Happy 4th To All!

pezabelleJuly 4, 2011

I was really to quick to complain about our weather...it appears that our celebration today with be a warm and welcome one.

Hope all of my friends here have a special day!


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Hope you had a fun day Belle and everyone else too. We didn't go to see any fireworks this year, but our son and granddaughter were over for some cold watermelon and then I cooked hot dogs on the grill for DH and me that evening. Weather here has been in the mid 90's, too hot for my comfort but not as bad as it COULD be! LOL


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Here we are at the middle of the month....sorry I have not be active lately, looks like we are all busy.

I have completed several projects and promise to take pictures soon, just takes so darn long to get everything up and then doing the photobucket stuff...hate loosing the time.

Well...I bragged to soon on our hot weather, we are in our 4th day of solid rain. We gained over 2 inches of rain in our pond in one day. Our pond is something like 18'X 21'- thats a lot of water. Our deck canope is now about 3'tall, had to take down all but the back legs to keep it drained. All of my flowers are awful, all beaten down and not growing. Oh! Well! I'm not in here complaining about the heat.

Better get with the painting, time is counting down so quickly.

Hope everyone is well and Take Care!


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Just dropped by with some good news.....THE SUN IS SHINING!

We actually had to drain the pond yesterday and the kids had to desert their tent because it rains so hard last night.

OOOOPPPPPSSSS.....spoke to soon...it is raining again!


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Hi Belle, you poor thing getting all that rain and not enough sunny days for the flowers to do well. So sad that some places get too much and places like Texas are burning up and dry as a bone!

I have a project started, just a simple little sign but I'm awfully slow about working on it. And I gave in to my desire for those two new books from Artists Club. I don't NEED them at all, but they looked so cute I just couldn't resist! I've got some books with only one or two projects marked that I want to do. I need to get busy and do them and then pass those books along to someone else. I move along pretty good once I've matched the pattern up to the piece I want to paint it on--it's the decisions that slow me down! (that's my story and I'm sticking to it!) LOL

We had some hot weather but now it is back in the 80's so much nicer. I don't do well with the really hot weather.

Can't wait to see all the projects you have been working on, hope you get a chance to post this week.


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Hey y'all! Sorry I've been MIA. My Dad had surgery on his back...several vertebrae separated, stem sells and protein packed around them, screws and rods put in and he also had several vertebra drilled out around his spinal cord since they were pinching it. He then managed to have complications, his bowels stopped working and he was also allergic to one of the drugs they were giving him so he was supposed to get up and start walking right away, but with all the problems he couldn't so....that caused him to start getting pneumonia. He was supposed to leave the hospital after 3 days but ended up staying for almost 2 weeks. We had to go up and stay with him to give my mom breaks. Then they moved him to a rehab center and he is still there but doing much better! He will be there for one more week and then come home. So I have been extra busy and with the kids going to their different camps and things and you know how it goes. Our 4th was nice. BBQ and badminton with the kids. We are getting ready for our annual Crawfish Boil at the Reservoir this weekend. Lots of friends and family coming up there. Should be lots of fun. We have been doing it every year for at least 10-12 years on this weekend (state holiday) so news has spread and we have quite a crowd that comes now! ha Lots of work though and we have family coming in from WA to stay this weekend for it too. Phew! I did get to paint a little last week. Finished one project, but the pictures didn't turn out well. Will try to get a better shot today of it outside and post. Belle, try not to wash away!! And Luvs, try not to burn up! ha Our weather has been idealistic all summer...high 80's and sunny. The garden will be producing soon so looking forward to those tomatoes!! Well, I have lots to do today to get ready for my weekend guests so I probably won't get back here to chat but I will try to post my project. Hope you all have a great weekend!! Hi to Punk, Bebe and Franksmom!

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Went over and read the lasts posts on the last thread and wanted to reply to a couple of things here so they didn't get missed.

"Luvs wrote: Anj, you sound so happy and busy as usual. I know you do love the warmer weather. :0) I take it that you are feeling lots better since your surgery? Aren't you glad now that you had it done?> Man Oh Man! I feel sooo much better!! That anemia was kicking my hiney so to speak!! Ha I have way more energy and it's just great!! No more headaches!! Now if I can just get my hormones and thyroid under control I may get all the way to perfect!! ha

"Anj, thanks for asking about us. Meds are helping and things are pretty good right now. Just taking a deep breath and trying to not let it overwhelm me. I think I've finally reached the "acceptance" level and will just take care of things as they come up and leave the rest in God's hands. Took me awhile to get to this point, kept thinking there had to be a way I could "fix it".> I understand and I think you are very brave to step up and do it all. He is such a sweet man and he is lucky to have you there for him! You know he would do the same for you if the circumstances were reversed. I hope your GD is able to come and visit you more. I know how much that means to you. She is getting so big!! Loved the pics you sent. I can't believe they are 7 already!! Has she turned into a snagglepuss yet? N is losing teeth left and right! The tooth fairy is going broke. ha You take care of yourself! Love you my friend!!

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AWOL and no excuses! well - no good ones anyway. Hi everybody.

I have had a case of the lazies. The temps have been high and again, for the next 3 days, the index is 110 or more. Now you would think that would equal good painting time, but just seems to make me lazy.

I have been busy tho with my MIL. She lives in another state. lst I got her on DSL, that took 5 hours by phone. She had to hook up the cables etc. Then 3hrs the next day going over with her about facebook and how to navigate it.

Recently DH and I have been looking for her an apartment locally. She had said she missed us not visiting as much, and I asked her if she woud like to move here. Now she is 86 and has lived there some 20-25 years. Has friends and church. She didn't skip a beat and said yes. I think the move is beginning to unsettle her, as she has been asking questions like, if the apt would have double sinks in the kitchen. Now, you know, apt hunting isn't quite like house hunting! Although she could be just getting excited about it. She does have an accumulation of stuff tho!

Have gotten some painting done - on canvas. But coming back here has increased my interest in dec.ptg.

Anj glad you recovered well, and hope your dad is doing much better now. You are busier than I have ever seen anyone!

Luvs, glad to see that you are painting and that some things have setled a bit. The nuturer in us wants to make everything all better. Doing what we can and leaving the rest to God is a good thing. Bless you.

Hugs to all,

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Anj, so good to hear from you! I took some things to donate the other day and of course I had to go inside to look! Saw some black/white cow items and thought about you! LOL

So glad you are feeling lots better now. You need all your energy to keep up with those young people at your house for sure!

So sorry about your Dad's medical problems. Glad he is doing better and will get to come home soon.

Cali, I totally relate to the heat causing the "lazies". I try to get most things done early in the day, and then settle in on the couch to read or watch tv during the heat of the day--well, lets say I mean to read or watch tv, but it usually ends up being naptime! LOL

I finished a project and will try to get pics taken today. I'm still wanting to finish up some projects I've had earmarked in my older books so that I can then pass those books on to someone else. I sorted out several during the winter months so I have plenty earmarked to last me for a long time! LOL

You all stay cool and enjoy yourselves. TTYL


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