Luvs...guess what!!

anjabeeJune 14, 2008

I am jumping up and down excited!! Guess what I am holding in my hand??? My very first...wood cutout...done by me...all by myself!! Yay! Can you believe I finally did it? And can you guess what it is?? Unkie Sam! I told you I had to have him! ha It took me a while to do it, had to get used to the turns and backing up a little to get those to work, but I did it! I got a $3 3/8x6x24 pine craft board at Lowes. Not too expensive if I screwed up and I still have leftover wood to cut out something else.ha It's pretty soft so it went pretty smoothly. I'm so proud! He's perfect!! Well, not totally perfect, but close enough for me! He's a little primitive anyway so a little imperfection won't matter. I can't wait to get him painted to show you. How long have I had this saw and been talking about this? 2 years? Takes me a little time to work up to things. ha I'm gonna go get painting! Thank you for all your encouragement and tips over the years! I'm so happy! =) ~Anj

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Clap, clap, clap! I KNEW you could do it! It's really not hard either, is it? Now that you've done that first cutout--watch out! It can be very addictive! LOL I'm so proud of YOU. ;o) Luvs

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I've got him all painted up and ready for his photo shoot, but I've got to run out for a little while to take my kids and DM to lunch and then do some errands. I'll try to get a pic posted when I get back. You are right, I'm already looking for the next thing to cutout with my little scrap of wood. ha Hope you had a great weekend! ~Anj

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Anj, just a couple more ideas for free wood. If you go to Lowe's or Home Depot or better still, a real lumberyard, they often have "scrap" bins with pieces of wood not big enough for much except they are just right for us to make little signs and cutouts. Most will give you some free--especially if you are purchasing a board or other product at the time.

Also, watch the curbside for anyone replacing an old fence. Fence boards are great for outside yard signs because they are already weathered and rustic looking.

My neighbors all know not to throw away anything "wood" without checking with me to see if I can use it. Now I have a contractor living at the end of the block. I haven't asked him about wood yet because I'm afraid he would give me more than I could use! LOL I've even used the thicker 2x4's to cut out chunky watermelon slices, birds, etc. And I love cutting blocks out of 4x4 and painting designs on four sides and putting a candle on top.

Can't wait to see your pic, will come back later to check for it--or maybe tomorrow morning.


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It's posted along with another project. Sorry I didn't get it posted yesterday as I planned. Got home from shopping and my 4 yr old stepped on something in the yard and cut her foot really deep. We ended up at the instacare to get 3 stitches in her foot.

I have a guy in my neighborhood who works at a lumber yard. He said he can get me free scraps, but like you, I'm afraid he'll get me more than I can use and DH hates having things piled up around the house. I saw that he gave my neighbor a big pile of them to burn in her fireplace. I picked out a couple of bigger pieces, but they were mostly really small. I'll have to ask him if he can get me some bigger ones.

I gotta go fix lunch for the crew. Talk to ya later. ~Anj

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