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anjabeeJuly 31, 2007

We are getting a Hobby Lobby!!! I went out to lunch with my DH yesterday and they are putting one in over by his work!! I've only been in one once in LA quite a few years ago, but I'm excited to have another craft source that may have different merchandise. Do you have them there? I can't remember.

I've missed chatting with you every day. Are you still getting ready for vacation?? I've been doing my yearly before school starts scrub down and organize the house. I'm hoping when I get everything in order I'll have some time to paint uninterrupted. I've gotten a few little things painted. A gingerbread man, but haven't gotten the sign that he hangs from painted, one little pumpkin, a turkey plant poke, a snowman ornie, a cow and an Americana star, but they all need just a little more work before I post them. DH put my saw up again to work on the wall where I had it plugged in so I still need to cut one little thing off my cow before it's finished. So I've been painting, but just little stuff to get them out of the way. Did you get all your projects done that you wanted to take with you?

Anyway, hope you are having a good week. Talk to ya soon. ~Anj

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Hi Anj, I'm still getting ready for the trip. We are going to leave Friday morning instead of Monday morning. DH getting anxious and says would be good to allow extra time so we don't have to drive so far each day.

You've been cleaning house, and I've been cleaning the motor home. We washed it, I vacuumed inside, wiped everything down, put on clean sheets, washed all the windows inside and out. Then I've been trying to make sure the house is clean and neat before we go too--hate to leave it messy and then have to see that when I get home. Really hard because DH is a piler--just lays stuff wherever there is a flat surface. I finally told him that anything to be loaded in the motor home needs to go on the guest room bed so we won't miss it. Hoping that will help! LOL

Taking the dog to the groomer in a few minutes, and then my car to the shop to have all the fluids changed, belts checked, etc. DH has to go out to work for a couple hours, then come back and take me to the beauty shop. Decided I wanted to get a body perm so hopefully, my hair won't just go limp in the humidity in Mo. I don't look very good with limp hair. LOL

It's allot of work just getting ready for vacation, isn't it? LOL

Oops, I've got to go, so will catch you later. Luvs

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Back again! I am so jealous that you are getting a Hobby Lobby! We don't have any here, but I always go there when I am in Missouri visiting relatives. Their prices always seemed more reasonable than Joann's and Michael's. However, my sis says it has changed allot.

They used to have lots of wood pieces at really good prices. I'll be visiting there in a few days, the RV park where we will be for a week is really close to it. How soon will yours be open?

Sounds like you have gotten lots of projects nearly completed. I only did a few pieces to take with me. I've already sent some things home with family that have visited out here, and I mailed yard signs to all the sisters and sister in laws before.

I made those Freedom Blooms signs for SIL and Niece, and will take some of my already painted stash for anyone who might want something.

I'm playing on here until time for my appointment, already took my shower and did my makeup so don't want to do housework and get messed up again. LOL

DH already picked the dog up from the groomers, he sure is soft and pretty! LOL Smells good too--if only it would last. ;o)

I'll have some computer access while on vacation, so will check in here when I can. I think it is great we now have a Mississippi/Georgia poster on here for you--and she's even lived in Calif. too. I've enjoyed reading the conversations between the two of you. Sure can tell you still miss home, and hate that so much of it will look so awful when you see it again. That hurricane sure did allot of damage, and the money for reconstruction doesn't seem to be very easy to get. As usual there will probably be some high up officials whose pockets will get lined and the poorer people who need it will never see it. But that's a post for a different forum I guess.

Hope you have a great day, and I'll chat with you again soon.


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I know....I told Lynn this morning that I think we kinda hijacked that post and should probably move it on over here. ha I am still really homesick. Is it that apparent? I really try hard to hide it from DH and my family. I know there is just no way we could move back there right now. We'd just be struggling along like the rest of them and I don't want that for my kids. I still tear up any time I talk about home though. I think that's why I get depressed during the winters here. I'm trying some new self help positive thinking books and dvd's this year so maybe I'll be able to beat it. ha Planning for a trip back in the spring may help some too. :)

I just saw the "Hobby Lobby Opening Soon" sign from the Hwy so don't know exactly when. I'll be keeping my eyes on it though. ha I hope they have some different choices from Michaels and Roberts though and better prices would be great too. ha Maybe they are slowly expanding westward and will be coming your way soon too. :)

Well, it's just never a good time to do housework. ha I am busily employed in trying to ignore mine right now. ha And you know you gotta get doodied up for your trip. You oughta get your nails done too for good measure. ha Hey, you did as much for the dog, you should go the extra mile to pamper yourself. ha

I sure will miss you while you are gone so I hope you can get your internet to work some. I know those gals over on Holidays will too. You keep us all going. :) Be sure and check in more tomorrow with us before you hit the road. Ya'll please be careful and have a wonderful visit. Don't forget the camera! :) ~Anj

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