Step 'anything' should think twice

moonlightlady339January 22, 2012

As an adult child of a ruthless stepmonster I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would want to become a "Step Anything". Why aggressively push yourself into a family that is probably just fine without you? Why disrespect any past mother/father in that family? What would be any person's motive coming into a potential "step" situation, except for "greed" on the part of the new "step person" because "greed" and "lust" and "pure selfishness" can only be the goal of any "stepperson" who is obviously only interested in their "intended" but usually have motives that are purely "evil". I can only hope that if my husband were to succumb before me, that I would never hurt my adult children the way that my stepmonster has hurt our family. She has disrespected our mentally challenged father, she has disrespected our mother's memory. She's a drug addicted, gold digging loser who I wish would return to the hell that is fashioned and waiting for her.

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Gee, don't hold back, tell us what you really think.
As the adult child of a stepfather who had no ulterior motives and who was remarkably patient with me when I was an ungracious teenager, I am glad to have had a male role model in my life who was not the lying alcoholic my father was. It helped me to recognise and choose a good man to be my life partner. I was happy to care for my stepfather at the end of his life after my mother had passed away. Not all steps are evil.

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--Why aggressively push yourself into a family that is probably just fine without you? Why disrespect any past mother/father in that family?--

Obviously 'Daddy' did not feel he was just 'fine' being left for the rest of his life with just you and/or your siblings. Short of hog tying your father up, and locking him into a closet...I don't think you get much say in whether or not your father decides to live the rest of his life alone and lonely or decides to begin a second chapter in his life.

Why seek out a stepparent forum and bash all 'steps' in general unless of course your motive here is to troll and giggle at any responses? Bored and trying to stir up a bit of entertainment? Surely as an adult you realize that while you may have been stuck with a stinker, not all 'steps' are anything like the new woman you described. Did you choose to come here and state your 'story' and seek support/advice, no, just popped in to smack all stepfamilies, all stepparents and wrap them up into one stereotyped package.

Hope you feel better now getting 'that' off your chest and/or at least got the thrill you were seeking.

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I think Moonlight and Stacy are the same person, posting the same junk hours apart. Stacy/Moonlight, did Dad make a new will recently?

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You're right on dotz, also both registered on the same day they first posted.

At least this one of the multiple personalities can type coherently.

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