What our beaches are beginning to look like

paintingfoolJune 17, 2010

Here in the panhandle of Florida we have a stretch of beach that has sand so white that it almost blinds you. Orange Beach is in Alabama, right next door to us and this is what washed up on their shores - we are starting to get it now. Don't know what will happen to our beaches. Business is down more than 50%, the fishermen can't fish, and the tourist have all gone other places. Heartbreaking!

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What a horrible sight that is, just makes me feel sick. And all those poor sea creatures that are affected too! May take years to get this mess all cleaned up, huh? Luvs

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Oh no, this is terrible. Thanks for sharing these pictures. It is a sad sight to have when you are so use to a beautiful beach.


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What sadness I feel! The beaches can be cleaned but the wild life can't be brought back to life. Our Mr. St. Helen's or our flood did not cause the destruction that even comes close to this!!!!


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That is just heartbreaking. Mans impact on our planet just gets worse as time goes on. Makes you wonder what "Mother Earth" thinks about us misusing her.

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Paintingfool, I live in the panhandle of Florida, too! I'm in Panama City - where are you? Send me an email - I'd love to meet you - maybe you can teach me some painting techniques!!!

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