I come back and everybody leaves?? ha

anjabeeJuly 21, 2010

I know I showered people. Where'd everybody go?? ha

Had to go shopping today and then was soooo tired I laid back down and slept for most of the afternoon. Can't believe it. It rained so that always makes me sleepy.

I have the plaque that I'm painting the crown on all basecoated. Worked on getting my pattern drawn out. Yikes. Hope it's gonna look ok. I'm going with a pink and white diamond background with the gold crown. Maybe a little black detailing and gold on the trim with black wording if he wants any? Bebe~ can you tell me one more time the name of the gold pen you use? We'll see how it goes. I'm going to show it to him and only charge him for shipping if he still wants it. He's an old college friend. If he doesn't then it's no biggy to me. The wooden plague only cost me $1 at the TS and I'll just give it to my little girl if he doesn't need it. I'm so slow getting things painted the occasion may have already come and gone that he needed it for. ha

Anyway, that's all I've been up to today. Hope you are all having a great week. If ya didn't see, I did post some Americana Santas over on the Gallery. Cya! ~Anj

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Haven't left, Anj, but not much interesting to chat about! I cut out a couple of pieces of wood and have been base coating today. Not sure how long I'll be getting this project done--I seem to get side tracked easily. LOL

I did hand clean my living room couch and loveseat this morning. Sure got some dirty water, so know I got results. I don't use my carpet cleaning machine on it like I do on the ones in the family room. Fabric and "stuffing" is different and I try to not get it very wet.

Took my dogs to the park for a walk today, they went crazy sniffing where all the squirrels had been! It was so pretty and green and seemed cooler there. However, we really did cool off tonight, so should be some good sleeping with the windows open again.

Haven't even been finding any treasures at the TS lately, so really not much to chat about. I'll look forward to hearing what everyone else is up to.


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I haven't gone anywhere either! Darn!!!

We have been remodeling the "mud" room. DH is making shelving for all of my tubs of decorations. Nothing fancy, just plywood and 2 x 4's that we are going to use up some old house paint on....which might be interesting as there isn't very much of several colors. Later this fall we are going to replace the 3 large windows with new smaller ones, which will also give us more storage space.

I also made the blackout valance for our bedroom, had the material for months and just kept putting it off. It was so easy and went so fast and works so well. I was amazed at the difference in the amount of light. Silly me for putting it off.

Anj... I believe that the gold pen is Krylon 18 kt Gold Leafing Pen. One of the gals here listed it once and I purchased one and it work so well. Hope this helps.

Luvs....any new cartridges for your cutter? Sure wish they would come on sale around here! I read every Michaels special sales coupon and every one excluded the cricut, double darn.

Gotta run...stay well!


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Belle, Big Lots has been having the "Baby Bug" like mine for $99 for the last few weeks. Don't know if you have Big Lots near where you live. I got mine at Joanne's on sale for $85, but haven't seen them that low since. I've saved lots of ideas for things to make with it--just need to set it up and get busy again!

You and your hubby are always doing projects, sure wish I could get mine interested in doing some things around here.

Anj, I wanted to tell you that I stopped at a little church TS the other day and got all excited when I saw they had some painting books. I collected all of them, found a chair and looked through them. I was so disappointed, only maybe two patterns in the whole lot that I sort of liked. Most were the country cutouts that we used to make back in the 80's. There were a couple Peggi White, one old Pat Olsen, and several by designers I'd never heard of. Even at 25 cents each, I just didn't like them enough to buy them. Bummer, huh?

Got my new Quick and Easy Painting magazine today. Was sorta surprised that there were Halloween designs in it! Guess even though I'm doing some Christmas in July things, I hadn't really thought about Halloween yet! LOL

How's everyone's weather? We cooled off a bit this week and it has been much more pleasant. I got out and did a bunch of trimming. I need more trash cans--those vines sure fill on up quickly!


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Hi everyone!

We got some decent rain yesterday, and we might get more this week. Woohoo! I have many weeds to pull, though.

Not much else going on. Still haven't gotten the paintings hung, but should have that done this week. The craft room is on hold for now. I need to paint most of the furniture, and it's just too hot. Although, I may try sanding early in the morning. I'm still looking for an armoire for fabric storage. After pricing the particle board cabinets, I'm going to hold out for better. I did make some magazine holders! I recycled some boxes, and covered them with Contact paper. They're not the sturdiest things, but I could make them the size I needed, and all it cost was the roll of Contact.

Nothing else new...

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Hi Franksmom, good to hear from you. Totally understand about waiting until it cools down some to paint the furniture. Now's the time for enjoying your yard and doing fun outside stuff. We are fairly cool here in the early morning hours so I got out and trimmed a bunch of my vines and shrubs the other day. Still more to do, maybe one morning next week after the trash has been picked up so I can fill up the green waste can again! During the heat of the day, I have been painting a bit. I just posted one side of the banner/sign I just finished. Took the picture inside and it's not real sharp. But you all will see it again at Christmastime anyway, right? LOL

Anj started this thread and now she's not finding time to come chat. Hopefully, she and all the others will get by again sometime soon to chat with us.


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Hey sorry ya'll. Been crazy once again this week. Longing for some quiet time. We have out of town guests and I went with my mom, aunt and cousin TS shopping on Thurs and out to lunch. We hit 3 TS's and I picked up lots of neat stuff including an old sled that I will use for decorating at Christmas for $7! Think I only found one small painting mag, but a bunch of other neat stuff. Oh an old flip top table for $5!! I was really excited about that. It's small so maybe will use it as a plant stand?? Not sure. Will try to post pics later.
I've got another kid going to camp so had to go shopping for a few things for that on Friday as well as for our annual crawfish boil at the reservoir. Plus had a kiddo sleeping over here so cooked up some goodies for them and they watched "old" 80's movies most of the night. DH went to the reservoir and spent the night crawfishing so I didn't get a lot of sleep. Sat we loaded everyone up and drove to Strawberry Reservoir which is about an hour and 1/2 away. We go every year on the 24th and this year DH invited some friends and then our house guests were there so we had a good many people there. The kids swam and crawfished and everyone said they had a great time. We cooked a LOT of crawfish and we just had a great day. I was following DH home and he got so tired that he had to pull over and sleep so I had to drive the rest of the way home by myself and luckily I had the gps with me cause I missed my exit so it helped us get home at close to midnight. Had to run DD's friend home and then waited up for DH to get home at around 3am. Then I tried to go to sleep and couldn't so ended up laying there awake until around 4 something. UGH! Dog had to go out at 5am so yeah, there was my night for ya. ha I'm tired!! We didn't go to church today so here I am.
Have to get DD packed for camp today so they can load the trailer. They aren't leaving until Tues morning. We are making crawfish chowder today for our guests so that will take up most of the afternoon. Just lots going on so I know ya'll will understand when I'm not here. ha That's my life right now. Always something going on. Anyway, I have been unloading the van and am still in my jammies so better go shower and get rolling. Ya'll have a great day!! ~Anj

Oh, Franksmom....I have seen mag holders made from cereal boxes and covered with pretty papers so glad you thought of that. I didn't remember until you said that, but I had this one bookmarked that is done with fabric. I'm putting a link for ya. Looks like they used mailing boxes which are pretty sturdy and I think they are free?? Keep crafting!

Here is a link that might be useful: Recycled Mag box

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Wow Everyone, I tried to post here the other night and the site wasn't working very well so I'll try again. Sounds like all of you are as busy as I am.

Anj, hope you share your plaque when you finish it. I'm sure he'll love it.

Luvs, sounds like work cleaning your couches by hand but bet your glad it's done and they look great again. You have sure painted some neat projects. I have most of Renee Mullings books and haven't really painted much from them. You may be my inspiration.LOL

Belle, sounds like you've been doing lots that will help you stay organized and even made a curtain.Woohooo I'll bet your going to love it if it's as hot there as it is here. We are having 94 alot lately so it's making up for being so cold for so long.

FM, if you get all your weeding done and want to come help, I have plenty and I'd love the help.LOL I have been trying to do some every day but they sure got ahead of me when I had all our company. Your idea of the boxes is great. I may try that sometime.

We have started enjoying veg. from our garden and it was nice to have it when all the company was here. We have corn from 3' to 6". I kept replanting and shouldn't of. I made some ruhbarb bread today that was yummy. It has a streusel topping.

My friend broke her hip in 3 places and since she's so frail the doc. doesn't know if he can pin it or needs to do hip replacement. Either is a big chance that she will come through ok. She was suppose to move to CA this Thurs. so that won't be happening now for a few months. I was glad I went to the hospital because she wasn't taking any pain killers and needed them.

Wowzers Anj, you are BUSSSSSY! Love that Mag Box!

Good to be able to take a minute and read all your posts. I've missed being here but love seeing all your beautiful projects.


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Good Morning All!

It has been really nice here, high's in the mid 80's and cool evenings. Like you Luvs...out in the garden in the mornings and inside with the air on during the afternoons, well I try to do that but stuff just gets in the way. While DH was building the shelves for the tubs, I went through all of the drawer units, my, do we have a lot of screwdrivers. One more unit to go and then everything will be clean and neat!

Anj...Sigh! You tire me out just reading about your day, and I think I have a busy day, ha...nothing like yours! We have crayfish (crawdads)in our creek and they kids love to catch them, they are rather small but everyone but me love to eat them.

FM...I love contact paper. I used to work for a non profit group and they needed a new "big" desk. I used two old, short file cabinet they all ready had and an old door with the hardware removed and contact paper. I used that desk for 5 years and it was still as good as new and a door is a really big space, lots of handy storage space.

Punk...sorry about your DF, it is nice that she as you as a GF. Glad that your garden is producing. So far my cuc's are about 2" long and my zucchini is about 6" and my sunflowers are at about 3' and blooming. My zuc's and cuc's are in posts pots and a neighbor stopped by to see what kind of flower has such big, yellow flowers. Couldn't believe they can be put on posts and drape down. Have done this for years and they never break off.

Well, DH is ready to go to work and I better run for now, you all take care!


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Howdy! We got more rain today, which we needed. Those poor weeds were starting to look downright wilty! Hahaha! Seriously, I haven't done any weeding in days, and it's all just taking over.

I did a bunch of house cleaning today, and can report on my homemade Swiffer pads. Worked GREAT! Cleaned way better than the disposable pads, and no gross chemical smell. I need to make more!

Punk, sorry about your friend. I hope she does OK.

Anj, you make me tired just reading all of that. My goodness, take a break! Yes, I used priority mail boxes to make those magazine boxes, the ones that are about the size of a shirt box.

Belle, I've been doing cleaning out and organizing, too. We had become quite the packrats in the last few years, so I'm trying to work on each room at a time. It's a lot of work, and sometimes it's hard to let some of those things go, but it sure is nice when an area is all done and decluttered and organized.

Lots of chores and projects going on this week, but I'll try and check in later.

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Sounds like everyone is busy, busy, busy. Why is it those darn weeds will grow when nothing else can???? I need to deweed (is that a word?) my flower beds too. I hate doing the ones where the roses are--I always get caught or stuck by the thorns! ;o(

Kept my little GD today since she was sick. She is running high temps and couldn't go to summer camp. Her fever goes down when we give her the medication, but soars back up within half an hour of the time limit on the medication being up. I was holding a cold cloth on her head and wiping her down to get it back down. Hope she is able to rest through the night. She's coming back over tomorrow morning, don't want her to be with the other kids until the fevers been gone at least 24 hr. Her Mom says she will take off work at noon and take her to the doctor if she's still running a fever tomorrow. Must be some bug going around. Doctor told her today to just continue the meds and do what we are to cool her down--not to worry unless gets to 103. I thought they could go into convulsions at 102. Anyone have any input that might be helpful?

Didn't get to work on my project today--maybe tomorrow afternoon, we'll see.

Weather here has cooled a bit again and I'm loving it! Wish we could get another nice shower.



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Good Evening All!

Luvs...I sincerely hope your DGD is better. It is so hard when a small one is ill. I worked in a childrens clinic and 102 degree fever usually isn't a great worry unless it is on going for several days, and convulsions usually don't occure until 104 or 105. You did good by using cool cloths, not only do they feel good but the attention is appreciated.

FM...liked you idea for the swiffer mop, but just used some terry work towels, they are several inches to big, but not a problem. They sure clean well and don't leave the streaks the swiffer pads did.

Our DD was out today to pay up on a Father's Day IOU which was a day cleaning the big shop. The big shop is on our son's place and held my inlaws 36' motor home plus a car on one side and a shop/storage on the other. It hasn't been cleaned since about 1980 something. And the flood added to the mess. My FIL and my DH both collect old tools so there are over 50 years worth of old tools X 2.........100's of boxes of old tools, plus all of the "junk" that ended up there. We managed to get one side done today and will tackle the other side next week, then we will begin to build the needed storage. We are going to make a room at one end where DH work table will be and all of his power tools, much smaller area to heat and DH's family cars at the other end.

Haven't gotten any painting done, to much going on outside, and thankfully no rain, just cool nights and mid 70's to low 80's by day. And we are lucky, we get a costal wind along about 5 every evening, which cool things down. It's when we get Eastern winds that things really heat up. Here, you always take a light jacket or sweater wherever you go.

Better go for now, take care!


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Eight kids at my house today. Need I say more?? ~Anj

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Hi All,

Luvs, how's DD doing? I love to hear DG taking care of little ones when they are sick. We know how to put everything else aside and enjoy all the lovin'.

This morning on the way to work DGD started to cry and I ask her what was wrong and she said "I just remembered I forgot my favorite flip flops". Sad what a big deal it was to her and she didn't think she could live 2 days w/o them. She also knew better than to ask to turn around. She had stayed up to late last night and then up at 6 this am.

Belle, sounds like you will have more room than you'll know what to do with when you and DD finish cleaning. Tools are to DH as dishes and such are to us.lol

Amazing how different the weather is for all of us. We are high 80's , low 90's and I'm having a hard time keeping up with the watering. I've lost a few plants because of it.

I'd love to see pictures of your pond and flowers and everyone elses too. I can't get enough of the outdoors this time of year.

Anj, eight kids, how wonderful! May I want to come play too? You must be such a good mom. Just love hearing all your stories about the kiddos.

KM, your swifter pads sound like work.haha Can you tell me about your homemade ones or where to find your post on these?

Thanks for asking about DF. She had surgery and seems to be doing great.

Had a meeting last night so wasn't around to do anything so will get off here and get moving now that dinners over. Take care all and paint when you have time.

I need a new memory card so won't be posting untill I remember to go buy a new one.


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Hi all! Well, our weather is heating up again. Supposed to be in the low 100's all week, so I've got a few inside projects planned. And I'll have to remember to water the container plants every day, too.

Punk, it's a piece of cake! These are replacement pads for the Swiffer that uses the disposable wet (or dry) pads that you just push into the slots. Get some cheap, thin, microfiber towels from Walmart or the dollar store. The plush thick ones won't work. Cut them down to 8x10 -the size of the real Swiffer pads. I zig-zagged the cut edges on my sewing machine, only because I already had it out for another project. I don't think that microfiber really frays, but it couldn't hurt. That's it!

To use them wet, I just mixed up some vinegar and hot water, wrung them out until they were soaked, but not dripping wet, and mopped my heart out! When they got dirty, just pop it off and throw it in the wash with the rest of the rags.

When I wet mop, I use a solution of 1/4 c. baking soda, 1/4 c. white vinegar, a tiny squirt (less than a tsp.) of dish soap, and a gallon of hot water. It's cheap, nontoxic, cleans really well, and smells nice, but not overwhelmingly perfumey. I've seen lots of recipies for mop water just using vinegar and water, but I think adding a tiny bit of dish soap and the baking soda works better. For my Swiffer pads, I like the vinegar and water because it's fast and easy. I think your results may vary depending on how hard or soft your water is. If I'm in a hurry and don't measure the baking soda (and end up with too much) my vinyl floor looks streaky. Otherwise, it's fine.

Anyway, I'm off to do more chores. Our washing machine is on the fritz, and we're taking it apart today. Fun!

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