I haven't been painting!

luvstocraftJuly 10, 2007

Hi Anj, I've been doing yardwork, housework, and shopping. Haven't gotten any painting done in over a week!

Well, unless you count helping little GD paint some hearts and tiny wooden flower pots! LOL She loves to get up on my stool and paint with all the pretty colors. She even likes to take my messy plate with all the dried blobs of color and an old paintbrush and pretend she is painting!

I need to get with it--so many projects I still want to do.

How are things at your house? Is the fence going in yet? Sure hope so.

I'll catch you later.


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I haven't been painting either. Been running the roads. ha Spent Fri shopping for DH's b-day. They had a bbq for all the people who were in the Arby's holdup I told you about and my DH volunteered to do the cooking so everyone could visit. I spent Sat working in the yard and making potato salad and prepping meat for the bbq Sat night. Sunday b-day party. Then yesterday my DB was off so we had lunch with him and ran errands with him. We stopped in a TS and I found a big sign that goes with my red,white and blue. I'll have to take a picture later to show you. I was sooo excited to find it. I've got to get my house cleaned today so I can go do some shopping for DH tomorrow. He's leaving to go to Chicago on Fri for work. The fence people are coming Thurs or Fri to put in the panels and finish up so I'll have to be home those days. I may be able to get some painting done then. I am trying to get a few things made up to give to my DB & SIL as a housewarming gift. Ever made a barbed wire wreath before? It ain't easy. ha They decorate western theme. Waiting for some horseshoes from a friend to finish that up. Trying to find some boots at the TS to plant for their front porch. Do you know if and when I find them if I should drill holes in bottom of the boot for drainage?
Anyway, busy as always. The next weekend we'll be going on a little mini vacation so I'll be getting ready for that. I thought summer would be more relaxing, but obviously not. ha
It's good that you are at least getting to spend some quality time with GD. Did you do any fun shopping or was it have to shopping? ha I saw some of your fun TS finds over on Holidays the other day, but don't remember if I got to post or not. ha
Well, I guess it's time to don my maid uniform and get busy cleaning this pigsty. I don't know how it manages to get so messy when we haven't been home very much. ha The gremlins must have been having a party while we were out. :) I'll be back to post that sign pic later. ~Anj

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You have been keeping busy, but sounds like fun stuff at least. Know you are looking forward to your vacation. Nice to get away for a couple of days and have someone else do the cooking! ;o)

I worked in the yard most of the morning, then ended up dosing off on the couch when I sat there to rest my weary back. What a nice nap, guess I needed that!

DH is at work, so think I am just going to stir fry some veggies for my dinner. He won't get home until early morning probably.

I will look forward to seeing your new sign. How nice that DH and DB were willing to stop at TS with you. Mine is getting better about it--sometimes! LOL

I got the cutest little nautical gnomes for $1.99 each at Ross yesterday. Didn't need them, but thought they would be cute in the yard and the price was good. Got to figure out where I am going to put them. Sort of thinking I need to sprinkle down some sand and seashells in an area with them.

Other than that, I just bought some slacks and tops at Kohl's. No table type things this time.

I kept (may still have it) a pic of a barbed wire wreath for many years. It had a burlap bow and some sunflowers on it. Kept thinking that I might find a place for one and would have my DB save me some old rusty barbed wire. Never ever made it. Do wear your gloves, that stuff is nasty.

As for the boots, Cindee on the GJ forum has her "garden of lost soles", and she says she doesn't bother to put drainage holes in her boots and shoes. I imagine the water would just seep out. After a few years, you know they will start to rot and fall apart, but I bet they will hold up two or three years.

Housework is never ending! There are only two of us here,plus the two dogs, and I always need to dust, vacuum, clean bathrooms, or do laundry. Would be nice just to have it all done for a couple of days! LOL

Have fun, and I'll catch you later. Luvs

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