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anjabeeJune 5, 2007

Luvs~ I was so excited I had to jump on and show you what I found at the TS today. Ok, not a great picture, but here we go.

I couldn't get a good pic of mine so here's one I found on the internet to show you what my print looks like.

It's huge, btw! 32x26 frame & all. As you may be able to see, my frame is a beat up green color, but I'm going to paint it black to go with the rest of my stuff.

Anyway, that was what I was most excited about. I paid $12 for it. Most I've ever spent on anything at the TS I think. ha The artist is Diane Ulmer Pedersen. It's called The Hart Hunt.

Here's pics of the rest of the not soo exciting stuff I got.

I'm pretty sure this is a scarecrow. It came together so I'll have to figure out something to paint on it. I'm picturing the bucket of whatever hanging from his hands. He was .50 cents.

Yes, another cow. I can't seem to resist them. ha .50 cents

A big bag full of mittens .50 cents.

A fun picture frame and an Uncle Sam .50 cents each

Anyway, I know the plan was to go to the $1 store, but the kids decided to be nice and let me go to the TS. ha I'm so glad they did! ~Anj

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Anj, that picture was a great find. It is so pretty. Painting the frame black will set it off nicely too.

The small wooden frame looks nice too. Did it come with that stand?

You are so good to have recognized that as a scarecrow and an Uncle Sam. I could "see" that AFTER you told me. LOL

Sometimes I stand and look at some of the wood pieces I find trying to figure out what they should be. Then do you just find a similar picture and then just freehand your design on? That is very creative.

That bag of mittens will make some nice little gift items, or ornaments for yourself. Good buy.

I want to get over to our TS again soon. Always like to check fairly often so I won't miss out on anything. ;o)

Happy painting. Luvs

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Luvs~ Sometimes they will have a sticker on the back from the original store that says what they are and sometimes even a little pattern included. I think I saw a similar scarecrow at my wood place so I may be able to get a pattern from there, but if not I'll try to find something online or in a book to look at to paint it. The Uncle Sam has a sticker on it. The little picture frame is connected to the metal stand.

I'm getting a pretty good stock of things now. I'm trying to keep in mine the little neighbor gifts and 12 day gifts I give out at Christmas so the mittens could well work on something there. I should stop buying, but I keep finding such good deals. ha Luckily my cousin just gave me some craft shelves that will hopefully fit in my hall closet to keep everything more organized and accessible.

It's raining today so I'll be painting!! ~Anj

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Okay! What is TS atore???
I don't think I've heard of them.

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TS means Thrift Store. Anj has found lots of nice wood cutouts to paint from the one in her area. I have two fairly close, and love to find metal trays, old wooden items, etc. that I can paint and give them new life. Got any good ones in your area? Luvs

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Yea, anybody else shop the thrift store and wanna share their deals?? I got some more cute stuff yesterday. I went there to make a deposit ha and ended up stopping in. I'll post pics later. Trying to get ready for my brothers b-day party. Mostly stuff for my flower beds. ~Anj

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