Another charming kitchen...

lavender_lassMay 12, 2012

This is such a nice kitchen, I thought I'd share it with all of you. The wood is so pretty and the island is wonderful. The plate rack and shelves, as well as the arches/cutouts are just charming :)

From [Farmhouse plans](
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wow I love that!! I came on here to get some ideas for my 8x10 kitchen and I found quite a few in this photo alone!! Check for my posting....I am hoping you guys can help me

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Msjay- I'm glad you like it!

You might want to go over to the kitchen forum and check out the small galley kitchen. It's so well planned and lots of good ideas. Wait, I'll get you a link :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to Brooklyn Galley kitchen

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Thanks...that kitchen is actually smaller than mines...and here I am complaining LOL. okay post coming up...I got sidetracked

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I like the first kitchen better because it has a less cluttered feel to it.

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That is a cute kitchen LL. How deep do you think that china cupboard is?

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I just realized that the "busy" kitchen was the before kitchen. I do really like that kitchen and loving that fridge

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many of us here have the same taste...that kitchen is so warm & cosy. Thanks for posting. AND I can't believe it but the cabinets don't go to the ceiling...and it doesn't look "cheap"(an opinion sometimes expressed).
I love modern also but just couldn't do it in my 1938 building. I must incorporate pegs somewhere for dried herbs, I hope they don't entice miss puss.

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Beautiful kitchen and maximized on style!

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Fabulous kitchen, love it... for someone else! 20 years ago it would have been wonderful. Today, I look at all the cabinet nooks and crannies, wood turnings, etc. and think, "How would I ever keep that clean, dust free, and without the greasy buildup that occurs in my heavily used kitchen ... I'm a serious cook?"

Not to be negative, and speaking just for me, but even with decent venting, I have grease laden air depositing gunk on my open shelves and easy to clean cabinetry. It's Thermofoil and gets the soap-and-water treatment. I wash things down with regularity.

But that picture IS so very pretty. If only............

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