I'm baaaaack!!

anjabeeJuly 6, 2010

Hey ya'll! I made it back finally! We stayed an extra week and a day so had a nice long visit. Not too happy to come back to the cold...I love the South! I don't have time to read posts yet. Gotta head to the grocery store today to fill the fridge and get us unpacked, but wanted ya'll to know that I'm back. Hope ya'll didn't forget me while I was gone. ha It's summer and I'm ready to get painting! Talk to ya'll soon! ~Anj

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Anj....welcome back! Did you have a great time? Sound like it. You were missed as is Luvs.....hope she is doing well and all over whatever was giving her problems!

Don't you just hate the after vacation work? Always cloths to put away and laundry to do...ah! my life is now just one big vacation without leaving home.

Our summer has finally arrived. In 3 days we have gone from 60 degree, rainy weather to expecting 98 tomorrow. It was 49 degrees this morning @ 5:30 and all ready up to 65 at 8:35 am...gonna be in the low 90's.....DH put in the a/c on Tuesday, I don't do well in the heat, but I do love the sunshine! And at last my flowers are perking up and my zucchini are growing, won't be long until fried zucchini time and of course on with the pounds. Will have to pump up my wii exercises, gosh I'm down to being 71 years old instead of 73 which is where I started. Not happy with the added years!

Still haven't started my "big" project. Still waiting for the paint I ordered online. I have practiced the leaves and OUCH! I am so used to things being blended and these aren't. Each layer, and that's what they are, are very visible, no blending at all. I hope to go back today and try again.

Hope to hear from you all soon! Take Care!


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So glad to see this post! You've been missed Anj, not the same here without you! We've carried on as best we could. ;o) Will look forward to hearing about all your fun.

Belle, I am feeling better and getting back to my "normal" self again. Actually made a new friend up the street who enjoys some crafty things too, and I think we will be great "motivation" for each other--I need that!

Got some new printer cartridges for my printer so I can print off a couple copies from my new books so I can cut out some wood and get busy on a painting project. And I found some new plates to decorate with my Cricut cutouts too, so hopefully I'll have things to show soon.

Gosh, your weather went from low to high didn't it? Enjoy the sunshine and just run inside where it's cool often. ;o)



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Hi Anj! I'm new here, but I've read your posts. Sounds like a great trip! Where in the South were you? I'm in Texas, and we're actually starting to cool off, and may get more rain in the next few days. It's still in the 90's, but it's better than the 100's! I'm afraid to see the next electric bill!

Luvs, I just had to buy printer cartridges, too. Isn't it awful how expensive they are? I was using the same ones and just having them refilled, but they finally pooped out and had to be replaced. Over $40! I hope they last!

I'm doing a quick painting project on an old brass wall plaque, but have been itching to do more paint by numbers. I'm having job issues, and am a little stressed out, and I just find it so relaxing. I do have a few pieces of furniture that need sanding and painting, and that always relaxes me, too, but it's just so darned hot! Maybe I can sand early in the morning and do inside painting at night?

Anyway, good to see everyone checking in!

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Hey ya'll. Sorry I only have a few minutes. Been madness around here since we got back. Had kids coming and going from my house. Think I should just put in a revolving door. ha Kids friends missed em while we were gone. Trying to get unpacked, grocery shopping, LAUNDRY!!, and get on some kind of summer schedule. Today I am running kids around to ortho and possible dr appts. Waiting to hear on one. DS has scout camp all next week and they just told me yesterday he has to have a physical. Trying to help out my neighbor who is pregnant with twins and has been put on bedrest. Running little errands for her. Anyway, what's new huh? ha DH has jury duty next week and then we may have houseguests in a few weeks. It's DH's b-day today and trying to get a few things lined up to do with him and bake his favorite cake and homemade ice cream on Sunday. Garden needs work too since not much was done to it besides over watering it while we were gone. ha Anyway, hoping things will settle down a bit by next week. Trying to get as much done this week as possible so I can do what I want to do next week. Have plans to cut out some projects while it's warm outside that I can paint for the fall and winter. Don't like going outside to the cold garage to cut wood in the winter. And I'm having a fit to get to the TS too! Been dang near a month since I've had my fix! ha
WElcome to our little group Franksmom...glad to see you posting over here too. It's more fun when everyone joins in. I was in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Liberty, Mississippi on our trip. Was only supposed to be gone 2 weeks but extended a little. Sure didn't want to leave! There is just that feeling you get in the South that you can't get anywhere else and I miss it so much!! Plus now I'm drying out like a lizard since I'm back in the desert. Was really enjoying my soft skin and hair while I was there. I think I looked 10 years younger! ha Sure felt it.
Anyway, I'd better check on that dr appt and see if I can squeeze anything else into this day. Talk to ya'll again soon. Missed ya'll! ~Anj

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Oh luvs....what was wrong with you? Hope you are ok and feeling better. Sorry, just quickly skimmed the posts. Let me know what's going on with you. And glad you found a crafting buddy!!

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Welcome back, Anj. You came down south and I went up north. When I left Pennsylvania last week the morning temps were 51 degrees. Today in Pensacola, the temp was 91 with a heat index of 97. I just love the south!! I picked up the cutest little fan - pink of course, at Hobby Lobby and it runs on batteries. No matter how hot it gets I have to sit outside for a while, so I take my little fan.

Luvs, glad you are feeling better. Isn't it great when you find someone to share your interests?


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Yep! Anj is back!

Our "heat wave" is on it way out. We hit 98 degrees yesterday and that is just to hot! All of my flowers wilted but with the cool nights they perk right up this morning.

I did practice the leaves with my new "wave" brush and whoopee! Got it right, now I just have to wait for the paint to arrive so I am really into getting ahead of the normal housework so that I can paint...paint..paint...and paint some more without feeling guilty because everything needs dusting. And talk about dust....we live with a paved county road in front and an unpaved private road on one side...talk about dust! We even water the road to help keep ahead of the dust but it doesn't work in this hot of weather. The county road is now the only way up or down the valley and has the only bridge that connects it with the state hwy., the only way to the outside world. So....we have hundreds of cars go by daily. It is also the only access to the state park (Rainbow Falls) so we also get loads of travelers. Can only imagine what they are thinking when they see the "bailey" bridge. (see photo) WoW! didn't mean to get so long or on this trek....geewhiz!

Hope all are well!


The bridge was built in sections and then extended across the river. It also has a metal grid over the top. It is quite sturdy but very narrow. A new bridge is now being built upstream so soooooon our traffic will decrease and the bailey bridge will be removed. While taking this picture we realized that if it had been there during the flood, it would have been under water, just as was the bridge that was destroyed here. Makes you think as you can't see the river in this photo.

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That's a funny looking bridge. We have an interstate bridge that is about a mile or so long. We lost sections of it during Hurricane Ivan. They put temporary grid sections in the areas washed out by the storm but it was so scary when you drove across it.

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Bebe, what a cute little fan! I'm assuming those are soft blades since there's no cover over them.

I love lots of "southern" things, but not the humidity--makes me feel like I can't breathe. Of course my only experience in Florida was August at Disney World--probably not the best time to go. LOL

Belle, I'm sure you are looking forward to having the new bridge in so it will take the traffic away from your house. Has anything been done to prevent your home getting flooded again? The county/state should build some type of wall or something that would divert it away from you I'd think. Glad you figured out those leaves you've been learning to paint, will look forward to seeing your project.

Anj, I'm feeling much better so nothing to worry about. I even primered a metal tray and got the basecoat on today. Hopefully, I'll get started painting on it this evening. It will be a "Christmas in July" project I think. A Trudy Beard design that I've been waiting to find just the right thing to paint it on. Did you read my post where I said I gave in and bought two Renee Mullins books off Artist's Club? I just didn't want to miss out on them. One is her new mini wreaths book with designs for each holiday. I will probably enlarge the designs, I like my stuff bigger so people walking by can see them better! The other one is her Christmas Spice book, love the snowmen in it. Hope to get a few of the projects painted soon. Oh, be sure you go over to the discussions side and see my latest garage sale find too! So glad you are back and can't wait to hear more about your trip and all the fun you had. Not rushing you or anything--I know you are super busy!


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Well, I finished my painted wall plate. It turned out ok, but I got a little sloppy because I was in a hurry. It looks nice on the wall, though, and I think DH was impressed. I'll try and upload some pics tommorrow.

I do have a number of furniture pieces to redo, but it's just been so humid, it's swampy! Even though it's cooler than it was a few weeks ago, it's just so muggy, I can't stand to be out to sand. I may have to just deal with it, and get started on some things. I always say I'll wait until it cools off in the fall, but then when fall gets here, there's too many other things to do with the holidays, company, family, etc.

Luvs, glad you're feeling better. It's the pits to not feel up to doing your normal things, so it's good that you're back to painting.

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So, I was wanting something to put on a blank wall in that bathroom we updated, and I found this:

Since we have silver metals in that room, I didn't want it to be so brassy. I painted it and then tried an antique finish. I didn't love the look for that room at all, although it would have looked nice in any of the bedrooms. Here's a pic after I tried to wash off some of the stain:

It wasn't horrible, but it just didn't look right in that room, so I painted it black and used silver Rub'n Buff to accent the relief.

I think you can see the details even better than you could in it's original state, and it matches the frame of that PBN. Overall, I'm happy with it!

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Wow! I love the raised design on that piece. Of course, I love anything with roses on it. ;o) I actually like it in all three colors, but agree that your final finish really makes it look great! This project reminds me of that saying "If at first you don't succeed, try again! :o) You are really getting lots of neat projects done in your home. Luvs

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The second one looks more shabby chic, but you really did a nice job on both tries. Glad you got it to look like you needed it to for your space! You have some fun projects. Well, my dears, I got my DS off for a week of Scout camp this morning. It's his first time away from home for more than one night so hope he'll have fun. I am off to the TS to see what I can see. Having withdrawals. When I get home I'm gonna finish cleaning off my desk (finally got the shelf moved in for it yesterday) and get some painting started or finished. Haven't decided what I'm working on yet. We had a crawfish boil yesterday and invited my cousins over so it was a fun day. Ya'll have a good one today! Cya. ~Anj

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Thanks Luvs and Anj! Yes, it was little shabby chic, and it didn't look bad (before I washed off the stain) but it just didn't "go" in that room like that.

Really, decorating this house has been one long DIY project. I wish that I could just walk into a store and find what I'm looking for and be done with it, but it seems like every great idea I have ends up being another project. I'm having fun, but it sure does take a lot of time!

I cleaned all of the floors today, and I swear I'm getting arthritic. My shoulder and hip are really hurting! I keep thinking I need one of those electric mops, but I wonder if they really work well.

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If you find a really good mop, please let me know. I bought one of those Shark steam mops and really liked it on my laminate floors, but it stopped steaming at less than a year! I used to have a "loop" mop that I liked pretty well. Kept buying refills until the handle and parts rusted out. Couldn't find the same mop again so bought a similar one with a blue mophead and I hate it--the easy wringing thing is so hard to use. I've tried some of those mops where you put the cloth over it--but you either have to change to a new cloth or take the one off and rinse it--can't do a whole floor with one cloth! What do the rest of you use? I prefer "hands and knees", but too hard on my older body these days and just not worth the aches and pains. ;o(

I cleaned couch upholstery today, will do the loveseat tomorrow. Then want to do some spot cleaning on the living room furniture. I've also started a "Christmas in July" painting project so working at it some too.

Gotta go. TTYL


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Luvs, I think I have that same blue mop. Is it a Rubbermaid, with the twist wringer, but the strings have to be pulled straight before you can wring it? It does a good enough job cleaning, but that wringer thing just kills my shoulder and wrist. I think I also need to break up the mopping into a few rooms a day, rather than doing the whole house at once. I tried one of those microfiber wring mops, and it was too short and didn't clean well at all. My Mom has a Shark, and just loves it, but I think she only uses it for her kitchen. My sister uses her carpet steam cleaner to clean her tile! I tried that, but it leaves behind too much water, and it's really loud.

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Hey ya'll. Only have tile in my office and two small bathrooms so I just do them by hand.
I just stopped in to say that I am also working on a Christmas in July project. Some Americana Santas. Got them prepped and the patterns on so just have to do a little housework and can start on the actually painting today.
Went to the TS yesterday. Found some cheap wood for signs or whatnot, a corkboard to paint for DD, some little flocked Christmas trees, a brand new yummy smelling candle, some books and a couple of painting books Winter Blessings by Lynne Andrews (me likey!!) and Sassy Smiles by Kerrie Kilgore & Lisa Williams. Actually bought that one because I thought someone here was looking for it so if you are let me know and I'll send it. I'll take pics as soon as I can and put it on the Exchange side. Also got a copy of July 2001 Crafts n Things and a big picture that says Family: We may not have it all together but together we have it all. Had to repaint the frame cause it was all messed up, but it is gonna look great on my wall of pictures when I get my wall repainted. Hopefully starting that project next week??
Oh, I also got asked by a friend to paint a crown for him to give as a birthday gift. Yikes. I scared!! ha Don't know exactly what he's looking for, but gonna try to come up with something cute. He wants me to mail it to him soon.
Well, I'd better get up from here and get busy so I can get done with the boring stuff and get onto the fun painting. Hope you all have a great day! ~Anj

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Hi Anj, sounds like you had a good day "treasure shopping". I've been stopping by our little library book store once in awhile and I picked up some old issues of Crafts, Crafts and Things, and Crafting Traditions for 25 cents each. Had fun looking at them and actually earmarked a few projects. I just can't keep myself from picking up craft and painting books when I find them so cheap!

Winter Blessings sounds familar to me, not sure I know Sassy Smiles but its a cute title. Can't wait to see your projects, I just posted a little "snowy" tray that I finished. I haven't painted for awhile and I'm getting rusty. I need to get some wood cut so I can do some things out of my new Renee Mullins books--did you read where I said I broke down and ordered a couple??? Haven't paid that much for a book in ages!

Everywhere I go, I'm looking at the mop options. Although this one may be fine once I get used to making sure the strands are straight before trying to wring it out. I've already told DH that in another year or so, we are going to "simplify" and get rid of a bunch of stuff to make my housekeeping chores easier! I have wood floor in kitchen/eating area and down hallways/guest bathroom, and vinyl flooring in family room--so lots of mopping I think!

Do you have the crown piece? You might do a google search to get some ideas if you need them. That Champagne Gold from Americana that PF told us about is sure pretty--not the brassy looking gold like some of the others. Good luck with it--I know what you mean about being scared, painting things for other people makes me feel that way too. LOL


P.S. Did you see the pic of my ice skates on the discussion side? Garage sale find for only $3--I was jazzed! :o)

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Luvs, if you ever find a good mop, you have to tell us! We have carpet in 3 bedrooms, and the whole rest of the house is tile or vinyl. Really, I'm thinking of adding more throw rugs, just to keep from mopping as much! When it's clean, it's absolutely lovely, but man, is it a lot of work! And the person that chose white grout desrves a spanking. I read a review of the electric steam mops, and it sounded pretty dismal.

It sounds like everyone is working on great projects and finding lots of treasures! I decided not to add any kind of brush stroke treatment to my last PBN, so now I need to get them into frames and on the wall. Will post lots of pics when it's done. I'm planning a whole bedroom redo, so lots of other crafty projects to go with. Ya'll know I don't do things the easy way!

I tried quilting for other people, and found it far too stressful. It's totally different if you make something and give it as a gift, but it's a whole other can of worms to have someone say "I want X. Can you make that?"

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Oh! My Gosh! We have had a very busy couple of days and have had only quick moments to stop by.....now it will take me loads of time to catch up on everything.

DH and I took a day trip around Mt. St. Helen's on Monday. It was a great trip. The trees are starting to grow back in some areas and many of the flowers are in bloom. We try to do a day trip a couple of times each month.

On Tuesday we got a call at 3:30 AM from our SIL letting us know that your GS was in the ER., with severe chest pains. So off we go only to sit for 3 hours while they run tests. The end results.....he has been bucking hay for the last two days and not only were his muscles sore but he was having an asthma attack, his first. So...no more haying and he is now on meds and is scheduled for testing. I still haven't caught up on my sleep.

I also have lots of wood floors, our living room, kitchen and all the halls. I hate cleaning them! And it seems that they need cleaning all the time! I have a very wide, cloth sweeper that can be use wet and I use it between moppings.

Gotta scoot on outside and get the watering started and pull a few weeds.

Take Care All!


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Franksmom, I really did like my steam mop and it left my floors really clean and streak free--but at a cost of $80 to only last one year! I also like using the microfiber pads to mop, and while one pad might last for the kitchen and eating area, I'd need two or three for the family room because that's where my two dogs track in and out all day so it gets lots of soil that the vacuum doesn't pick up. I guess I might just stock up on pads for it and go that route, easier to pull a pad off than to fight with wringing the new mop! Guess this topic is one for the cleaning forum, huh? Sorry, I just tend to tell you gals whatever is bugging me. LOL

I'll look forward to seeing your finished project. You sound like you are having fun working on all the projects and sprucing up your rooms. Maybe you will get me motivated to finally tackle some of mine! ;o)

Belle, I'm so happy to hear things are growing again in the volcano area. Isn't it amazing how nature can triumph over most anything. I often think that when I see a flower or weed growing between the cracks of a busy sidewalk or right out of the side of a block wall!

So sorry about you grandson and glad he is all right! Probably just too much exposure to the hay for his body to handle as well as his breathing. I used to try to buck bales sometimes with my brother. I could lift it with my arms and knees, but was so short that getting it on the wagon was a whole 'nother issue! LOL (My Dad didn't want me to do it, but I thought I should be able to do what my brothers did.)

Okay, I'm off to lunch with a friend and then hoping to cut a couple of wood pieces this afternoon if the shed where the saws are doesn't get to hot for me.

I'll catch you all later.


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Hi Again!

As it is cloudy today I shall try to catch up on the inside things, like moping the floors. Luvs....when you find a good mop please let us know, sound like we all have the same problem. I have wood laminate floors which cost a blue cazillion buck and they firmly say "do not use a brush vacuum, the panels have beveled edges. Do you know how hard it is to find a smaller vacuum that doesn't have a power head? Anyway, as it is DH poker night, I get to paint all evening. Finally got my paints so I can start doing the backgrounds and maybe even some background leaves, they are the easy part.

Reads like several of us have found some really great new books. I have painted a couple of projects by Renee Mullins and they are fun, Luvs...seems like we like a lot of the same things and artists, which for me is pleasing. And who can find fault with Americana...not me! Anj...is you Winter Blessings folks art? Hope you Sassy Smiles wasn't for me as I am still looking for Merry Moments by Kay Quist.

Franksmom....you mentioned quilting for others, sounds just like painting something that someone else wants without any visual pictures of what they are suggesting. Then there's the cost.

I like your wall plaque, each one is great, the first was nice, the second pix is calming and the third is full of energy and has an old world feeling, all three are great, but I like the finished one the best...just my 2cents worth.

Bebe...missed you cute fan and gosh is matches your rose table cloth which looks like an antique. I have my bedspread from when I lived at home (almost 50 years ago) and it has the same pattern.

Well....better run...the day is quickly passing. Ya' All Take Care!


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Hey ya'll. Hope you are all having a nice morning. I am trying to finish up my little Americana Santas. Ya'll know how slow I am, but hoping to have them done today. That's ok, it's nice to be able to relax and paint. I love summer! ha Not caring too much if my house is messy. Got kids running in and out and it does me no good to clean much anyway. Of course I'm washing clothes and keeping up on the dishes and whatnot, just saving the major cleaning til the weekend. Been going thru the stuff in the garage on and off trying to get all that back in the attic. Hauled off a truck load the other day to the TS. Need to purge more, but have a hard time parting with some stuff that I know I'll use. Have a lot of kids clothes that I switch out summer/winter and a lot of craft stuff. Just need to get it back in the attic where I can get to it and use it up.
Ok, well, not gonna stay here long. Just wanted to pop in and see what ya'll were up to. Luvs~ how was lunch and did you get your stuff cut out? Love your skates!! That's awesome! Can't wait to see what you paint on them.
Belle~ sorry about GS. Hope he's feeling better now. Allergies do suck!
Franksmom~ White grout?! All I can say is UGH. I think they do make grout stain though that you may want to look into.
Oh on the crown....I'm still not sure what I'm doing. Was going to try to cut one out or maybe just paint one on a plaque to hang from a ribbon?? Still not sure what I'm doing and he's kinda leaving it up to me? I didn't totally commit to doing it so maybe I can get out of it. ha Making me nervous. Silly huh?
Ok, I'm outta here. ~Anj

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For those of us talking about mops, take a look at this post. This might be my answer to keeping the vinyl flooring in the family/doggie room cleaner. I already have a swiffer. I had tried the wet jet, but their solution made my floor cloudy looking. Same with the wet pads for the regular swiffer. I might use some microfiber cloths instead of the wash cloths though if I do it.

I should add that I had bought one of those O mops and their cleaner at Target and loved it--but the looped handle broke off after a couple months of using it. I emailed them to complain but didn't get a response. Loved how their cleaner worked and the smell too.

I'm getting tired of investing money in things that just are not well made and don't last.


Here is a link that might be useful: Make your own Swiffer pads

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Luvs, I just made some microfiber pads for my Swiffer. Buy the thin, cheap ones at the dollar store or Walmart, and cut them down to 8x10. I zig-zagged the cut edges through the machine, but I really don't think you have to.

I don't like the smell of the wet Swiffer pads, and they're too expensive. When I use my string mop, I use a solution of baking soda and vinegar, so I may mix up something similar for my homemade pads. I like to use the Swiffer in between "real" mopping for the high-traffic areas. And it always seems like someone spills something the day after I mop.

Still looking for something to replace the string mop. I've been reading reviews on the Bissell steam mop, but our tile is textured to look like stone, so I'm not sure it'll work.

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