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luvstocraftJuly 25, 2011

Hi everyone, that last post was getting a bit long, so thought we could start the new week with a new post.

It's supposed to be in the low 90's here today so not too bad. I worked in the yard last week and managed to cut the cord to my hedge trimmers in half! Need to call the repair store to see if they carry them or maybe I will need to order a new one! (Good excuse to stay in the house where it's cooler, huh?) LOL

I finished a little plate with a design from one of my old magazines, but I've not gotten a picture taken yet. One thing I seem to be really good at lately is procrastination!

Better get the vacuum and dustcloth out and get rid of a little dirt and dog hair around this place today.

I'll look forward to hearing what the rest of you are doing this week.


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Hi! Company left Monday and I got the oldest off to her Girls Camp on Tuesday and then took a ride up to a nearby canyon to check out the camping there. Promised the kids we'd camp before school starts. Today was spent running errands, taking care of my brother's animals while he is out of town and trying to get my house put back together. Trying to get organized for school starting in 3 weeks! Ugh Summer is ending too fast! My Dad made it home and is doing good with home health care coming in to help with physical therapy. We had a great weekend with our Crawfish Boil and lots of friends and family who stayed. Family liked it here so much they may be moving here when their lease is up at the end of the year! Would like a day to relax and paint, but so far that hasn't happened. Maybe I can get everything settled tomorrow and get some things started and finished. I have a partially done Monika Brint Halloween pattern that I need to finish up. Hope it looks cute. Working on some letter words for a relative for their favorite football team. Always more stuff to do than I have time for. I am glad to know things are going good for you Luvs. Can't believe you cut your cord! ha Hubby has almost done that a few times on ours! How are your furbabies doing? Haven't heard you mention then in a while. Glad to hear from you Cali! Can't wait to see your paintings! Hope you can get your MIL moved with no hassles. Where is Punk hanging out these days? Hope to hear from the rest of you! I've got to go supervise the herd. Kids pushing the limits on their summer bedtimes! ha ~Anj

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I tried to respond here the other day and it gave me an error message, guess I'll try again.

Anj, so nice to hear from you. Sounds like you are busy and having fun too. Glad your Dad is doing better too. My dogs are doing fine. They keep me busy going to check the wall with them several times a day--looking for lizards to chase! We also drive to the park some mornings to watch the squirrels--they get so excited seeing them! And I often take them along in the mornings or evenings if I have errands to run. Little GD has a puppy now. Very full of energy and wanting to play--my two try their best to ignore the puppy! LOL

Punk is always busy like you. She pops in over on Holidays sometimes. Most everyone is busy with vacations, company, or yard work right now I think.

Belle, must be painting up a storm for her show this fall. I sure admire her for being able to discipline herself to get things made.

Cali, nice to have you coming to chat with us. Will look forward to seeing your paintings too.

Better get busy.


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Hey girls....Brother, time is flying by. Only a few more weeks until schools starts. Time to start the shopping and try to cram a few last minute fun things in before summer ends. Going to see Harry Potter tomorrow with the kids after we buy new shoes for everyone. DH is going back to his old job next week. I've been spending time with him running errands and whatnot. I've been trying to paint a little too, but I've got about 7 projects half finished on my desk. I cleaned it all off today and hope I can finish something up this week. Anyways, didn't want y'all to think I had deserted ya. I'll get back here as soon as I can! Luvs~ glad your fur-babies are doing good. Lizards, huh? My little pup is into everything lately! Must be a full moon or something! ha

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