberry, and the thought hit me "I CAN DO THAT"!! It was a really simple design-some of the one stroke flowers she does.So I took it home and did it, and though very amateurish I was so proud of it, that I showed everybody whether they wanted to see it or not! And I was hooked for life.My husband built me a room on the back of the garage for my crafts and painting, and when life gets me down I just go in there and paint away my troubles! It has really been a blessing in my life. And I am sure everyone have some really interesting stories to tell!! Thanks for letting me ramble on. I love this forum!!

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Hi Paintgirl, So glad you saw that project and decided to give it a try. Painting truly is a rewarding pasttime. And isn't it wonderful to look at a project and say "Wow, I can't believe I painted that myself!"

I got started back in the 80's when I kept seeing these cute country signs shaped like pigs and cows with neat sayings on them. I didn't want to spend the money to buy them, so I thought I'd take a class and learn to paint my own. Then I found out it was expensive to have to buy all the supplies and the wood cutout, so I needed to learn to cut my own wood. DH realized I was serious about it, so he helped me pick out a saw and a belt sander and my DB showed me some tips and tricks on his saw and the rest is history. I worked full time plus, and the wood cutting/painting time helped me relax and lower my stress levels. I never wanted to sell my projects--was hard enough just giving them away for gifts! Then I got smart and started making at least two, one for me and one to give away.

I sure wish I would have taken pictures of all the pieces thorough the years--made and gave away allot! It was so rewarding when my co-workers would say "If you get my name,I hope you'll paint something for me." It sure was handy being able to paint a flowerpot or a wall sign when I needed a gift item. I still love it, and have so many projects I still want to paint. (Just need to get busy and do it!) LOL


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Speaking of small children I still have 4 at home and no time at all to myself. When I do get a moment I try to get in some painting, but it takes me a long time just to finish one little project. It drives me crazy, but only because I love it so much and wish I could be painting all the time.
I started back in the 80's as well. I signed up to paint a little pumpkin cutout at a church ladies night and from them on I was hooked. Mine was ok, but the ladies who knew how to paint just made that little pumpkin a work of art. I had to learn how to do that myself! ha I am self taught and have just kept at it all these years. Painting holiday items for myself and in recent years things to give as gifts. People come up to me and know we still have such and such that you painted for us. We just love it. Makes you feel so good! I made signs for my neighbors a couple of years ago for Christmas and it makes me feel good to see them hanging them on their doors at Christmas still. ha Painting is such a relaxing thing for me. I don't think I'll ever give it up. I hope to be able to take some classes when all my kids get into school. Luvs has talked me into using a saw that I got for Christmas a few years ago and now I'm addicted to cutting my own patterns out. Love it! Painting is just the best hobby ever. ~Anj

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Well I got into it in the 90's when I saw that Christmas Sled I just posted. I just wanted it so bad and I knew I could learn how to do it. From that moment on I have been hooked. I have made many things for family and friends and I enjoy every minute of it. My daughters are both grown now and I have no grandchildren yet, so it gives me the time to just go in and paint the day away. I use one of my daughters old rooms. She got married and I got a craft room. I could spend so much time in there painting and not even realize what time it is. It also helps me forget all my troubles.

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Colorgal, isn't it wonderful to learn how to do something that is so absorbing? Painting sure got me through lots of stressful years while I was working. How great that you have a whole room where you can work on your projects then leave them until you're ready to work on them some more.

I thought I would do lots more painting once I retired, but actually haven't! I think I made time for it when I was working because I needed to. Now I'm so much more relaxed and tend to procrastinate or get side tracked with other stuff. But once I do start a project, I get so absorbed that I hate to walk away from it! LOL

Glad you are enjoying it so much too. I sure enjoy seeing your projects.


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