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luvstocraftJuly 18, 2008

Thank goodness I am on a new computer! DH went and bought it today. He still has a few things from my old computer to try to transfer over, but at least I can type a message without having to reboot three times to get it sent!

We think that the old one just got too hot sitting on the desk. Plan to get one of those coolers for this one so the same thing won't happen.

The best part is that I am no longer on a Mac, so now I have Microsoft Office and some other programs I was more used to. Probably have to relearn some things too, because I had gotten used to using the Mac. Sure hope he can save all my pictures from IPhoto.

What a pain, sure glad DH knows about this computer stuff.

Guess I'd better go over to Holidays and let those gals know I am back able to chat again. Sure was frustrating when I wanted to respond and it kept messing up.

Hated to have to spend the money, but considering how much I enjoy being on here and surfing the net to visit all the forums and blogs, I guess it is worth it.

I'll catch you later.


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Good news! Glad you are back up and running smoothly. Computer troubles are no fun and very frustrating. For our DH's making fun of our time on the computer they sure get it back up and running for us pretty quickly. ha They must know how ornery we get without it. ha

Well, I got quite a few things cut out before my blade broke on my saw. Bummer. Don't know what DH did with my replacement blades and it's too late to go to the store tonight so I'll just have to paint on what I've got tomorrow and worry about getting the rest of the pieces cut out later. I was working on cutting out another witch too, but didn't get it finished.

Went tonight and got the tables and chairs all set up for tomorrow. Gotta be there at 7:30 in the morning until 4 tomorrow afternoon so I probably won't get to chat, but hopefully will have some projects to share over the weekend.

You have a good day and I'll hopefully be here Sun afternoon with some pics. =) ~Anj

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Anj, I've input all my email addresses, but must have done something wrong on yours because one I sent to you today came back undeliverable. Would you email me so I can check yours and get it on this new computer correctly please? Thanks much. Luvs

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Emailed ya! ~Anj

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Hmm, still haven't gotten it. I sent you one through Gardenweb. Kay

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I got yours and I emailed ya back. Let's see if it comes thru.
I'm doing ok, just real busy. I got one project painted and almost done with another one. Guess I can't be on the computer and get much painting done. ha Gotta do one or the other. You know how much time this thing saps from your life. ha I try to be quick, but it still takes up time.
We've got my niece and nephew this week and lots of things planned by my mom for all the kids together so I'm running them around. It's the zoo today and it's gonna be hot. Not looking forward to it too much. Tomorrow we are going to a farm with a petting zoo and then Friday it's the Aviary. Then we are maybe going camping over the weekend for our annual crawfishing trip. If it's too hot we'll just go for the day. So lots and lots of stuff going on.
I think I told you about our Craft Super Saturday on an email. It went so good and I got to visit with lots of ladies. We had about 60 there. I didn't get much done on my projects from helping other people with theirs and I even did a little quilt tying. We did 7 quilts for the Humanitarian Center and put together some kits with soap, towels, toothbrushes, paste and combs. The quilts and kits go to disaster areas. I did get a few projects base coated so now just having to finish them up. It was a fun day for me and then we got asked out for dinner that night with friends so I was out and about all day. Nice to just be myself for a whole day and have someone else be the mom. ha

Anyway, that's what's been going on with me. You know this computer is addicting so I had to get in here and get my fix real quick before we head out to the zoo. You have a good day and I'll be posting some pics of my projects soon. =) ~Anj

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It's been a rough couple of days around here. We changed up our plans a little because of rain one day. I about had a heat stroke at the zoo yesterday(96 in the shade). Got so hot and drank one too many snocones until I thought I was gonna puke. Thankfully my nephew fell down and scraped up his knee pretty badly so we had to leave early. ha (I didn't wish that on him I promise!) ha I had a nauseous headache the rest of the day and all last night and it's been threatening to come back all day today. The niece and nephew are gone home! We decided not to camp, but are heading out to Strawberry Reservoir tomorrow to do some crawfishing. Wish ya'll were here to have some with us. YUM! It may be a little cooler there since it's at a higher altitude. I'm rambling and need to go to bed since it's almost midnight, but wanted to check in here to see how things were going. Now I don't have time to read any of the posts. I'll try to get here Sunday since I see there are a few that I need to check out! Ya'll have a good weekend. ~Anj

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Hi Anj, hope your headache is all gone and that you are feeling lots better. I don't do well in the heat either, don't know how I survived growing up on the farm with no air conditioning! Any yard work I need to do has to be done in the early morning or late afternoon hours around here to avoid the heat. The heat just zaps what little energy I do have--and that's not much anymore!

I'll bet I would love catching the crawfish, not so sure about the eating them--I've never had them before.

We took a drive yesterday. Wanted to check the location of a place where we want to have some work done on the RV, then we went over to the coast and drove through some of the towns there. Big surfing competition at Huntington, tons of people there. The weather was so perfect,sunny, mild and a nice breeze. We'll have to take the motor home over for a couple of days soon. We ended up at Oceanside, then cut across and came back up. Stopped off at the outlet stores, hit the Dairy Queen, then came on home. We were listening to our "book on tape" too, so it was a nice ride.

We've also gone to look at those sleep number mattresses. DH always complains about his back after a couple of days in the motor home, so we are looking for a solution. The sleep number one sounds ideal, but I want to read some of the consumer forums about them before we decide. It involves pumps and air chambers, etc. Sounds like lots of things that could malfunction. It sure was comfortable though, and each side could be adjusted differently.

I painted some flowers on one of the 50 cent clipboards I found at the TS. Not very impressed with it. Might try one with a plaid background, or might even try fabric on one. Not sure why I'm doing them, was just a cheap painting surface! LOL I need to get some wood pieces cut, so they are ready when I'm in the mood to paint. I think I should paint Christmas things so my mind would think it is cooler! Right? LOL

Well, I'd better get moving, little GD will be here soon and that means "playtime" the rest of the day. ;o)


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