Garden Faery

Calamity_JJanuary 15, 2011

Been working on a garden faerey, she was a statue that screamed to be made into a faerey! So I used wedi board and created some wings and attached them to her with a cement plug compound. Still working on her, have had some camera issues and also photobucket issues so bear with me....

Also redoing some free gnomes I got, for a Gnome Garden. Will make a nice pedastal for the Faerey too!

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It's about danged time you showed up around here!!!!!!!!!!! Been wondering what you are up to. I remember that statue pre-wings. You did a fabulous job on her. PLEASE don't stay away so long. What is KLINGER up to? Hey - I'm going to PV just to mosaic and hang out during the week of Riana's workshop. Couldn't find a workshop that interested me, so I'm gonna mosaic a lady w/the hat planter she left a couple yrs ago. Wish y'all could come join me. This may be my last trip to paradise.

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That is a gorgeous faery Jane! and I bet the gnome garden will be a hoot. Slow is right-you need to show up here more often!

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WOW - she is gorgeous! Good to see your wonderful work again!

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Thanks Everyone!This is a pic of her before her transformation...which is still in progress...
her wings are wedi board with colored mirror and some fused glass nuggets I made during a fusing class I took with Klinger/Cindy, and her dress is a nice irridescent black glass that the pics just don't do justice to, I'll be taking some better pics as I go...

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Yes it is good to see you!!! I love your Fairy She is great !!

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Your faery sure made a big transformation.......I sure do like her new image!!

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Really nice fairy, and sexy. Lots of children will pass by?
Love the wings!

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she is soooo beautiful! The wings are amazing. I just got some wedi board at a tile place. Gonna make a house number sign as soon as I figure out where and how we will hang it.

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I haven't been in here very much but I still wonder what you're up to, too...

and guess what?
I've met someone new.
he's all about things to do with the beach and water..the kind of guy that I've been wishing, praying and dreaming about.
I haven't met him in person yet but all phone talks have led me to believe he could be a match made in as close to heaven as I know it.

and.................guess where he lives?
Port Angeles~
he says he gets on the walk on ferry and makes many trips to the island!!!
he's already invited me to do such a day/two/three day jaunt.
I do believe the days are getting shorter and shorter, before I get to FINALLY meet you two girls up there..
how 'bout that????
so looking forward to beachcombing, to gather sea glass/shells, rocks and other finds for a mosaic and getting to that coffee shop with the blues and reds for house paint and oddities in the yard...

oh yeah!

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WHOOHOO!!! Hope you come soon!!!

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