SeaEscape 1 - Mixed Media Mosaic

segriebJanuary 26, 2014

I had way too much fun making this mixed-media mosaic! My inspiration was an anniversary card from my sister. The front of the card was an animated drawing of a bikini & swim trunks clothes-pinned to a line; no background. I have always wanted to make a seascape mosaic, so I designed a beach scene with beachwear blowing in the breeze. I wanted lots of movement, too. .. rough seas, an approaching storm and windy. In the mosaic, I have used stained glass, shells, all types of small rocks (including pea gravel!), sea glass, plastic seagulls, a ceramic bluebird, wood clothes pins & string, stick-on pearls for the yellow polka-dot bikini next to Under Armour swim trunks, just to name a few materials! Along with quirky techniques, like crackle fingernail polish on the Adirondack chair, I painted some of the rocks in the surf and on the beach with clear fingernail polish for sparkle. I signed & dated the beach ball! Can you find the shark fin? From start to finish, this 17" x 34" mosaic on particle board took 100 hours (changing my mind a 100 times during the process, too!). It is mounted on the wall using a homemade French cleat, and it hangs in my laundry room. Thank you GardenWeb for allowing me to share SeaEscape 1. I welcome your replies and questions. Susan Griebel, Sylvan Lake, Rome City, Indiana. GET INSPIRED!

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WOW!!!! This is absolutely amazing!!! I would love to have that hanging in my laundry room...I wouldn't mind having to do laundry! LOL

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INCREDIBLE work! applause !!!
wow that is gorgeous

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Good Heavens: That's a real piece of work you've done girlie - a first prize-winning gallery piece. Leaves me breathless. You REALLY have a talent. Take a deep, southern bow.

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Thank you for all the wonderful compliments âÂÂSeaEscape 1â makes me smile every time I see it. Especially since it is 2 degrees outside now, and tonightâÂÂs low will be -15 degrees with an 80% chance of more snow. We live on Sylvan Lake in Northern Indiana (which is frozen; the ice is 10â thick), but a lake is just not the same as an ocean beach!

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Way beyond AMAZING!!! Love the use of all the mixed media items. BRRRRR.....stay warm tonight! And many thanks for sharing your beautiful work. Hope you will share again!

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Love love it !!!!

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Definitely an amazing piece. Wow. Love all of it. Very creative.

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Susan, saw your comment and thank you for all the praise. I went to your facebook and absolutely love your "blue gill in a bottle".

Your talent and imagination is inspiring.

I have a facebook, but don't use it. Only go there to check on my family.

Thanks for sharing your facebook so that I could see your great mosaics.


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It is a fantastic piece! So much to look at . Your attention to detail is amazing!

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WHOA!!!! THAT is Perfect!!!! What talent!!!

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Wow!!! I am speechless! Simply stunning!

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