Sal or anyone?? Cookie jar....

anjabeeJuly 11, 2007

Here is my Monmouth Pottery / Western Stoneware co. cookie jar. It has a maple leaf indented in the bottom. I told Luvs I'd post a pic, but was hoping maybe Sal (you seem to know your pottery from other posts) or someone could tell me something about it. I saw one just like it on ebay priced $49.99. I paid $5 for mine at the TS. Doesn't matter if it's only worth $5 cause I like it and it goes with my blue striped crocks.:) ~Anj

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That is a good looking cookie jar, and a good buy whether it is a collectible or not. What a great addition to your other crocks.

I know Sal has a display of crocks in one of her posts, and she seemed pretty well informed about mfg's etc. Let's hope she sees this post. Yoy might email her to come take a look at it even.

Sure hope someone can help with some history on it. Why don't you post the pic over on Trash to Treasure too just to see if anyone has information about it?

I'll look forward to seeing if you get any more info on it.


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Thanks, I'll see if I can figure out how to email her. ~Anj

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Anj, I think her email is on her "my page", just use that. Luvs

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I had to run some papers over to DH's boss and stopped at the library after that so I emailed her when I got back this afternoon. We'll wait and see if she gets it. ~Anj

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