2 garden angels

anjabeeJuly 23, 2007

I know I've only been doing simple things lately, but it's all I've had time for. There wasn't any "real" painting involved in these so thought I'd just put them over here. 2 garden angels I did last week. The one is an upside down candle holder I got at the TS for 25 cents I think. The hat is a little more decorated than you can see in the picture. It has some pink beads on top. They are going out in the beds. I think my beds are going to have more "stuff" than actual plants before long. ha ~Anj

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Those are adorable! Love those signs . . . they'd be perfect for my garden. Great imagination in using the candle holder. You not only thought out of the box, but upside down!


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They both turned out really cute Anj. Very creative use of the candle holder, and now I can see why you needed the metal wings. They will look great tucked in your flower beds. Luvs

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Thanks ya'll. I'm hoping they'll get a little weathered. They are looking a little too shiney for my taste. Don't know how moss head angel is going to hold up. May have to give her a nail hair re-do after a while. ha I sprayed them both with Thompsons waterseal so we'll see.

That candlestick was red when I bought it, and I was actually intent on making it into an Uncle Sam like one I'd seen in a magazine, but I kept seeing the angel and had to make her. I had a paint stick that I scored with a blade to cut and make the signs. Perfect size for what I wanted. They are going into a bed that I'm constantly fighting weeds in so perfect signage for that area. ha

I don't know how long they'll hold up, but for a couple of bucks they were worth it while they last. :) ~Anj

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