Furniture base options - input needed pls!

spartans99May 8, 2014

Contracts are signed and work is about to begin!!! We are getting into some detail I thought I had worked out, but now we are going back to firm things up before cabinets start getting built.

We had planned on furniture base trim around each our cabinets as pictured here (small arch). However, we have been cautioned about this approach due to the challenge with cleaning under the cabinets. We discussed an alternative approach where we might only have this type of furniture base on select cabinets, or making the furniture base span a set of multiple cabinets together. The problem is how to make this look the best.

I am torn. I love the look of having each cabinet having it's own individual furniture base. BUT we have two young children and two dogs. I am starting to worry about how irritated I will be on a daily basis cleaning behind those nooks.

Any suggestions or input is greatly appreciated!

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If your dogs shed, I would NEVER do this. Unless you like getting on your hands and knees with a rag or vacuum spout to clean accumulated dust bunnies and hair piles from each and every hidden cave they make.

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Is it actually open behind the furniture arch, or is there a toe kick behind?

Besides the standard dust, I have two cats and not only is their hair everywhere, but anything (e.g., one coffee bean) that lands on the floor gets batted around until it eventually goes under something very awkward to reach under.

I think it's a great look, but all those hollow, empty spaces in my kitchen filling with hair, dust, fluff, and oh yeah, the earrings my cat steals, would negate the pretty aesthetic.

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I wanted a vintage look and almost went the a FLUSH toekick instead of recessed. I kind of wish I had done it still....but it added to the cost and I was already over.

I had furniture toe in a bathroom once and it was a pain to keep it swept up and clean.

See this old topic by amarantha....linked below

Here is a link that might be useful: No TOEKICK OPTION aka Flush Toekick

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I have that look in my kitchen and I don't find them any more difficult to clean than a regular toe kick. Mine are constructed such that the arched piece is attached/adhered to the toe kick behind. Nothing goes behind the arch.
Can you find out how your cabinet company makes theirs?

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Hire someone to clean your kitchen for you and get the base you want :)

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I have them too, in a few locations. Mine have a toekick behind the apron. There is a space between the apron & the toekick but I don't find it a big challenge to keep clean. I like the look & the little bit of extra work is worth it, to me.

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