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anjabeeJuly 31, 2008

We'll see if this is going to actually let me post. Been having some technical difficulties where I couldn't post. It would let me read the post, but then couldn't reply to it. Would go to a blank screen like it was thinking or else it would go to a message that said the site address was wrong.

Luvs, did you get my email explaining all that? I hope so or else you probably think I deserted ya'll. ha

I'm so so busy trying to get things crammed into these last few weeks before the kids start school again. Trying to do a deep clean on my house this week and get in some dental appts before DH takes the next few weeks off to do some fun stuff. I'll try to get something posted here in between all that.

It's late and I'm tired and ready for bed. I'll try to get here tomorrow with a pic or two. ~Anj

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Good morning Anj, yes, I did get your message about the site not letting you post. I think it was just with the site that day, because the same thing happened to me when I checked after reading your message.

So glad you are getting things done and will be able to have some family fun time before the kidlets head back to school. Just hope you will also have a little time to just slow down and relax--maybe while your DH and the little ones play in the pool. Rub some sunscreen on, get an icy cold drink, pick up a good book, find a comfy lounge and just veg out a bit--you deserve it!

What's with the deep cleaning mood? It hit me last Monday and I was like a woman possessed! Rolled the bed out into the middle of the room, pulled the nightstands out and vacuumed all that area. Took my faux tree outside and washed it with the hose. Climbed up on the ladder to clean the top of the tv cabinet--you get the picture. Then did the bathrooms really good, vacuumed the rest of the house and steam mopped the family room, kitchen and laundry areas! I was pooped! I still need to climb up and clean the kitchen cabinet tops--should have had them go all the way to the top--BUT I thought I needed to have some of my decorative goodies up there--silly me! I usually try to only tackle one or two rooms at a time anymore--don't know what came over me--so be careful! LOL

I'm trying to make a decision about a pattern to put on the tray my neighbor brought over. It's not a very sturdy tray, so think I'll just do a cute snowman design so it can be displayed for the holiday. I'll probably show it to her when it's finished, and if she likes it, I'll give it back to her if she wants it. I have two other trays in the storage shed that I've picked up cheap at TS and not painted yet. Seems that my hardest problem is deciding on a design--think I just have too many choices. ;o( Guess that's a nice problem to have, isn't it?

Well, I'd better check the other forum and get moving here. Got to go help my little friend with her bill paying today and might run over to the TS on the way home.

Today is DH's last day of employment! Yahoo! Free at last! LOL He's off to meet a couple of the guys for breakfast, then we have 12 people joining us for his retirement dinner tomorrow night. He's already planning a couple upgrades for the motorhome--and a new mattress--and will be ready to hit the road again soon. ;o)



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I don't know what it is, but the cleaning bug hit me too. I think I can smell fall coming and I want to get it all done before the cold weather hits.

I'm sure you'll pick just the right thing to paint on your trays. She'll probably want the one she gave you back, but she won't take it cause she knows how much work you put into it. ha Unless you are very persuasive or you've given her things before. ha

You really are so good to do that for your friend. I'm sure you recieve lots of blessing for helping her out like that.

Congrats to DH! Are you serving dinner on his retirement dishes or are ya'll going out to eat? I hope you are ready to cope with his teasing all day every day. ha It'll be fun though. I'd love to go rv-ing. That's my idea of fun. Stopping where you want to and seeing everything in between.

Hope you had fun at the TS. Did you find anything besides your boxes?

I'm gonna go get busy. Was up all night with my back hurting and the kids with different things so I'm getting a slow start. TataFN ~Anj

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Hi Anj, got the little gal coming over today, so will keep busy today.
Sorry to hear that your back is still giving you fits. When your back hurts, you hurt all over.
The tray is from the same neighbor that I rescued the metal tub and painted the bear on for her--so she's used to my "makeovers". She brought me a 99 cent bowling ball too and asked if I could make one for her. I'm thinking about painting it to look like a ladybug so she can put it in her flowerbed.
I did find just a couple things other than the boxes. Got the three glass jars. They're the ones that sort of look like cut glass. Just perfect for my brushes, pens, etc. on my painting space. Before I just used an old crock jug and a small vase--now they all match and look so pretty together! LOL And I found a couple of craft type books. One is a Christmas one and has the most darling cover and more of the same type of illustrations inside. I posted it over on Holidays. Saw a couple of other things I sort of liked but thought they were priced too high. You will be proud of me because I also took a bunch of stuff and donated it too! LOL Mostly some old paperbacks and a shelf I couldn't use as well as a few kids things my GD has outgrown. Felt good to clear a few things out I must admit. (Of course we both know I'll always be finding new "treasures" to cart home.) LOL I'm seeing quite a few of the old wooden painted pieces at the TS now. Mostly ducks and some other cutouts. I keep looking at them to see if I can "update" them in any way. I'll only buy them if they are less than a couple dollars--otherwise I can just cut my own.

Now that the craft room is cleaned up a bit, I need to get busy on some projects. Hard to believe it's time to think about painting Fall and Christmas things if I want to have them done in time. As much as I procrastinate, I need to get an early start.



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Hi yall, I say "Bah Humbug" to cleaning. Had to do a bit before the family arrived last week - won't attempt to do much else except dust and pick up until they leave next week. I find that as I get older I am less tolerant of people who are visiting even though they are family. I love being at home by myself sometimes painting.

We painted holly on berry baskets at our meeting Saturday. I didn't get to paint mine. Ever have a day when you just don't feel like painting? That was mine on Saturday, I think I was just too tired from the trip to New Orleans to pick up my niece on Friday - she came in from New York and New Orleans is a 3 1/2 hour drive from my home.

I really need to do what Luvs did with my craft/painting room. Right now everything is being stored in there so we could put down the air mattresses. I didn't have enough room for my sister/husband, niece/husband and their 15 year old son and 11 year old daughter so we had to spread them out.

It is good to have someone to talk to this early in the morning, everyone is still asleep.

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Hi PF, Sounds like you do have a housefull of people right now. Aren't those air mattresses great when you need an extra bed for someone? I love to have company come, but after about three days, I don't know what to do to entertain them anymore!

And I hate trying to figure out what to feed everyone! It used to be so much easier before so many got concerned about eating healthy! LOL Now I worry myself to death that I won't have what they need to eat, or will cook it the wrong way for them. Love to make casseroles, pies, etc. up ahead of time so I can put a meal together quickly. DH tells me to not worry about it, either they'll eat it or they can make a McDonald's run! LOL

I do feel better now that I got my crafts/ painting room straightened up a bit. Of course I know after a few projects, it will get messed up again. I've already got a project almost done--maybe I'll get it sealed and ready for a picture to post on here. Nothing fancy, just a fun easy one on a freebie tray from my neighbor.

I imagine that it is sometimes nice for you to go to the meetings and just walk around and watch/visit with everyone. Especially since you know you can just paint one up anytime you want to. ;o)

Well, I'd better check the other forum and then get back to my housework. I did some sorting out of some books on tape, and some paperback books this morning. Got a small box ready to go to Goodwill next time I head that way. Then I made some egg salad and a dessert and got the kitchen all cleaned up. Clean sheets on the bed, so now I just need to dust and vacuum a bit. I don't really like housework at all--just do it because if I don't, nobody else will! LOL

Take care.


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Hi~ Today started DH's 2 week vacation to spend with the kids before school starts. My house is gonna be a wreck cause I won't be home to clean. Today we went out for lunch, then to see the new Mummy movie, then to the Aviary, then supper at The Spagetti Factory. Home and it's time to hit the hay. Tomorrow we are off to either Antelope Island or Thanksgiving Pointe. Lots of stuff planned for the next few weeks even though we are staying home for most of the time we'll still be out and about.
I'm sorry I never got my stuff posted. I still needed to do a little touchup on one, add a bow and put the sealer on it and the other one. I'll get them posted as soon as I possibly can. Just no time. It's crazy around here. I'm off to bed now to get an early start tomorrow morning. Ya'll take care and I'll get back here maybe tomorrow night.
Oh, PF, I did the same thing at my ladies groups big Craft Super Saturday. Thought I was gonna get so much painting in, but ended up having to help everybody else with their projects. Oh well. Like Luvs said, you know you can paint anytime so sometimes it's just nice to visit. And I'm the same way with the company. I've got enough hassle every day without the added stress of company. I've got dinner company coming Saturday and I'm not looking forward to it. UGH. Better carve out some time for cleaning around here before then too. Need to clean my carpets. Can you see me jumping up and down pulling my hair out??? Never enough time in my life. Sigh. ~Anj

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Anj, I know you are going to have a hectic but fun two weeks. Try to relax and just enjoy them, things will come out okay--and you know the housework is gonna wait for you! LOL

Sounds like you have some fun things planned, you'll be making good memories for the kids. I'd just vacuum and spot clean the carpet before company comes--you can do the deep cleaning after the kids are back in school. Remember you are only one person--can't do it all, all the time!

No problem about your projects, you will have more time for posting later--right now you need to just enjoy spending time doing the fun stuff with your family. Have fun.


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