Happy Independence Day!!

anjabeeJuly 4, 2009

Just wanted to wish you all a Happy Independence Day. Ours may be rained out with predictions of scattered thunderstorms, but hopefully we'll get to do some fireworks tonight. DH has to work today so we really didn't have any plans.

I got one thing painted yesterday that I will get a picture posted of later today. I am planning on painting some today too so may have more than one thing to post. I'm not promising though. =) Ya'll have a good one!!

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Hi Anj, I just stayed at home for the Fourth. My hubby plays golf and I managed to get about 4 sets of the spoons completed. We need rain desperately. My water bill is going to be high this month - we either get too much or not enough.

My GD came over today. And, of course, the first thing they wanted to do was paint. The little one who is three got paint on the desk (not a problem because sometimes I use the desk top to double load a brush - it wipes off with alcohol) but I made an area for her because she likes painting all over the place. I am attaching a pic of her and her sister painting their projects. Notice how she uses one finger to hold the wood piece in place.

Can't wait to see what you have been doing.

OOps, can't post pic here, will do on the other side.

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Hi gals,

We went to the parade and enjoyed the firework display later that evening. We always get to visit with people we haven't seen for awhile so it's fun to attend the festivities. The fireworks this year is the best I've seen in years. Lasted 1 1/2 hours and had several going off at a time.

We didn't get rain until last night and this morning which is unusual for here but we need it. It's cooler today and I welcomed it with open arms. I don't need the heat with all my hot flashes I have. LOL

I'll be looking forward to seeing your project you finished, Anj. I did buy a couple of things to paint on today so maybe I'll come up with someting this week and start when company is gone.

Take care and I'll check back soon. Punk

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