Oh Luvs....

anjabeeJuly 11, 2008

You said your email wasn't working, but I wasn't sure if you can get to the forums or not. We had a wonderful time last night. Hope you did too. It was so great to put a face and personality to your posts! You are just as sweet and friendly as I thought you'd be and your DH was a lot of fun to talk to as well. Although I'm not sure I'm liking all those thoughts he put into my DH's head. ha JK I'm just kicking myself cause I forgot to bring my camera to get a group pic! Oh well. Next time, right? ha Check in when you can! ~Anj

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Hi Anj, thank you so much for last night. I couldn't have been anymore thrilled about getting to meet you face to face! The location and the food were perfect--can't believe they let us sit there talking even after closing time! ;o)

Love my "goody bag" and will treasure the little snowman jar you painted for me. It is just darling! You did way too much, but I love it all.

So much more I want to say but I've had to reboot three times just to get this much typed. Will have to get a new computer when we get back home.

Hope you will get to come visit our area someday too.


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Hey, Anj, Just wanted to let you know that DH decided that we should head back home--didn't feel like more mountain driving right now and was not resting well on the motorhome mattress. Says we can always head up to Washington and Idaho another time. Fine by me, we've been gone nine days already and I'm ready for some sweet GD hugs and kisses! ;o) Guess we will go check on those sleep number mattresses and see about getting one for our motor home so he will rest better while traveling.

We loved that KOA, it was one of the nicest ones we've stayed out. Loved how you pulled in at an angle so your windows weren't all lined up with the neighbors. Made for much better privacy. They also had a great area to take the dogs for walks along the river at the back. Thanks for reccommending it to us.

We are in Mesquite, Nevada tonight and will be home by tomorrow afternoon. It is really hot here, was still 99 degrees after dark! Always fun to travel to new places, but so nice to get back home too. LOL

Hope all is well with you. I'm just so glad we had the chance to meet. It will be so nice to have a "face" to go with our conversations. Be sure to let your DH know that while my DH "talks" a good story--he doesn't always get away with his ideas! LOL I'm pretty easy going, but he also goes out of his way to keep me happy most times. LOL

I'm using his computer tonight--tired of having to keep rebooting mine. I'll chat with you again soon.


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I'm glad you liked your goodies Luvs. You are hard to shop for. ha The woman who has everything and nowhere to put anything. ha Well, you know where to send that stuff if you have no use or room for it. TS heaven. ha

I have been showing off my cow to everyone who will look! You know I just love him! ha My brother actually brought me a new one back from his last trip. Handcarved and painted....made in Indonesia from some kind of special tree. It's really cute, but I had to run and show him my new one from you! ha Cows are officially spilling over into my dining room, but I think it's ok since it's now attached to my kitchen (remember we moved things around). Since it's all practically one room, maybe DH won't notice. ha

Did you get to do anything fun yesterday before dinner with the friend? I was running kids around from one thing to another, but I kept thinking....man, I wish I had time to go pick up Luvs and go to a TS. ha It would have been fun to do a little shopping with you. I would have let you run amok in the dishes if you'd not have held me back in the wood and book sections. ha That will be something for next time!

We've been working all day and I got 2 things cut out and sanded down...ready for next Sat. Loving the sawing more and more. Took long enough for you to convince me I know. ha

Well, I just wanted to check in and see how far ya'll made it today. Wish your computer was working better for you. I know that is very frustrating. Talk to ya soon. ~Anj

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Hi Anj, You did a great job of finding things I would like--but you shouldn't have. ;o) I would have been perfectly content with a couple of TS finds! LOL I had saved that Christmas cow pattern thinking I'd try to send it this Christmas--just hurried up and did it so I could bring it along. The handcarved one from your brother sounds neat too. Funny how the things we like tend to spill over and take up more and more space. At least the Christmas one can be stored away most of the time!

I don't know about having everything, but the nowhere to put it is true! I'm trying now to think of where I will store the new dishes DH was given. Both my china cabinets are full, and so are the upper shelves in the kitchen. Might have to get rid of some old books that we seldom if ever look at anymore so I can use that bookcase to store some dishes and other pretties.

We did a little sightseeing on Friday. And took a trip up around Kaysville (isn't that a great name??? LOL) to find the Camping World to replace a burned out light in our bathroom. Lots of construction going on everywhere, and so many new homes--hard to believe the economy is so bad with all that going on. I looked up a couple addresses of TS, but couldn't convince DH that we should go see if I could find a treasure or two. Now if I'd suggested a computer store, he would have been all for it! ;o)

My computer problem is sporadic. Seems to start messing up when it gets hot. I've got it propped up so hopefully it will stay cool longer. DH has a laptop he seldom uses anymore that he may pass on to me or we will go buy a new one. Told him it doesn't matter to me as long as I can read email and check my forums. ;o)

We are going over to see DS and family this afternoon. Can't wait to see the little GD. ;o) Guess I will have to bring the fish home--wish they would decide they just want to keep him. Might take off to check out a couple of my TS tomorrow to see what all has come in new while I've been gone--not that I need a thing--but love the thrill of the hunt! LOL

I did four loads of clothes and bedding yesterday, and then scrubbed down the bathroom and wiped all the surfaces in the motorhome so we can get it back down to the storage area later. Like to clean it up each time we get back so it is all set when we are ready to go again. I vacuum several times while we travel since we have the two dogs who shed so badly.

The weather in your area was just perfect while we were there, and I loved how easy it was to find our way around town. Nice when the streets run mostly north/south, east/west. You are in a valley surrounded by mountains sort of like we are here--except that while we see snow on the mountains, we don't get any of it here in the valley.

Better get moving here--it's hot outside so no yard work until the sun starts to go down. Sort of nice that I cleaned house before we left, so can just be a little lazy for a couple of days at...

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Well, glad you made it back safely and got things back to order. Was GD babysitting your fish? Kaysville is a really pretty place. We have some friends who live there.
I have been running since I hit the floor this morning. Had to take DM to Michaels (Picked up a few of the soft grip paint brushes. They were clearance marked at $2, but the cashier was new and there was a line so since she couldn't figure out how to input the clearance price they rang up at 2.24, I told her to just let it go). And I bought a watercolor pencil to try out for doing cheeks. I can never get them to shade right.

Left my DM at Michaels to shop and took DD to Kohls that's right beside it to buy some summer clothes for camp. She's outgrown everything she owns on a growth spurt. Ran home in time to have lunch with DH at Chili's. We had a nice time and planned some activities for the kids. He took me by our TS and we ran thru it in 20 minutes (fastest time ever for me!) ha He found an old spice shelf with cool old spice bottles. He loves old bottles and these almost look like old medicine bottles. I found some wood cutouts that are for one of my books for only .50 ea. I got a thick iron on transfer book, but the patterns look like something I can use for painting and a cross-stitch book. Got a new big Thanksgiving yard stake to paint for $1 (orig price $8) A cute wooden cutting board with a wooden gingerbread man and a little rolling pin that I can fix up and it will make a cute 12 days gift. I think it was .50 cents. And a little Americana nutcracker for DD. She loves nutcrackers and it's a teeny one. Oh, and I bought a new cast iron skillet for $5. I just love cooking with them. I already have one skillet that I got for my wedding and a cast iron pot, but I've been needing another skillet. Just need to get it seasoned up. I think that was everything. You'll have to let me know if you find anything good on your trip tomorrow.

After we got home from the TS, I had to run DD to Walmart to get her snacks and a few last minute things for camp. Ran back home and got her all packed for camp and ran her stuff over to put it on the truck that's going up tonight to the campground. Have to have her at the leaders house at 6am tomorrow morning! UGH! That means I'll have to get up at least at 5:30 to get her lunch made and her over there by then.

I just came in here to drink an ice cold Sprite and rest before I have to clean the kitchen again and start supper. I need a day off! ha Saturday....hurry up and get here! I hope I get a lot done! Need to start packing up my paints, books and wood pieces tomorrow.
I'm done with my drink so I'd better get back in there. Relax some for me! ha ~Anj

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Good morning, Anj. I think I'm tired out now after reading all the things you did in just one day! Where do you get the energy for all that girl? Oh, yeah, I forgot--you are still "young". LOL You really are a busy lady, amazed that you can squeeze time in to paint.

Was so good to see DS, DIL, and little GD yesterday. Ten days away from them is a long time for us! GD was so excited, she just chattered up a storm. Really loved my story about feeding the prairie dogs and seeing the Momma deer and her baby. Wanted me to tell her about them over and over. She's coming over today to play, so I probably won't get to go to the TS yet. Tomorrow, DH and I plan to go to the Orange County Fair, but maybe not until the afternoon, so will have to see if I can make a TS run.

Wow! You really found some neat stuff. Can't wait to see them all painted up. You sure found lots of goodies in such a short time too! I have a couple of those transfer books too, and thought the same thing--use for painting patterns.

Glad you got some of the paint brushes, that was still a good price. I was sort of surprised to see so much Fall stuff out already! Seems like Summer just got here! Sometimes I think that is why time seems to go by so fast--all the retailers RUSH us from one season to the next.

Well, my coffee cup is empty so I'd better go get dressed and clean up the dog hair on the family room floor--daily task with these two retrievers--now you know why we trained them to stay in just that room! LOL

Even if you don't get allot done on Saturday--it will give you a chance for some creative time and some "girl" chatting and laughter. I'll look forward to hearing all about it.

Hope you get a chance for a little nap today--maybe get everyone to watch a movie and you can just close your eyes and snooze through it! ;o)


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Well, a nap is not looking likely. I'm waiting for my mom to get ready so we can go get some lunch and then she asked if I can take her to run some errands. She has to go to Lowes or Home Depot so it will give me a chance to pick up some more wood to cut out. No stopping me now! ha And guess what. DH talked to a carpenter that he knows and the guy said he'd give me all his larger pieces of scrap wood. He's just been taking it to the landfill. Hurray! Free wood!
Anyway, Gotta dash. She's ready. Talk to ya later. ~Anj

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Oh, Anj, that is so great about the carpenter. And they use lots of really nice woods too-the ones that are too expensive usually for crafts. Just remember that hard woods are not as easy to cut--you have to just go slower than on the softer wood.

Hope you had a nice lunch yesterday and got all your errands taken care of.

DH and I are heading to the Orange County Fair today. We enjoy walking around and seeing everything. Hope it doesn't get too hot today!

TTYL. Luvs

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