Lots of determination II with pics

steri4meMay 4, 2008

Well my DH finally got the pics on line and showed me how to post so here goes.

The first pic is a picture of my small house front before we did any new construction. I have owned the house for 20 years and of course done some things like vinyl siding and such. Nothing as drastic as what was to come though. One of the things we had done before was put that sky light above the stairway. Big mistake that never got used. I also hated the look of it.

This next pic is what the front looks like now. Please keep it mind we still have about a year before were done and just want to show you the changes so far. As you can see we changed the window. Two instead of three with tansoms. The new front door with side lights was recentered and we put on three dog ear dormers.

Now for a little tour inside. What used to be my master bedroom is the next pics. It was two small bedrooms with the wall taken down between them.

Now it is where the addition is and the future location of the great room area with kitchen living room and dinning room. The first pic is the addition from the fron of the house to the back dining space before they broke through to the old house.

This next pic is with the wall down. You can now get a sense of the space. Pic was taken standing at the front door. Thats Bats of insulation in front of what will be the site of the new fireplace.

The next pic is standing in the dining space looking at the front door. The 2x4's are temporary supports while beams are being resupported. There will be no post in the finished space.

The next pics are of the old living room that went right into the old kitchen. table stuck in the middle was only place to eat as no dining room in the old layout.

The old living room is now what I call the Handicap bedroom. it is 12 x13' with a huge closet that I will have a closet organizer so no dressers needed. No pics yet.

The old kitchen had the back door moved to make room for the new 8x8' bathroom. I put in a shower stall the same size as a bathtub with seats built right in. I have all the lighting all set up but the cabinet system will cost me about 2 thou and that will wait till all construction is done. for now the old sink works just fine. Crown molding in all rooms even the bathroom.

Now just some pics of other area's. The first is a pic of the construction of the new covered front porch. hopefully this are is done before they leave for the summer in June. Will be 40x8'.

The next two pics are what will be the new master bedroom upstairs. I decided to build over the dining area what was a 8x10 space and it's now a 8x10 walk in closet area in the back right area.

Next two are the pacific Blue siding. the second pic has a place for the chimney for the fireplace.

The last pic here is where the back deck is going. You can just see the hot tub in the right corner. The deck will go from one side to the other and we are toying with a three season porch back there too.

Well that's it. Two years lots of changes but not there yet. pray for me LOL. still lots to do but just like the movie "The money pit" I will quote Tom Hanks. "The house is going to be great!!!" In about Two weeks. lol

Thanks for taking the tour


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Loved taking the tour. You really made huge changes and have a wonderful place. Two weeks? Does this mean you are finished inside?

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Wow, that is quite the transformation. It can be tricky to put a front porch on a Cape/saltbox and have it look good, but you have done well.

Do you mean doghouse dormers? (Gable-front dormers in some areas.)

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Thanks for the encouragement. Yes Johnmari, dog house, dog ear, guess it just depends on what part of the country you live. I just love them. many people turn capes into colonials for the extra space up stairs but I love the charm of the cape with the dog..... dormers. With the front porch on I've been told it looks like a farm house now. I thought a front porch was a natural for a cape but your right you don't see many.
emagineer, The two weeks was a reference to the movie the money pit. They were told their project would take two weeks. So now it's the joke when someone asks us how long. In reality about another year if he money holds out.
Thanks for the encouragement that what has happened so far looks good because it ain't easy living this way and having people tell me it looks good so far and will be great and worth it helps

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Love your 'small house'. It does not seem small to me!

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Hi Ilmbg,
I know of the controvercy about what is a small house that we all get into. Trust me this is still a small house by todays standards. It's not a cottage with 3 bedrooms but it's not a large house either. I told the story about it in the first posting Lot of determination. My neighborhood is full of capes post wwII. Almost everyone has put on a addition due to how small the houses are. The difference is WHERE I put mine. The lay out of rooms in a home makes the mental determination of big or small. By putting my small 10 x by 32 ft addition onto my house I only added ten feet of width to the house. Not a lot really. BUT by adding it to exsisting space with out walls it LOOKs big.
I still have 3 bedrooms and 2 baths just like before but now I have what I call a great room with livingroom, dinningroom and kitchen open to eachother. That gives the illusion of big.
Do I get to stay on the small house forum????

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My goodness, what a lot of work has gone on at your place. Your patience will pay off and you'll be so happy with your new/old home.

Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

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