Cree LR6 for kitchen recessed lighting

caluminMay 13, 2013

Sorry for the cross-post with the Lighting forum, but I thought some people here might have some info..

I am installing LED recessed lighting in my remodeled kitchen. After doing a lot of research I had decided to put in Cree CR6-800L-GU24 recessed lights, using the Cree RC6-12W-GU24 LED housing.

Then I saw that the Cree LR6 LED line also got an update, with the LR6-10L. Has anyone looked through options for LED recessed kitchen lighting, and looked at the Cree LR6-10L-27K? It has 1000 lumen output (vs. 800 for the CR6), runs at 2700K, and is supposedly dimmable to 5% (like the CR6).


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