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luvstocraftJune 28, 2009

Several of my finds during vacation have already been stashed away, but here are three things I brought home with me. Also, in my tablescape using my painted placemats there is a little pitcher with a rose on it that I found at an antique store in Missouri. The two patriotic items came from my SIL's garage sale. I love the little teapot message plate--but it doesn't really match my colors in my kitchen. Enjoy! Luvs

Please note--I did NOT paint these.

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I love the teapot. I try really hard not to put too much pink in the house but I do seem to gravitate towards that color. So I have a guest room with pink, ivory and pale green.

Your 4th of July signs are cute - I feel bad that I don't have anything to decorate for this weekend. I use to have an Uncle Sam but I painted him in Christmas colors and put him out at that time only. Oh, well, I will be busy anyway working on ornaments.

Lucky You, Luvs, I never find much of anything when I shop thrift stores or yard sales.

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Bebe~ I'm the exact opposite of you....I always find too much at the TS's. ha Good luck on your ornie class!

Very cute teapot Luvs. Is it like a regular teapot or is it flat? Hard to tell from the pic and can you use a dry erase marker on it? Of course you know I love the Americana. I've got to run to the $1 store today and see if I can find some flags to stick in my flower pots. I don't have much outside....mine is all inside. ha Great scores. Thanks for sharing a pic!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We just worked in the yard all day Saturday. I finally got all my rose bushes pruned and my flower pots planted...the front ones anyway. Then I worked in the garage the rest of the day. Sunday was church and a bbq. Today I'm back on schedule. DH got the dr's release to go back to work so I may actually get some things done around here. ha Since I worked in the yard I've got lots to catch up on indoors. My parents come home from their trip today too. I plan on painting on Friday. I have 2 things to work on. Ya'll have a good one. ~Anj

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What's everyone up to today?? I've got to do some shopping and errands. I think I told ya'll, but a man at DH's work asked DH if he thought I could fix a ceramic statue that his dad had given him. It has quite a few nicks and one big broken off place. I'm trying to find some clay that will air dry to patch it. I got the wrong kind at Michaels last have to bake it. Then I've got to try to match the paint which is a bronze with some black thru it. I'm nervous...I don't want to mess it up. So anyway, I gotta go back to Michaels today and see what I can find for that project and get it back to him. Then I gotta do a little grocery shopping at Wally World. I like to get there before noon and the crowds hit. Hope you all have a great day and get to stop in. ~Anj

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Anj, good luck on fixing the statue. I just emailed a friend from the holiday forum to get the name of a glue for you. It fills in allot of the small missing nicks for you and takes paint well. One of the gals on Holidays had a big bunny shipped to her and it arrived with the head off and had many little nicks. She patiently put it back together and touched it up with paint and it turned out so good you really could not even tell where it had been broken. I'll tell you the name as soon as I hear back from her.

Not getting much done around here. Just can't motivate DH to work on any of my "honey dos" either. Yesterday, we took off and went to an afternoon showing of "Wolverine". Anyone else an Xmen follower? It was really good, but then, we like all that Sci fi type stuff. ;o)

I'm off to meet a friend for lunch today. She was on an Alaska cruise while we were on our motor home trip. I'll have to be sure and ask for an isolated table back in a corner where we can talk for a couple hours to catch up on everything! LOL

I've got several books folded open to projects I'd really like to do. Just need to figure out what I'm going to paint them on and get started. Do any of you struggle with what to paint on? I seem to end up making yard signs mostly anymore--at least I can change those out with the seasons. Just don't have much room inside the house for much more stuff.

Oh, I wanted to tell you that the little teapot is flat and we use the wipe off markers on it. Dh and I have been having fun changing out the messages. I had written "good morning" on it, his addition was "Be nice to Rich", to which I replied "Rich is goofy"--then he changed it to "Kay is goofy" and now the "war" is on! LOL See what happens when they retire????? ;o)


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You have me laughing about the teapot notes. ha Ya'll are funny. We went to see Transformers today. The kids really liked it, but it had a bunch of swear words in it. I don't know why they have to do that when they know kids will be watching it. It would have been just as good without those additions.

It's been raining again. So dreary, I fell asleep after we got home. Luvs~ I rented Xmen 3 for the kids on the way home. We like them all and DH has seen Wolverine already so we'll probably wait to see it on dvd.

Thanks for asking about the glue for the statue. I'm gonna try to work on it this weekend and hopefully have it ready to get back to the guy on Monday. The piece that is broken off is gone so I've got to pretty much rebuild it and then paint it. I'm hoping the air dry clay will work ok. If not I'll just do the best I can and it will hopefully look better than it did before after I paint the nicked places.

I've got things to paint on (lots from the TS)'s figuring out what to paint on them that's the problem for me. ha

Hope you had a good lunch with your friend. I'm sure ya'll had lots to talk about. ~A

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Anj, I've got to stay out of the TS! I've hit three this past week and bought something at everyone of them! Bought plates to play with, a neat metal basket, a heavy metal bowl with open cutwork, a box for a Christmas display I want to make, a wooden box to paint, some stuffed toys for the dogs, a really nice tablecloth, and some brand new napkins! All stuff I can use--but I keep complaining about clutter then I still drag home more STUFF. I'm thinking it is like an addiction! LOL

Son and his family are going camping with friends over the weekend, so will be just DH and I at home--maybe I'll get to work on a project finally. Need to start something since I've got that stack of books folded open to pages of things I'd like to paint! If I put them away, I'm afraid I'll just forget about them all!

We saw Transformers too. DH really liked it, but I thought it was just "okay". I guess I prefer people to machines--and to be honest I never really "Got" the whole tranformer thing even when the toys first came out. Wolverine was really good, sort of explained how he became the way he is and why he hates Striker so much. Can't wait for the New Moon vampire movie in November. I kinda like it when I have to wait for a special movie--builds up the excitement. Do you guys go see the Harry Potter movies? I saw the previews for the new one, but somehow I think I've missed one along the line. Might have to check on that before we watch the new one.

I'd better get going. Nice chatting with you. Read your email sometime okay? ;o)


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TS is definitely an addiction...especially when the price is right. Ours are always priced really low on most items. I went on Monday. Forgot to say I got two painting books. They are both combined artists books....Warm Winter Wishes and Light Up The Holidays. They both have some cute winter projects and I got them for 25 cents each. They are both pretty thick so I'm thinking they were at least $12 if not more originally and they still look like new. Gotta love that price. =)

We love the Harry Potter Movies. I want to re-read the book before the movie comes out. And of course you know I'm waiting for New Moon in November. Have you seen the previews? If not I posted the link below. The wolf change has awesome effects I think. I can't wait!!

Well, I've got to get my desk cleaned off to get ready to paint today. Have a bunch of filing stacked up on that side so gotta get myself all set up. Hope you all have a nice weekend. My DH's company is making them work.....on our country's Independence Day!! So if it's not raining I may take the kids to the zoo? Looks like it's gonna be raining again today. Our whole summer is getting washed away. I'm telling you....we are in the desert and it has rained every day since school let out except for maybe 3-4 days. I'm starting to feel like I should build an ark. Maybe I spoke too soon, the sun just came out. =) Ya'll have a good weekend. Hopefully there will be some fireworks in your life. =D Cya ~Anj

Here is a link that might be useful: New Moon Trailer

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Good morning! Oh,it's so exciting to hear that you found more books! I know you are like me and don't NEED more, but it is so fun to look at them and see all the possibilities, isn't it? So who are the artists in these two--anyone I know? Too bad we don't live closer, then we could have coffee/tea and browse through painting books together! ;o) I love watching for them at the TS, even if there are only one or two patterns I really like, I can sure afford to buy them at less than $1. All the books at Michael's are $12.95 and up now--takes the fun right out of it for me--I'm cheap..... LOL

I keep thinking "Christmas in July" and know I should think about making some gift items now so I can avoid that last minute rush in December--but there are just so many other things I still want to paint as well!

I've got a TS piece that I've spray painted and it's ready for me to add a design to it. If it turns out good, it might make a good gift for someone for Christmas. We'll see.

That's a bummer that your DH has to work today. Sure hope he gets extra pay for that. As much as I envy you getting lots of good rain so you won't have to deal with drought conditions this summer, I hope the sun will come out for you today so you and the kids can have an enjoyable day. Maybe you can plan on going somewhere tonight to watch the fireworks at least. I'll be sure to let you know if there are any fireworks in my life today! LOL

Thanks for the trailer, I have seen previews but will enjoy watching again. All the special effects are just so amazing--but mostly I like to watch the lips and eyes! LOL

I'm sure I'll be back later when I take a break. Hope you get to paint for a couple hours at least.I'll chat with you later.


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Hey, I'm sitting here trying to get my photos to download, but apparently there is a problem. My computer really needs to be worked on. I usually just plug my camera card into my printer and it brings them up for me to download, but nothing is happening today. Guess I'll have to go find the cord. I took a pic of my little project that I finished. We'll see if I get it posted.

I found the Light up the Holidays book online so I don't have to do a pic of it. It's linked below. I'll try to find the other one too if I can and post it. The one below shows all the projects. It has some cute ornies, but I really like the snowman in the window and the Santa Snowman Stake and the candle holders. I paid a quarter for it. Here are the artist in both books.
Corinne Miller, Chris Williams, Sally Weber, karen Nieforth,
Tina-Marie Ledbetter, Joanne Riepl, Brenda Sattley, pam Sicely, Glenna Nash, Karen Wisner, Jeanne Paglio, Ellen Weldon.

DH not only had to work, but he didn't get paid for it since he is commission only and of course nobody is gonna be answering their phones on a holiday. DuH! It was ridiculous. We did go out and eat supper with my parents and one brother last night which was fun. DH went with his friend fishing out on the lake at right around dark. It started raining and the wind started blowing and they got stuck in this little outlet and didn't dare try to cross the lake with the swells like they were in their little boat. I stayed up until almost 3am waiting for him and he finally got home at 5:30. They finally edged around to the side of the lake until they found a place to dock the was privately owned and the gate to it was locked so they couldn't get the boat out until some guy came over and said he knew the owner. What all these people are doing out on the lake in the middle of the night I don't know. ha So home at 5:30am. Crazy fishermen.

We've been watching the big firework displays from our front yard. We can see the racetrack ones and there was a festival down the road that does a huge one every year so the kids got plenty of fireworks. We still have some little ones for them that we'll pop maybe tonight.

Well, guess I'm gonna have to do something else to get these pictures loaded. They are not wanting to cooperate. Have a restful Sunday. ~Anj

Here is a link that might be useful: Light up the holidays

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I posted to this and it flew out the window I guess. You found some cute things to buy. This will be enough to keep you going back, right?

I'm going to plan to go yard saling one of these Sat. soon. I didn't find anything at my friends for me but her GD had several things that my GD couldn't live without. A watch with every color watch band and crystal insets that can be exchanged. A gallon zip lock bag with necklaces, bracelets and all kinds of hair accessories for $1, and some books. It was fun and she has a beautiful yard so we toured it.

Anj, I took a look and agree with the projects you like. Hope you get the picture thing figured out or what will happen if we can't post pics? haha


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Hi Anj and Punk, I took a look at the book too, and agree there are some cute ideas there. Of course, then I had to look at some of the other books too---and spent more time looking than I should have !

I keep thinking I will be brave and go to some garage sales soon--but I either sleep in too late or don't get cleaned up early enough. I'll have to ask my neighbor if she wants to go with me sometime--that will get me motivated to get up and get going. I know you can find some really good bargains.

I've almost got a project done, just need to seal it, speckle it, and seal it again. It was one of my TS finds, I'll think you both will be surprised when you see it. ;o)


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Good morning. I woke up with a headache this morning. Didn't sleep well and my allergies are bothering me.

I spent yesterday at the grocery and running errands. Dropped in the TS, but only found a few books for DH and one old country marketplace magazine for myself. I don't know what the occasion was, but the place was packed. Maybe just because it was Monday.

I am doing a scrub down in my office. Started it yesterday and have to finish up today. Moving furniture around again. Ya'll know I can't call it clean unless something has been moved. ha I'm just moving my desk back over by the window. Now that it's summer I want to look out it more. In the winter I try to stay as far away from it as possible. ha

Punk~ I think it's just my printer/camera card that's having a problem. I have to figure out where DH hid the actual cord to plug the camera into the computer and I think it will work. Don't get too excited...the project was a small one that we did with our youth church group.

Luvs~I'm looking forward to the surprise project. What could it be?? Must be something we wouldn't think you'd do???

Ok, I'm done with my spaghetti for breakfast. Have to get busy so I can paint again on Friday. I'll try to get the pic posted after I get the desk and computer moved today. Have a great day ladies. ~Anj

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Anj, I hope you have some strong helpers assisting with the moving of the desk--don't want you hurting your back again. I agree that things just feel so much cleaner if you can move everything and clean under it, however, now that I've reached "senior" status, I'm finding it much more difficult to do than it used to be! ;o(

I have floor to ceiling mirrored closet doors that came with this house in our master bedroom. I had the little ladder in there and cleaned them this morning. Somehow we always manage to get fingerprints on them and believe it or not, they get dusty. I did the other mirrors too, some vacuuming, and even sprayed for bugs--been finding spiders and spiderwebs, so figured I'd better do something about it. I should clean the bathroom in there too, but right now I'm taking a break!LOL I'm afraid I'm really not a very good housecleaner anymore, seem to tire quickly. Need to lose about 50 pounds and maybe I'd have more energy I guess!

I'd better go spray my project so I can do the speckles today. Might even get the pic taken and posted today, we'll see.


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Believe it or not, I just got my desk in place and the computer hooked back up. You know how I made my desk longer by putting an old door across it and a little filing cabinet?? Well, I decided not to take anything off, but to try to slide the whole things across the floor. Yeah, that was dumb. ha I had to inch it a little at a time lining up the filing cabinet which is on wheels so it kept trying to go in a different direction. But it's set up now. Now just have to do the filing that I've let go and I'll be done. I'm not the greatest house cleaner anymore either. I'm just so bored with it. ha I'm sure everyone feels the same, but I've been a SAHM for the past 14 years doing the same things day after day and what good does it do? ha It's just messy again the next day. So needless to say I've lost my enthusiasm for it all. =D

Well, gotta throw some chicken in the oven and get to the filing. ~Anj

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Hi Anj, Glad you got the desk moved and all ready to go. I agree, enjoy looking out at the sunshine all you can--I like looking out at it, but nice to be inside where it's air conditioned. Sure don't know how I survived all those hot midwest summers when I was growing up!

I've got some things I should be doing, but decided to get the pic of my little project posted. Some of my speckles got a little big, but overall I'm pleased with it.

I'm thinking about getting four glasses from Dollar Tree and painting this design on them to match. I have gloss paints, but have only used them to paint some rocks for outside. They say they can be used on ceramics and can be baked in the oven. I know the consistency is different from my regular acrylics--anyone have any tips for me before I try this? Oops! Probably should be talking about this on the discussions side! See what happens when I have something on my mind.

Well, I want to look for a pinecone and greenery pattern that I know I have in one of my books so I'd better get off here. I found seven red fabric placemats for just over $3.00 yesterday and I'm thinking it might be fun to paint a winter design on them. Will have to see if they are reversible, that would be even better!

Hope things are settling down a bit for all of you, and that you might get to do a little painting. I used to think it would be nice to paint out on the patio, but then I tried it once. Lighting wasn't good, too many bugs, too windy, etc. etc. Guess I'll just settle for having my iced tea inside in my little painting area! ;o)


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Howdy....I had a very busy day yesterday. Today I'm taking my mom and kids over to my cousins house. Picking up my cousin's mom on the way. We are all going out to lunch and then to the new TS by my cuz's house. ha We now have them all hooked. Can't wait to check it out.
Luvs~ I always come here first so I'll have to go check out your project. Sorry, I don't know anything about painting on glass. I've still got a statue to work on. The guy went on vacation for 2 weeks so I had a little extra time that I'm letting slip away. ha Keep procrastinating.
I fully plan on painting tomorrow if nothing gets in my way. DH and I are going out for his b-day tomorrow night...dinner and going to see Wolverine. His b-day was yesterday, but we both had too much going on to go out. Sat morning they are having a big Craft Super Saturday at our church that I signed up for. I'm doing a Christmas word sign with wood and scrapbooking paper. I'll show a pic if I get it done. I could just paint it, but I'll do the paper this time. My friend from out of town is supposed to be coming to it too so it will be nice to see her.
Anyway, I'm taking some food over to my cousins so I'd better go get to fixin. Ya'll have a good day and I'll let you know if I find anything good at the TS today. =) ~Anj

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Hey you guys.... I see nobody's been here. I haven't started painting yet. My friend went into the hospital for surgery so I have her kids today.

I got to go to the TS yesterday that I've never been to. They had a LOT of older painting books, but I found some cute ones to bring home with me. They were more expensive at .75cents than I'm used to paying, but I still got them. Here's the list....

Just Be Cuz by Kenna Reynolds & Donna Malone
Gotta Habit by Sandi Strecker (has a cute frog sign in it that I want to do for my SIL)
Greetings by Rebecca Carter (turkey I want to do)
Country Folk #5 by Darcie Hunter (some cute Halloween witch pictures to paint)
The Rose Parade by Rose Calton (This one has pigs which my SIL loves)
Bless your Heart #11 by Dianna Marcum (I may actually already have this one, if so I'll post it on exchanges)
Tiny Trinkets by Gaye Shoell, Rebecca Carter, Emily Dinsdale and Kathy Distefano Griffiths (has some fun Christmas ornies and maybe patterns for soaps)
Holiday Habit by Sandi Strecker (has a tall witch I want to do)
A really thick Blessings for the Home and Garden by Chris Thornton (some cute pots to paint)
Santa Claus Sampler (some kinda folky santas)

So I was pretty excited. I love books. Thought I'd share my finds with you all. Have a great weekend if I don't get back here. ~Anj

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Wow! You really found lots of books. Many of those titles sound familar to me. I think I have a few of them. You know, I really should take the time to make a list of all my books! Seems like a big job though--guess I'd rather paint than do that. I don't have Sandi Strecker's books, but I did meet her in person once and I like allot of her designs. There are a few in some of my painting magazines. I have several of the Darcie Hunter books, will have to see if I have #5 so I can look at it with you. I only have one Dianna Marcum book but I like her designs too. And I have one of the Santa Claus sampler books, not sure if it is the same as yours. You know we all love Chris Thornton, the title of your book sounds familiar too. Isn't that wonderful that we all have so many books we can't even remember what we have! LOL

So what else did you find yesterday? Anything to paint on? It's always fun to visit new stores isn't it? So exciting to see what they have.

I had been by here and read your last post but really didn't have any news to share so didn't post. I spray painted a little carryall box with black--thinking I'll do those same peppers on it and either use it to hold silverware and napkins or give it as a gift with some raffia in it and some jars of salsa and bottles of hot sauce. You can tell me what you think of that idea when I post it. I really need to give these items as gifts, they'll never get used around here--we just don't entertain that much anymore.

I also spray painted my metal cake cover and stand with white. Wanting to paint roses on it, but will have to be in the right mood for it so I can do a good job on them.

Don't know what's wrong with me, but I just wanted to sleep today. I gave all my roses some extra water since it's in the 90's now, then I went all around the outside of the house spraying with bug spray. I'm sick of all the spiderwebs everywhere! Then I came in and sat down with a cold drink and a book and fell asleep! It was only 1 o'clock--usually don't think about a nap until 3:30 or 4:00. I really don't do well with the heat, I'll blame it on that and not say I'm just lazy! LOL

Went to the doctor the other day and he wants blood tests and a mammogram. Seems like I just did that! I really hate all that stuff.

Anj, have you checked your email lately? I sent you something, but don't know if you got it. LOL

If you are bored, take a look over on Holidays at my latest tablescape and see what you think. I'm also doing one for Christmas in July, but haven't posted it yet. I wasn't going to do one, then I remembered that I had found some Christmas dishes at the TS, so I put one together with them. Didn't want to dig anything out of the storage shed, so I just made some red and white flowers out of tissue paper to use. LOL

DH is playing pool tonight, so I'm just playing on here. I could be in painting, huh? LOL

So nice of you to watch your friend's kids for her, I'm sure that is a big help to her. Hope she does just fine with the surgery.

I'd better get moving. I'll chat more tomorrow.


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Well, here it is Sunday already! Weeks sure seem to pass by quickly. Will have the little GD today, so probably no painting--but I did start on one yesterday. You are going to think I'm crazy. I was trying to straighten up my craft/painting area and came across this metal tray with a pattern taped to it. It was something I was going to do for Easter and it just got laid aside and forgotten. Well, I had two choices--stash it away or just get it painted! I decided "what the heck" I'm just going to paint it and have it done. Makes very little sense painting bunnies now, except that at least it will be a completed project and I can put it ane the book away finally! Are you ready to have me committed???? LOL

Hope all of you are busy and having fun. Miss hearing from everyone.


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Home alone today and it feels good for a change except I'm a bit behind on most things. The company was fun and I have figured out how to enjoy and not stress. Drink alot, just kidding. My brothers are so good about fixing meals and they are good cooks. It's a nice change to have someone call me at work and ask what I'd like for dinner and then come home to hear, go sit down and I'll tell you when its ready. After dinnner hear go sit down. you worked all day and I'll do dishes. For a moment I thought I'd died and went to heaven. haha That part was nice while it lasted.

Anj, congrats on all your books. I'd be delighted if I came across a deal like that. Is everyone ok in your family now? I haven't taken the time to read each post in detail and not sure I will.

Luvs, your chili pepper dish turned out wonderful. Looks like your doing more shading on your projects all the time. Pat yourself on the back for another great project. It would be neat to find more pieces and make a set.

I hope to get back to some painting soon. Our yard seems to take way to much time. However, thanks again to all who keep this forum going all year. B seems to be more active lately and that's great.

I'll talk to all of you later this week. I have alot of clients this coming week so don't know how much extra time I'll have. Got to catch up for playing to much lately. LOL


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Howdy all....We had a craft super Saturday at church yesterday. I am sitting here still trying to finish my project. ha I got sidetracked. My friend came over from another town to help us make decorative soaps so I started helping her and my project got left 1/2 done. I did make a loaf of soap though that smells like pomegranate. mmm so good. I will post a pic of my soap and my project here when I get it done.

I got your sleepiness today Luvs. Not sure which mail you meant. I went to check and I had almost 300 messages. Ugh. There were a few there from you so don't know if there was one in particular that you meant?? I was way way busy this week and you know how my email suffers. ha

I am really enjoying my book collection growing. I have them organized by seasons so I enjoy just pulling out a stack and making them my bedtime reading and going to town with the postit notes. ha I will never in my lifetime be able to do all the projects that I want to do. I've resigned myself to it, but they are there marked and ready to go when I am. =) If I can ever wrangle up my mom and DD I am going to teach them how to paint this summer so there will be lots for them to choose from too. I just learned that one of my recently acquired friends used to teach tole painting a long time ago and she wants to start doing it again so I told her to come look thru my books anytime. She was excited. So they will not go unused!!

Punk~ glad your company was a fun visit for you. It's usually really nice the first few days for me then I'm ready for my routine back. But if they'd cook for me that might be a different story. ha We are missing your projects, but summer is a busy time for everyone. =) Just make sure you stick with us during the slow months until the holidays pick back up. Thank you...yes, everyone is well here now.

Luvs~ I still have a 1/2 done Christmas glass block that I started painting at Christmas sitting on my painting table. ha Mine's older than yours so don't feel too bad. ha I like Easter in July. =)

Well, I'd better get back to my sanding. Ya'll have a good one. ~Anj

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Hi Anj, your craft supper sounds so fun! Might get a bit hectic I imagine. Nice of you to help your friend, and your soaps sounds really nice.

The email I was referring to was a personal one, not a forwarded joke or anything. Just asking how you and your DH were doing on a recent "project" you had started. I figured you hadn't checked recently and were behind. I'm not going to send you any more forwarded emails--only if I need to ask/tell you something personal.

Isn't it fun to just pull out a handful of books and browse through them? ;o) My DH always says something like "Don't you have those all memorized by now?" LOL It is just so funny how I often run across something I hadn't really paid attention to before in one of them--and many of them have been around since the late 80's and been looked at again and again and again. I've tried to sort mine by seasons too, Anj, but several of them have multiple holidays in them. I keep thinking I should weed out a few of them, but am always afraid I may want that exact thing someday. LOL

My little bunny tray is all painted and I'm waiting for the sealer to dry. I'll go ahead and post it since things are fairly slow on here right now. I know it's more fun to come here when there are new things to see. Bebe has been a lifesaver this week by posting several of her pretties for us. Thank you Bebe. ;o)

Even the holiday forum is pretty slow right now. Need to see what holiday comes next and try to come up with something to post over there too.

If any "lurkers" are out there reading, now would be a great time to jump in here and chat with us. Let us know a little about yourselves and what kinds of projects you enjoy for starters. We love hearing about all kinds of things, and this conversations side does NOT have to be painting related.


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Luvs....You've got mail!! =D I was looking for something new and it was waaaaaay down the list from like June! Sorry!!
Yes, I love browsing thru my books and getting ideas. Sadly I don't have the time to do all that I want to, but some day!! ha I have a file for combination books that's separate, but I do have it kinda separated into warm months/cold months/all months so I can go thru them easily.
So much going on right now. This is what usually happens during the summer when everyone is out trying to have fun and do yard work, but I hope our regulars don't fall off. Things will pick back up. I can't believe we only have 5 more weeks until the kids go back to school. This summer has gone by sooooo fast. I just remembered that we are going camping on Friday so I won't be painting this week either. See...something always comes up! ha We are going with my family and my cousins family to the reservoir to camp and crawfish and have a crawfish boil. It's gonna be fun. We do it every year, but this will be the first year that my cousin will be coming with us.
Well, I was up with the chickens this morning and I've gotten a lot done, but now have to go iron some clothes for DH and make his lunch. Ya'll have a good one. ~A

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