Is the old fence out?

luvstocraftJune 24, 2007

Hi Anj, did your DH get the old fence all out? Bet you can hardly wait for them to install the new one. Always so nice to finally complete a project you have wanted to do.

I'm just messing around the house today. DH got called to work, I went grocery shopping, then DS and GD came by for awhile, and now I'm thinking about going shopping a bit--not really in the mood though. I need more slacks and tops before vacation, but I don't like to clothes shop (I know, strange woman, huh?) so I am procrastinating. Might just wait until tomorrow, we'll see.


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Not yet! We are still working on it. DH, DB and a friend worked on it all day yesterday and only got the back part out. They concreted every post in 3 ft. Now have to get a jackhammer and a backhoe or something to get the rest out and we'll be done. We have to nail down a definite day they are coming to install the new one. Installation with take 2 more weeks. Didn't realize what it would entail when we decided to do it. ha Ain't that the way it always goes. Always plan on more than the eye can see cause it's what you don't see that gets you!. ha

We cooked a big breakfast and went to church and have had some company over. Will probably just relax and watch a movie tonight. They had a big fireworks display last night at a festival by our house so we sat out in our front yard and watched them. I love this time of year.

I used to love to shop until I got my "figure". ha It's a little hard to shop for myself when I have 4 kids in tow. Told DH that we are going to have to take a date night this week and go shopping cause we are both in need of some wardrobe additions. At least I get dinner and shopping so it'll be a little more fun. Hope you have success on your shopping spree. ~Anj

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