Wow! May, June and now July!

anjabeeJuly 11, 2012

Cannot believe how fast the time is flying by! Hope you are all well and happy! Just wanted to stop by to see what everyone is up to. I guess I'm just gonna have to get off my tookis and paint something to get us going again! ha Sad that we've all gotten so busy and no painting to inspire others to try it. Miss you all! ~Anj

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Had to laugh at the title to this post, Anj. Remember when we used to try to do WEEKLY updates???? Now we're at quarterly ones! Yikes!!

Didn't realize you were babysitting full time now. That can be time consuming for sure.

Your daughter is 8 now right? My little GD turned 8 in May. So busy and full of ideas. So many of the things she comes up with just crack me up! Those little minds are so precious.

I think I had mentioned that I'd been sorting, cleaning, and organizing. I have the nicest setup for my saws along with a good sized workbench all set up in our garage now. All the tools are right there handy and even a place to store my wood supply--now I just need to get something cut out and paint it! LOL Also redid hubby's old office space and now have it set up as a computer room and space for my Cricut crafts. Again, just need to get busy and make something! Don't know where my creative urges are hiding, but I do hope they resurface soon!

Speaking of Cricut, did you get your's out of the box and play with it? It will come in handy for posters for kids projects as well as making gift items for neighbors/friends for sure.

I keep wondering how Belle is doing? She hasn't posted in such a long time. Hope she's happily painting away and will bombard us with a ton of pictures soon--hey, I can wish can't I????? LOL

Gotta go, hope to see a response soon.

Hugs, Luvs

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Yes, I'm babysitting every week day except Thurs. Thurs is my physical therapy appt and my day to get the shopping and errands run. My mom keeps the baby that day.

I've figured out what my problem is...pinterest! HA I get so many ideas and then I can't seem to get any of them done! It's easy to sit and pin the ideas much like looking thru painting or craft mags, but to put pinterest down long enough to actually work on something...that's the trick!

I'm glad you are getting things the way you like them. Sounds like the perfect place to get crafty. Hope you can get some inspiration soon. I love your stuff. I have not used the cricut yet. ha I played with it a little, but just bought some vinyl to do a sign with. Haven't done it yet. That stuff is expensive, huh? My SIL asked if she could cut some things out with it for a mobile for my niece.

We are getting ready for our annual crawfish boil at the reservoir this weekend. Lots of people coming up. Should be fun. I overdid it a bit today getting ready for it. Lots to do tomorrow as well. We had a big yard party and invited lots of friends over 2 weekends ago. Of course I overdid it then too trying to get everything nice for that. The kids are going on Trek next week. They dress up like the Pioneers and walk the trail for 3 days from Wyoming back into SL. Always something going on at this house. My niece and nephew have been here all this week. No wonder I can't get anything done.

My little girl is not so little anymore. Big 8 she turned in May. She's always acted more like 20 from having to deal with older siblings. Hope you still get to spend time with S.

Well, it's going on 11 here and I have to get up at 6am to take the baby so I'd better get to bed. Just have to check on my painting buddies every now and then. Belle, Punk, Bebe and all the rest. Hope to hear from you all soon. Take care Luvs! ~Anj

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