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anjabeeJune 2, 2009

How's everyone doing? I thought I'd start ya'll out with a few pictures today.

Here are the purses and tote that I bought at the TS as promised. Bought them for $1-2 each. That stripey one is a kate spade. They are all like new.

These are some dragonflies I also got at the TS....before and after. You can't really see if from the picture, it just looks like a nasty green, but it has a lot of different colors on it..yellows, greens, purples, oranges, etc and then there is a gold glitter on there too so it sparkles in the sun. It's pretty cool. The other one will be painted in pinks, purples and greens.

Ok, here is the little flower pot that my SIL requested. It's just a little simple smiley, but she liked the one I did for my other SIL and wanted one.

This is a little stitchery I did for my SIL too.

Ok, so I have been busy getting things together for my care packages that are traveling back home with my parents. Hopefully I'll get them all done today since they are packing the car tonight. I am just starting on a little sign for my SIL just with their name on it. Anyway, hope you are all having a good day. Thought I'd check in and finally put up the pics I promised. I'll hopefully have some more pics of actual painted items soon. C-ya ~Anj

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Everybody is MIA. See what happens when you leave Luvs?? ha Well, I got all my projects finished and sent off with my parents this morning. Dang, I forgot to take a picture of that last sign I painted. Oh well. I am painting a cow on a clipboard today so we'll see how far I can get on that. I've let the housework go this week and will just have to catch up on the weekend. Hope ya'll get to check in. ~Anj

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Good morning Anj, I was so excited to see your post! Love those bags and purses, my neighbor finds Kate Spade items quite often, but I never have! The little flowepot made me smile, such a happy face. Love the Dragonflies. Did you have to paint and glitsey them up or were they already that way? And your stitchery turned out really cute too, you sure whipped that out quickly. Glad you were able to get them all done in time.

Do you do any sewing? I just ran across a neat tutorial for making an apron out of a pillowcase. Now I've got something else to look for when at the TS or YS. It looked pretty easy, think I'll try one when I get home--might make good neighbor gifts. The pillowcases with embroidery on them would make the cutest ones I think.

It was raining here yesterday and we hadn't made any plans with family, so I did three loads of laundry and painted two of my five placemats I had found at the TS here. I'm pretty pleased with how they are coming out--I'm just doing vines and roses around the edges. Now I'm on the lookout for other things I could use the same design on for a cute tablescape. LOL I'll be sure to share pics when they are all done.

Anj, I don't think the lack of activity here has anything to do with me--most likely the time of year and the weather! Everybody trying to get plants in and enjoy the nicer weather. I've seen several fields here with corn already coming up, and my sister says she has radishes that are ready to eat. Maybe I'll get to try one today since we are heading to her house today! ;o)

I'm feeling concerned about Belle, sure hope she is doing okay. She hasn't checked in here for quite awhile.

And we know Punk is always busy, busy, busy. I'm sure she will be by just as soon as she can.

I keep checking over on exchanges for Bebe's post of the books she mentioned. Wonder if someone emailed her wanting the whole lot! LOL

Gotta go, I'll check back in tomorrow morning for sure. Might not get home till late tonight, having dinner with SIL and niece. Going to paint a big metal star for my niece that she wants to hang on the front of her house. She wants it blue to match the house, and I suggested we either whitewash or stain over the color. Will have to experiment to see which she likes best.


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Morning Luvs...I'm just sitting here finishing up my breakfast smoothie and drawing out my cow. I started out with a Rose Calton cow, but I'm changing it up a bit. I added a hat and maybe a shirt. This teacher is a guy who collects the cows and I'm trying to make it "cool" for him. ha DD wants the sign to say "Don't have a cow Dude!" I bought the clip board at the TS, it's a heavy wood one, but it's been sealed so I'm going to take it out and sand it a bit so my paint will stick. Sure hope it turns out good.
Glad you are having fun. You will still end up having more projects done than I will by the end of your trip. ha Glad you liked my little TS stuff. I'll try to do better about taking pics of my finds. My mom took my big tote on her trip. ha The dragonflies came like the one on the right. Just a grey color. I'm painting them. The first one turned out good even though you can't tell from the pic and the other one will be painted in pinks and purples instead of the green/yellow. The little stitchery was just an alphabet I printed out from online and stitched up. Now I want one in red for myself. ha Probably should have done her's in yellow since that's her favorite color, but didn't think of it until now. Are you able to post pics? Look forward to seeing your projects if you can. And anything else fun you want to share from your trip. Cya tomorrow.

I'm worried about Belle too. Hope she is recuperating ok. Punk~ hope you get to check in. ~Anj

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Ok, don't have a heart attack, but I just posted a project. ha Got the cow clipboard posted and ready to send to school tomorrow with DD. Hope he likes it.

I didn't sleep well last night so I'm draggin booty today. Just thought I'd drop by and post that and see what everyone is up to, but I see ya'll haven't been here. Hope you all have a good weekend planned. Now to work on my Unkie Sams again. Later. ~Anj

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Good morning. I'm just checking in here really quick while waiting for my niece. We're heading over to my SIL's for her neighborhood garage sale this morning. I've already scoped out something I want to buy from her! LOL

Anj, I came here first, so I've got to pop over to see your clipboard. I can tell you are feeling so good about getting some things completed. I bet the teacher will be so thrilled with the clipboard.

I got two of my placemats painted, still need to work on the other two--maybe next week, since we have stuff going on everyday through the weekend.

You all take care and have some fun this weekend.


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Good Morning! As I sit here trying to catch up on everything you all have been doing, I really realize how long it has been since I have been here.....My Bad! My dear GrandMother used to say the older you get the faster time flies! How right she was.

I hope all are well and enjoying the fine weather.

I have been everywhere but here. We went camping for two weeks and as we were in Central WA, we did a lot of site seeing. Even did a day trip to Spokane. Since we have been home it has been really hot....80's and 90's. For us that is very hot for this time of the year.

While I have been "just about useless!" DH and I made a pact...he works (and I watch) outside and then spend the afternoon working (and I direct) in the house. We have been cleaning each room of the house......it is a wonder what one collects in a year. Our local Visiting Nurses TS just loves us! One load of extra furnature didn't even make it there. DH stopped to get gas and the cashier asked where he was going with all of the furnature...she has a daughter moving into her first apartment and took it all.
Anyway, we are now in my paint/craft area and WOW! Didn't know DH could be so organized. I have all of the "stuff" in half the space....smile.....crafty smile......and he suggested I take my new computer down and make a list of all I have and where it is and then post it where I can check it so I don't have to go through 10 places to find one thing...smart man! (He didn't notice the labels on each tub or drawer)

I have been reading all of your posts and will catch up soon!

I actually started a project by Patricia Rawlinson and fought it all the way to where I stopped about half way done. A patriotic lazy susan. Her pattern is so bad that you have to measure each step to make it fit. So I will finish it my way. She has a web page that has some good tips, her site is Patricia Rawlinson.com, she has "Tole TV and shares lots of tips. Never having been to a class, they are helpful.

Gonna fun for now, be back soon!!!!!!!


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Hi Belle, Great to hear from you again--it has been quite awhile! We we worried about you, so I'm glad to hear that you felt well enough to go camping and sightseeing. Sounds like a pretty good pact you made with your DH--however, I think you might have gotten the best of that deal! LOL

I spent yesterday helping my SIL with her garage sale. I bought two of her Patriotic signs. Walked around the neighborhood to see what the other sales had to offer, but the pickins were pretty slim for the kinds of things I like. I'm always hearing how people get the greatest deals at garage sales, but I think you might have to hit al
lot of them to find those deals!

Today we drove up near the Iowa/Missouri border to see a cousin. We are the same age and even went to some of the same schools as kids--at one time we thought we were closer to each other than to our sisters. She has a lovely home on 10 acres out in the country with lots of pretty flowers and nice green rolling hills and green pastures for a view. We visited an Amish nursery and a general store while there. Then we went to a store with decorative items but I thought they were a bit pricey. It was so nice to get to visit face to face again, haven't seen her for a couple of years.

So now we need to hear from Punk so we know she is okay, and where did Bebe disappear too? Bebe, I'm watching for your post on the exchange side. ;o)


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Yesterday, my DH wanted a little R&R from "visiting", so I let him sleep in late and then lay around the motor home watching television. I did three loads of laundry, vacuumed the motor home and washed mirrors and some inside windows. Decided I needed my own kind of R&R after that, so I headed over to a little TS. Didn't really find anything I was crazy about so decided to go back to Hobby Lobby again--sure wish we had those stores where I live! I found a few painting books on sale and decided three of them just had to come home with me! I posted the titles on the Discussions side. Yipee! Now we all know, I don't NEED any more books--but I still have a hard time resisting them, don't you? LOL

So what are you all up to? Anyone painted anything cute for your yards?

Two of my relatives had the little yard stakes with roses and welcome painted on them that I had mailed to them displayed in their flower beds. Was funny when DH noticed one of them and said "that looks like the ones you were painting". We all laughed and told him it was one of my painted ones. I was very impressed he recognized it! ;o)

Today, my plan is to head to the Jesse James Antique Mall. (Jesse James name is a tourist "gimmick" here in St. Joseph, Mo. You can even visit the house where he was shot and see the bullet hole in the wall if you desire--not my kind of thing though.) I understand there is also another little new & used store right next to the antique store that carries some pretty cute stuff too. Tomorrow, my SIL and two nieces are driving up from the country and we are all going for manicures, pedicures, and then probably lunch. It is so fun to spend time with all of them, but I do miss home and especially the little granddaughter!

You all have some fun too! And be sure to come tell me all about it, okay?


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Hey, guess we'll just continue on this thread for antoher week since we have so few posts. ha Must be summer. =) My kids are out of school and we've been enjoying sleeping in this week. Sooo nice. I was on the phone with people almost all day yesterday so didn't get to check in. I am going out to do the shopping today and promised the kids a trip to the library and the $1....need to go by Michaels to pick up some paint and the TS is right there so may have to stop in there as well and make a day of it. ha
This week I have got to start organizing the attic stuff that is out in our big garage while my parents are gone and I have the other garage free. I think it will work out good that way to keep things separated. I am fully planning on painting Friday and possibly some Saturday, but we have a cookout we are invited to Sat afternoon so don't know about that. Have some things I want to get painted for a friend and I have yet to finish my unkie Sams. They are still standing around on my desk naked of arms and legs. ha Sooo, what are you all up to this week? Any painting or is it all yardwork now? I need to make some time to work on my flower beds too.

Luvs~ so glad you are getting to check in. Nice to see your stuff displayed and the people you gifted them with enjoying them, isn't it? My SIL called yesterday to thank me for all her goodies and was very complimentary on the painted items. Her DH LOVED the name sign I painted and of course forgot to take a pic of in my rush. It just had the initial in the middle and then the name written across that.
I'd be one of those people who would like to go see the bullet hole in the wall. ha I love museums of any type. I know you'll have fun at the antique mall. Wish I was going with you. I love that. Hobby Lobby is fun isn't it? They have good sales too. I'll have to go see what books you snagged. You know my weakness with books. ha Have fun with your mani pedi today.

Belle~ so glad you hear from you. I think I need to make a pact like that with my DH. ha It's nice to be able to help someone out with your extra furniture. I don't understand people who take things to the dump that is in good condition instead of the TS. There are lots of people who could benefit instead of hurting the environment.
I'll have to go check out PR's site. Sorry you are having a hard time with the pattern. I can't remember who's pattern it was, but I had one this past winter that was giving me fits so I put it away to finish later. =)

Well, I guess I'd better get up from here and get going before it starts raining again. Punk~ where are you?? Hope business is booming for you and you are getting to spend lots of time with your family and friends. Don't forget us though! =)

Hi Bebe! =D
Later ~Anj

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Hey! I'm missing you guys. Hope you find time to check in. I am going to try to get some pics of my TS finds from this week to post today. It's been raining here all week so I'm feeling unproductive, but I'm cleaning up my office space today to get ready to paint tomorrow! This is good weather for painting. =)
I worked on organizing my attic stuff some yesterday until my back started hurting and I had to quit.
The Scottish festival is happening Fri/Sat. I really wanted to go to it, but I think with the rain and the cookout Sat I will miss it again this year. Bummer.
Not much else going on besides the usual. Have 2 sick kids, but nothing too bad...just fever and coughing.

Well, hope to hear from ya'll soon. TaTa ~Anj

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Good morning! Wow! Did we ever get a rainstorm here last night! Thunder--big booming thunder, and lightning--lighting up the whole skiy and streaking that looked straight up and down! Not used to that stuff anymore, seldom have those kinds of storms in Ca.

It is all clear, fresh, and beautiful this morning and the sun is shining! ;o) My SIL is sure hoping it will all move out before the reunion at her place on Saturday. If not, we may have to move the tables and food to the barn!

Going to my great nephew's house tonight for pizza. He and his new wife bought a house last year and have been working on it. They wanted Rich and I to come see it. They are a cute couple.

I finished my rose borders on my placemats. Now I have nothing with me to paint! ;o( I need to go find a birdhouse or wood plaque or SOMETHING. I enjoy sitting in here painting on rainy days or in the evening while watching a movie. I can sit at the table and paint and just glance up to see the television.

I think we have pretty much seen all we wanted to--going to leave a little early to head up to the reunion on Saturday so we can drive through some of the little country towns I used to live in. Just curious to see if they still look the same or have changed. Hope they still look cute and not deserted or falling apart! LOL

Where is everyone? Punk has been missing for several days. She must be really busy.

I think I am ready to head on back out west. Always nice to come visit, but neither of us really want to live here anymore, I find it makes me sort of sad remembering all the good times with family members who are now gone like my folks, grandparents, and several aunts and uncles. I. guess I am just too sentimental.

Gotta get going. See you later.


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Hey ya'll. Sorry I've been MIA. I've got sick kids...nuf said.

Luvs~ it has not stopped raining here since the kids got out of school....continuing on next week as well. Not a fun start to the summer. We've had some scary thunder and lightening too. Hope you had a good time at the reunion Sat and the weather held for ya'll.

Sorry you are homesick already. I know it's mainly for that little S. ha She'll have grown a foot and you won't recognize her when you get home. ha JK Hope you get a lot of visiting in while you are there.

Well, it's pretty quiet here with the kids being drugged up. ha Got some of them on cough meds and one on motrin for fever. Didn't get much sleep last night. Really going to buckle down on my painting this week so hope to kick out a few projects. I only have to do some shopping on Monday and the rest of the week while it's raining I think I'll paint. I know you'll believe it when you see it. ha

Hope everyone is doing well. I'll stop in tomorrow for the new week. ~Anj

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Good morning all, sorry I haven't been on here more--doing lots of running around.

Had a wonderful time at the family reunion on Saturday. So fun to get to spend time with everyone and to meet the new great nephews and great nieces--sure makes me feel old however! LOL Got to see my two Aunts and Uncle as well, they are the only ones left from a family of ten children. You all would have laughed watching me do the egg toss and then shooting eggs with this giant slingshot held by two big nephews! They had bounce houses and water slides for the kids as well as other games and lots of good food--but for me, the best part was just getting to talk face to face with all of them.

Haven't found anything else to paint on yet. I'm off to a really cute little country town that caters to so maybe I'll find something in one of the shops there. We are going to unhook and head out tomorrow morning. Guess our next stop will be somewhere in Nebraska. It's hard to say goodbye, but there's no place like home! LOL

Anj, hope the kids feel better soon--and that you get a chance to have a little fun painting too.


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Hey...DH took yesterday off work so you know why I wasn't here. Then today my ortho rescheduled DD's appt to early this morning and it was a long one....then DH needed me to drop something by his work after and we ended up going to lunch with him. I'm just getting home. Busy busy as usual. The kids are feeling better. Just one hasn't had it yet so fingers crossed that it's over??? Thought I'd check in here while I had a quick second. ~Anj

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