anjabeeAugust 14, 2007

How's the vacation going along? Are you having a good time? Did DH leave ya yet? And are you missing home and your own bed? ha So many questions!! ha Have you visited any of our favorite places yet? Yes, I mean the TS's!! ha You know you can't leave without some souveniers!! Have you taught them all how and got them hooked on making totems? :) I just wanted to check in with you and see how things were going and if you are still having fun and catching up with everyone.

I just barely got to read your post from last week. I haven't been on here too much. Been trying to cram in some good times before school starts ya know. We went crawfishing on Sat. DH stabbed his hand with a fork trying to do potatoes and now that's all infected. He had to get a shot today and will have to get another one tomorrow and if those don't do the trick he'll have to have it cut open and drained. It looks ugly. :P I feel bad for him. But we cooked about 5 pots of crawfish and they are good!

I have my niece and nephew again part of this week so my DM and I are taking the 6 kids out to do stuff. I know, we are brave, aren't we?? ha We'll be either going to a little petting farm or the Aquarium tomorrow. Took them to a little indoor fun center today. My 3 year old only wanted to ride the merry-go-round about 15 times in a row and mommy had to go along for the ride! I was getting pretty nauseous! ha She just loved it. I know you are missing your grandbaby by now!

Anyway, back to your post.. Thunder and Lighting, I agree, always scary. Our electricity used to go out every time it rained. I think our power pole must have gotten hit by lightening more than 20 times at this one house. Ran the lines one time and almost caught our house on fire! ha My mom would make us unplug everything in the house and we'd have to sit quietly on the couch until the storm was over. Sometimes blue light would shoot out of the wall sockets or lightbulbs! And we weren't allowed to go to the bathroom because the lightening will sometimes follow water lines! ha One of our friends from Utah went to visit back in MS and there came up a big storm. Well being used to the storms out here she went out on the porch to enjoy it. Everyone kept yelling at her to get back in the house and she just couldn't understand why until lightening struck a tree not too far away from the porch. Stripped all the bark off of it all the way down. She stayed well inside from them on. ha Hope you enjoyed your display! ha

Isn't it so great how you can just pick up right where you left off with your family? It's the same way for us when we go back.

How did your niece like her gifts?

It's getting late here and I really need to head to bed, but didn't want you to think I had forgotten ya in just a few days. :) Keep squeezing in as much fun as you can too. Can't wait to hear from you and see what you've been up to! :) ~Anj

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Hi Anj, I keep trying to get on here for a bit when I can, but I am getting so tired! Not used to doing something everyday and all day! LOL

I've also been fighting a runny nose and scratchy throat again. I don't think it is a cold--maybe an allergy. I KNOW I am "allergic" to this humidity! Whew! I'm taking my dogs for a walk each morning early while it is still a little overcast. And it doesn't even cool down at night. (At home in Ca. it may get really hot during the day, but it really cools down when the sun goes down)

I did take time to visit two TS one day on my way to meet my sister. (Actually left early because I had seen the stores when we had driven by them before) Really didn't find anything worth hauling back to Ca. Not even any good dish pieces! Was sort of disappointed, thought I might find some cool stuff in a new location!

Yesterday, my SIL and Niece took me to Atchison, Ks. to Nell Hill's. If you've read the posts on Holidays, you will know that Judith recommended the Nell Hill books for decorating and entertaining, and my DIL gave me two of them for Mother's Day. I was impressed because while they had lots of really expensive items, they also had things costing only a dollar or two. I bought some cute pumpkin bowls and an apothocary jar. Bought my niece a cute Christmas candy dish. And she bought a couple snowmen mugs with matching spoons, so she can put the chocolate mix in them along with the snowman soup poem.

My brother was going to pick me up when he gets off work so I could come have dinner at his house--then his wife called to see if I was free all day. Said she had the day off and the two of us have never had a chance to spend time alone together so how about if she picked me up and we could have a chance for a good visit.

I have had a couple incidents taking my dogs along, so have decided it is best that they just wait in the motor home. I try to come check on them at least every four hours. Overall, they are both being really good.

I talked to my little GD on the phone last night. Her Mom is putting her in pre school two days a week, and today is her first day. I'll have to call tonight to see how it went. She asked me why I am gone so long, and can she spend the night when I get home. Told me she loves me and misses me. Cute part is that she "yells" into the phone. LOL

Niice that you are making time for some fun trips and such before school starts. Of course if you make it too much fun the kids might not want to go back to school! LOL

Hope you DH's hand heals quickly--he must have been really jabbing those potatoes!

Better go get cleaned up. I'll chat with you again soon.


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Too bad about the TS's luvs. Sounds like you found a good place for dishes though. Can you order online from them? That way you wouldn't have to wait 10 more years until you can get those good deals from them. :)

Seems like ya'll are coming up with some good crafts to do while you are there. Did you get the jiffy pops graphics to work?

Hope GD has a good time at her pre-school. You'll have to have her over for sure when you get back. Funny how they don't really get how the phone works, isn't it? They start off shaking there heads yes and no at it when you ask them a question and they look at it a lot to figure out how your voice is coming out of that thing. ha

The aquarium was ok, I got to pet a sting ray and it poked it's head out of the water to look at me. I'd never seen one do that before. It was pretty cute. They feel like velvet. So soft. They had their barbs clipped so they couldn't sting anybody. The lady said they really like being petted and will stay by you as long as you don't touch their tails which tickles them. Never knew that. Oldest DD started getting fever and chills while we were there from her shots no doubt so we came home right after we were done. DM forgot about a dr appt too and now it's about to rain so I'll be stuck indoors with all these kids for the next few hours!!

DH really was stabbing those potatoes and with a sharp shrimp fork! He said it's feeling better today.

I'm off to do housework and laundry since I most likely won't be home again tomorrow. Hope you had a good visit with your SIL today. Did ya'll get to do anything fun? Are they feeding you good while you are there? ha I'll check back here later tonight, but if you are too tired just rest up so you enjoy your visit more. ~Anj

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Hi Anj, Just checking in here then I need to go put some makeup on so it can slide off my face again today! LOl Hard to keep it on when you sweat running down your face so much! This morning is better, nice little breeze which helps. I took my dogs for a nice long walk already this morning.

Metting two of my cousins for lunch in a nearby town today. We're meeting at a half way point so I won't have to be away from the dogs too long.

Had a good time yesterday. SIL and I went to a cute little old town called Weston. Went into the quilting, antiques and crafts shops. Bought a couple of items--will post pics when I get home. Had lunch there, then went to her house last night and two of her daughters and families joined us for dinner. Sure some pretty homes back here and lots less expensive than where I live. Brother has been finishing their basement. Putting another bedroom, bathroom, workshop, sewing room, and game room down there. Told him his basement is almost as big as my whole house!

I love aquariums too, but you are right--the entrance fees are getting really steep. My favorite is the dolphins. Once on a vacation in Hawaii, DH and I got to go into the dolphin pool and feed and play with them.

Well, I better finish checking the forums and get going. I'll catch you later.


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