Anyone still around????

luvstocraftAugust 29, 2010

Been kinda slow over here with Anj busy with back to school kiddos, and Belle off helping her Mom. Punk, I know you are always a busy gal, and Bebe is probably painting up a bunch of new goodies to sell. ;o)

I'm enjoying the cooler weather that has moved in again. I can't really complain because we've had a very mild summer, but this past week got up into the three digits and that's too hot for me! LOL

All the stores are full of Fall, Halloween, and even some Christmas goodies! I was at Homegoods and loved all the cute signs and things--but the prices--not so much!

Hope all of you have been able to find some time just to sit in your yard and enjoy the scenery or read a book while listening to the birds and other critters. I've started trying to walk once or twice a day and always enjoy the nice breeze,looking at everyone's pretty flowers, and watching the kids at play.

I started to do a project yesterday, and wouldn't you know, I didn't have a piece of wood the right width for the design I wanted to paint. I keep trying to use up all the scrap wood I have on hand, but might just have to go to Lowe's for a wider board--or find a different project! LOL

Well, hope some of you get a chance to say hello this week, I miss hearing from you.


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I'm here, Luvs. I have been painting as much as possible but I have started a new routine and I haven't quite gotten use to it yet. My youngest grand daughter started PreK last week and I have to take her to school in the mornings. So I get up by 6 am and I am back home by 8:30 am. It feels just like when I was working because I had to get leave the house at the same time as now.

I bet everyone is busy with kids getting back to school. Can't wait to see your new project.

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Hi Bebe, I just saw your ornaments, both are great as always. ;o)

That's tough having to do a daily routine again, huh? I usually get up about 6 sometimes 7, but often stay in my robe until 9ish, just reading these forums, maybe running the dust mop or putting some clothes in the washer. Sometimes just sipping my coffee out on the patio even. Rush or hurry are words that I try to no longer have in my vocabulary. LOL At least you are up and dressed so ready to take on the day when you get home at 8:30. I find I do get more done when I get up and get dressed right away. I'm sure you will settle into the new routine soon.


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It has really cooled off here too. The highs at 70 and nights getting down to the 40s. Fall is in the air and I'm not ready for that just yet.

Luvs, did you get some wood so you could start your next project? DH has a big enough stash that I haven't had to deal with that but I know what it's like when I need something in the house that I don't have.

Bebe, your such a great Gramma to take her to PreK every morning. I keep my only GD every chance I get and can hardly wait to have her for 3 days while she's at the fair. I bought her wrist bands to ride the rides all 3 days. Hope some of her little friends will be there to ride with her.

Luvs, you sound like me with getting up early. On the weekends if I don't have to run out, I love to lounge in my robe and drink my coffee on the deck.

I haven't thought about any new projects. When I get home from the fair I will probably settle down and start on something. This summer has been so busy that I haven't had time to look through books for inspiration.

I'll be back next week so hope you all have some neat projects finished.LOL


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Hope you have fun at the fair, Punk, and make lots of sales. Nice that your little GD gets to come too.

Things came up and I haven't made it to get my wider piece of wood yet. Really need to get it and clean up my craft space so I can get busy on some Fall/Halloween projects that I have ear marked.

Have a good day everyone. TTYL


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Just dropping in for a second. Haven't even had time to read the posts. You know if I'm not here it's cause I'm busy. busy! I'm actually on my way out the door to go to Walmart. We are going up to our friends cabin for the long weekend and am trying to get prepared for that. School schedules are a crazy mess with 4 kids in 3 different schools. I will get it down to a science again soon. Trying to get us back on track from our crazy summer. Spent this past weekend enjoying some fun times for my b-day with friends and family.
I sure hope you are all doing great. I hope to get back here on a regular basis soon. Miss you all!! ~Anj

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As the saying goes...I'm back! Well for a week.

Luvs...hope you found your wood, don't you just hate it when you want to start a project and either can't find the right color of paint or the right wood?

Bebe...What a precious time you are sharing with you GD. And what a help to her mom and dad. did you ride along with her? Hope the fair went well! Sorry about your trunk, isn't life funny!

Anj....Happy Birthday! Our schools are starting back up and the kids are so excited. The bus stop is near us and they are playing around, having a great time. Hope your days calm down!

As to my DM., she is healing nicely and has moved to my DS home. She seems to be settling in nicely. While I was gone just one day, she had a 3 page list of things I needed to save for her. It took the biggest U-Haul truck they make to move her "personal" belongings and that's not counting any furniture other than her bedroom suite. As to what she left came down to 4 of us working 12 to 14 hours per day just sifting boxes and boxes of stuff, we didn't finish one floor. We showed 5 auctioneers everything before we found one who would do anything. He is doing 2 auctions this fall and one in the spring. Anyway, we go back Tuesday to finalize everything. Punk, it would have been fun had we lived closer and had more time. We all are in wonder that she hid it from all of us, and amazed at the amount of money she has spent in just the last 3 years.

Anyway, it is good to be home and sleeping in my own bed!


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Anj, a belated happy birthday! Sorry we missed it, that's what happens when you are not around to drop hints ahead of time! LOL Hope you had lots of fun and don't mind getting older. ;o)

Belle, glad you are back. That must have been quite a task for all of you. Sounds like you have it well under control. Your Mom is just fortunate she had such good helpers to clear it all out for her! Have fun catching up.


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Hi everyone!! Everyone sounds busy as bees.

Anj-happy birthday!

Belle- oh my. I'm so glad your mother is doing better, but what a mess that sounds like. I hope everything works out.

I've been really busy. My Grandma died afew weeks ago, so things have been kind of sad for me, plus lots of phone calls, plans, etc.

Our weather finally got out of the triple digits, so I've been refinishing furniture just as fast as I can. I'm in a groove now where I'm finishing about 1 piece a week. Some pieces could be done faster, but between the heat, work, life, my shoulder pain, etc., there's only so much I can do in a day. So far, so good, though, and I'm happy with how it's all turning out.

I'm getting more hours at work, which is great, but it seems it's always last minute notice, so my routines are a little scrambled.

I FINALLY got all of those PBN's on the wall. The frames were the problem. You know, I decided to use all different frames, to make it look "interesting" and that was a mistake. Trying to hang them all was a mess. I figured that 3 of them were the problem, so went back to the thrift and bought new frames, got them painted, then realized they were too small! Back to the thrift again, got the 3 perfect frames, got them sanded and painted, and finally on the wall! In the end it all turned out nice, and the room is taking shape. I'll post some pics when it's all finished.

I hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather, and having fun with projects. I'll try to pop in more often.

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Good Morning! Hope everyone is well and busy painting.

We are experiencing another liquid sunshine day, so have actually been painting. It also helps that DH is in Eastern Wa., again. In among my DM's things were some new kitchen cabinets which DH and our DS went to bring back for our DS and are coming back today, anyway....this gives me hours of peace and quiet. I find I do less when he is in the house.

FM.....sorry to hear about your DGM, loosing a family member is never pleasant but hope fond memories replace the sorrow you are now feeling. It sounds that you are keeping busy, so is this furniture for your craft room?

DSis and I have been doing a lot of "googling" to price out some of the things we thought might be of great value to sell privately than at an auction. Most everything prices out at about what we thought but one really big surprise was a small drop leaf table. It came in at $2,400.00 and because of it "new" look may be even higher. And to think my DSis almost sold it for $5.00. This will really help refill DM's bank account.

My DGS and his GF came and spent the night with me, didn't want me to be alone! Wonder what he thinks I did before he came along? Anyway we play the Wii for hours and my body is letting me know I over did it a bit. But it was fun.

Well, I have some checks to write and then on to the bird. Everyone take care!

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Franksmom, glad you got your pictures up. I understand problems with frames all too well--picked up some cute ones at Dollar Tree but when I went to use them, they pulled apart because the corners were not glued/secured well. Guess that wasn't such a bargain was it????

Belle, that is so cute that your grandson is concerned about you. He sure sounds like a wonderful young man--and he obviously loves his Grandma very much! ;o)

Finished up a couple of projects and posted them for you all to see. Just a few very simple things, but it was fun to be painting again.

Belle, how are the birds coming along? I have some really pretty cardinal designs earmarked in some of my mags, but haven't worked up the courage to try to paint them yet!

Glad you survived the fair Punk, it will be nice having you on here with us more often now.

Anj, so glad you have all been having fun and enjoying these nice days. I know you always dread for Winter (and snow) to come. I truly do miss our morning chats, but know how busy you are with the kids and all their activities. Please tell your DH congrats on his promotion. I'm so glad things are going well for you guys. ;o)


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