First Monday in June

luvstocraftJune 7, 2010

Morning everyone! Our little forum has sure slowed down to a very slow snail's pace, hasn't it? Guess we are all busy with other things now. I know I just haven't been in a painting mood lately myself.

Weather is lovely and I've been getting some plants transplanted and doing the usual deadheading and trimming. Been looking through some of my books marking projects I might want to do sometime in the not too distant future. And I've done a few more little blocks and signs with my Cricut. Haven't even done any tablescapes for the other forum either, and really haven't been finding any great stuff at the TS to share either.

So how about all of you? What's going on in your lives now? Hope you're enjoying the nicer weather and having some fun.


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Hey Luvs....really shouldn't be here, but wanted to stop in and see how ya'll are doing. We were leaving Fri on our trip, but DH has moved it up to Thurs and I have soooo much to do. Had to get DD to the dr to get epi-pen refilled for her bee allergy and get her a new inhaler for the trip, then DS lost a filling out of his tooth so had to get him in quickly to the dentist today to get that filled. DD has High school basketball camp all week and trying to get stuff for the trip. Also our washer went out last week and it took a few days to pick one out and get it delivered so I am ever so backed up on laundry and can't pack a stitch til I get it all done. Plus the millions of little things that I keep forgetting and adding to my list to get done before we leave. Ahhhhh! I got lost 2 times today because I was replaying my list in my head and couldn't remember where the crap I was. ha Passed up my destination. Anyway, I do miss ya'll. Wish I was relaxing and painting, but am so excited to be going home too!! Gotta get these kids to bed and get a few more loads of laundry done before I can sleep. Ya'll have a good night. ~Anj

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Hi gals. Can't believe how time is flying and we all have so much going on in our lives.

Luvs, we are still getting rain every day so I plan to try to catch up in the yard some this coming week end. Kids are going to CA for a neices graduation. She's a biochemical engineer and such a fun one to be with. Wish I felt I could get away but don't feel like the timing is right.

Excited for you and your trip Anj. You are so busy with your family and I'm sure it will be great to get away after working your butt off doing all the laundry. You sound tired so go have some fun for a change. U know there will be laundry when you get home!

All our company is gone. Employees have meetings tomorrow and then we have meetings Wed. so busy week ahead at work. Things seem to be slowing down and that's a little scary but I'm sure it will all pick up again.

I'm hoping to get my craft room cleaned for company to come next month so don't know how much painting, I'll be doing in the near future.

We had dinner with our friends tonight and DGD spent the day with us at work so that was fun. I'm going to check out the Holiday forum and then head to bed.


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Nice to hear from both of you, Anj and Punk. Glad you are both well and just keeping busy not staying away on purpose! LOL

Anj, isn't that just the way it goes???? Everything happens at the worst times. Glad you got the washer replaced and are getting caught up--maybe you can catch up on some of the missed sleep while on the road IF the rest of the group keeps quiet enough! I had to laugh at your missing your destination--I've been known to do that and I don't have near as much on my mind as you do! LOL

Punk, I don't know how you ever keep up with all the new phone stuff coming out all the time! No wonder you have to have so many training classes and meetings! Sorry you don't have time to paint, but I think we will all feel more motivated when Fall arrives and we start thinking about gifts and decorations for the holidays.

Hope Belle is doing okay too, and Bebe posted a couple of pretty projects for us to drool over. I'll try to get motivated and get started on something. Might even take a picture of a couple of old projects I ran across but haven't shared here yet.

All of you take care.


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OMG! Whatever happened to retirement is a time to relax and do nothing?

Two graduations are over and our company is back in NJ..Whew! It was nice going to so many "places of interest" with our guests but so tiring along with doing so much baking. Didn't know my other love (pez collecting) could generate so many emails but then the painting site I just joined almost beat out the pez emails. Not only were the graduation ceremonies great the two parties were also a success, and as I said, and for once everyone listened, "serve the same food for both parties with a few personal favorites at each one." Both kids came away with some nice scholarships which will help this fall.

Glad to see that everyone here is in various stages of OK. Preping for a trip is never fun but comes "are we there yet?" Hope you have a safe and sane vacation and enjoy going "home"

Punk...want to compare the rain? Actually had to drain the pond. We received twice the normal rainfall in May and June isn't doing much better. As Luvs can you ever keep up with all of the new tech? I can't...I still have the old fashioned cell phone that is only a phone and I have two rotary dial phones as well as a first edition Ma Bell push button phone. I like the ring sound! Nothing like them! The brass cups inside make fantastic chines as well.

Luvs...have you got an extra bedroom? I sure could use some sunshine! Just kidding, but it does sound nice. And I am going to get a cricut the next time I win at poker, you are just having to much fun!

I haven't done any painting for almost two weeks. But got a really great book by Shirley Koening, Country's Edges Vol 5 and I want to do every project! Birds, Butterflies, Flowers and Leaves. Even a bonus pattern - a dove - but without instructions...gotta find some...we have baby doves now. Now I need to really settle down and stop being so fussy and just paint for the love of painting.

We have a new arrival in the family, she is Abby and is the cutest little, funny faced black and white kitten. I lost my precious Bailey on Memorial Day and DH went to the Humane Dept and came home with her. Didn't know if I could love a new cat so quickly but she just took over the house and is so funny. She is just 8 weeks old and very small.

Well, need to do some house work yet today and then Paint...Paint....Paint

Just stood up and saw this, ring neck pigeons at my bird feeder. They have their own farther out but seem to like this one too. OOPS..the photo shows I also need to fill my Hummingbird feeder as well.

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Good morning Belle, good to hear from you. So glad the graduations and parties went well and you had some fun. You could send some of that rain down this way, we always need more! Wish I could bottle up some sunshine to send your way too. ;o) Isn't it fun to find a new book? I love that feeling of anticipation as I turn every page. Can't wait to see what you paint from your new one.

The birds seem to find food wherever it is! My hummingbird feeder needs filled too. What new Painting place did you find? Is it really active. I sure wish I knew how to attract more painters here.

Know we probably won't hear from our Anj again until she gets back from her trip. She's such a sweetheart and I sure miss reading frequent posts from her, but know she is so busy at this stage of her life with the kiddos.
And Punk is always busy, busy, busy too--but manages to quickly get a project painted every once in awhile. I sure admire how quickly she paints.

I probably have more free time than any of you, but my days just seem to pass by so quickly. Not being on any kind of schedule sure allows for allot of "piddling" around and not accomplishing much! LOL I've been trying to brush my two goldens every morning to cut down the amount of hair they shed in the house. And the roses always need deadheaded and the two walls of vines have to be trimmed. I did finally give in and hire a gardener so I don't have to worry about mowing, weed eating, and blowing anymore. They do it so fast! And housework! Yuck! It's just never ending--always something needing washed, dusted, or mopped! So a little of that everyday and the days just seem to slide by quickly. How did I ever do it all and work full time too???? The answer must be "youth". LOL

Okay, I'd better get going. I'll check back in tonight.


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Hey ya'll! One last goodbye post before we hit the road in the morning. So sorry I haven't gotten here much. I've got 3 packed and still have myself and 2 others to pack. DH has to come home and work on our watering system for the garden so my parents won't have to work hard to get it watered. I never got my painted items for people back home painted so I'm a little bummed about that. Guess I'll take the glass block I was going to paint with me and try to do it down there. Too heavy to mail. The other stuff I can mail later.
Well, Ya'll take care of yourselves and each other while I'm gone. I'll try to get in here when I can snitch a minute on other peoples computers. DH has his laptop, but don't know if we'll have connection in podunk. ha Ya'll have a wonderful next couple of weeks and I promise (scouts honor) that I am going to get down to painting when I get back! Love ya gals!! I'll miss ya!! ~Anj

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Good Evening,
So glad it's Thurs. nite so tomorrow is Fri. We had a super day at work. Got busy and made a couple of strawberry ruhbarb pies in the oven so will have goodies for several tomorrow.

Belle, it's funny how you enjoy your pigeons. Here all they do is poop all over all our vehicles and such so I don't want to see any. They look like they love you and your food. It's nice someone can see a good side to them.

What painting site have you joined? Your book sounds like a great one. Hope to see lots of nice projects coming from it.

So happy to hear your kids got nice scholarships. It's such a blessing when they get some help to encourage their studies. I hope to be able to fund a scholarship someday myself.

How's the rain? We are still getting it every day but sounds like you have us beat. We haven't had to turn our underground sprinklers on yet this year. Everything is nice and green but most of the corn must of rotted in the ground. The lettuce, raddish, gr, beans, cabbage, tomatoes, peppers, cukes and all the squash and pumpkins are growing now.

Luvs, I'm sure your place is beautiful. It's so nice that you hired some help to keep up some of the yard work. That's what one works hard for most of our lives!

I think when your home every day you notice more little things that need done than someone like me who has a hard time finding much extra time. I did take the big flourescent light down in the kitchen the other night and wash it.

You are getting so many projects made that you will have to take a trip to deliver some special gifts to those you care about.LOL

We only have 1 cat and he stays outside most of the time so I don't have to deal with hair from him. DS's little dog comes to visit quite often so with all the rain, I'm wipping little paws alot.

Anj, hope you got off on your trip and all the mishaps got left behind! Enjoy and we hope you have time to paint when you get back.


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Hi Punk, glad you took time to chat with us a bit. Your garden sounds wonderful, I would love to have room for one but our lot is very small and we built a shed in the only spot where one might have fit! Nothing better than walking out and picking fresh lettuce, radishes, onions, and tomatoes for a salad. I've not been painting yet, I made some more signs and plates with my die cutter. I packed it back in the case today and hope to spend some time in the painting room today. One of our phone lines went out and the repair guy is supposed to come today--anytime from 8-5--so I'm just hanging out waiting for him.

Anj, hope you have a wonderful trip and indulge in all your favorite southern dishes and places. We will be eager to hear all about it anytime you get a chance to come give us a shout.

Belle, I hope your rains move out for a few days so you can enjoy sitting by your pond in the sunshine and just enjoying it. Can't wait to see your new painted projects too.

Everyone have a great day.


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Glory Be.....we have sun! It is suposed to get up to 75 degrees today, first time this month, which is yet another record.

Just posted the link to the new forum, there is a fee to join, something like $18.00 for the first year. Don't know that I will renew, to me it is a "really serious artists" group, while I paint for fun, which I finally realized that if it is not fun I shouldn't be doing it, the flowers so far haven't been fun, not even a challenge, more like ....well I don't know what. I will still work towards doing them better, but not with the same fellings I have when I look at sometime and it makes me smile, not just say "OH! thats pretty"

Luvs, so glad you have a lawn svc., make gardening much more fun. And yes, I want to sit back and enjoy the pond and my birds, no flowers yet except for buttercups and I don;t want them in the yard. My water lilies have blooms and there is life showing in my lotus plant. And talk about frogs and tadpoles!!!! We have a chorus every night.

Our pigeons usually visit for about two weeks, but this year they seem to be staying. They are about twice the size of our doves and I have been tempted to see what pigeon pie tastes like. lol

Punk, your garden sounds wonderful, I gave up on a veggie garden years back, about the time we probably had finally gotten enough matter mixed with the clay to really grow vieggies. I now do my vine veggies in pot on posts and let them trail, my tomatoes in pots and don't plant anything that a slug can get close tooooooo, did I mention we (not me but some local towns) actually have slug races? And with different types of slugs. I go through boxes of slug bait each year.

Any pie left, the only time I like strawberries or ruhbarb in a pie is when they are together and my mouth is still watering. And the bottom part of the crust....Ah!

Start this really cute little guy for a patriotic wreath and was really into him when DH got up saying he wasn't feeling well and his left kidney and abdomen hurt. So he took several asperin and went back to bed. After about an hour he came in as white as a white sheet, remember when there were all white? anyway off to the urgent care and after blood tests, x-rays and a ct., he has 7 kidney stones. His Dr couldn't believe they hadn't hurt him sooner. He is out of pain now and I am exausted and he is up and ready to plant, plant, plant. I would like to "plant" something and I think you know what and where.

So, while at the Dr.'s office, he noticed my red blotches on my arms and after some scrapings and micro-scopic looking, not more sun for me! What sun? The sun we actually had last Sat., during the graduation party. Even though I didn't get red then or burn, I burned deeper down and it is just now showing. Gee...isn't getting older fun. He said, they just didn't make sunscreen soon enough for you, yah, about 40 years to late!

So, I am on my way outdoor with tons of the above mentioned gunk on my body to plant, plant, plant. Have a great weekend and I hope it rains! OMG wash my mouth out with soap!

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Oh gosh, Belle, I'm so sorry for your DH (and you). Kidney stones can be the worst kind of pain--been there, done that! Hope he will be able to pass them and not end up with more pain again. Gosh, if it's not one thing, it's another isn't it?????

The way you write sure does make me laugh sometimes. Pigeon Pie???? And "I'd like to plant something and I think you know where." LOL

I'm not good about wearing sunscreen either, Belle. And the sunscreen always feels so sticky to me. I really try to remember to put it all over our little GD when she's here and playing outside--don't want her to get all dried out and wrinkly like I am!

Isn't it great that Bebe has been painting lots of projects? Love it. I need to get myself in gear and do some one of these days too. I'm not a "serious" painter either--I much prefer just painting fun stuff for my own enjoyment. If others like it, good--if not then that's okay too! I don't paint enough anymore to be worth joining a pay site. I do enjoy watching the You tube videos sometimes and I have several One Stroke, a Delayne Lange and Donna Spiegel video--but don't watch them very often anymore. I do enjoy watching other people paint and almost always pick up a tip or two from my videos no matter how many times I've watched them. ;o)



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Well, the weather is back to abnormal or is it now normal? Rain and thunder this afternoon, guess Mother Nature doesn't have a clock or she is on standard time, been rumbling for over an hour and it's not yet noon. Did get some more planting done. DH and our SGS(step Grandson) worked for hours yesterday removing mud from the outer yard so that we can make another raised flower (I say rock) garden. Cut down a couple of the old bushy plants, they have red leaves and they were pushed down by the flood and we tried to tie them up but they wouldn't come back up, anyway, they are sprouting so decided to let them grow and plant around them but they will be about a foot above the other plants. Don't know if it will work.

Luvs...thank you for the kind words! As you can tell by my long posts, I love to write and I guess while writing, old saying just pop into my old mind. My DGM always said that we are the teachers of our history and should include "old" thoughts in our daily lives. Can't imagine when asked of 5th graders, they didn't know what a "covered wagon" was....can't imagine that kids don't know what was a very big part of our history. Oh! Well! Guess there is a lot of history.

Need to seal my Patriotic boy, sign and stars. It goes on a wreath. Wanted it done by Memorial Day but......

Kitty has a resp. infection. Good thing we took her right to the vet. She now sleep a lot due to the anitbiotic but bursts out every hour or so. Our 8 mo., old kitten howled when he couldn't find her while she was gone. Abby looked like she had been in a bath after he got done licking her. I sometimes wonder if he is a she, but DH says he checked and he is a he. I'm just glad that they get along together.

Hope everyone is OK and that Anj and family are having a good time and stay safe. Nice to see Punk and Bebe posting and all of the new names popping up, hope they join in and stay awhile.


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That is so sweet that the kitty missed the older cat and really showed her how happy it was to have her home. Animals are so much smarter than most people give them credit for. I am constantly amazed at the emotions/affection my dogs demonstrate and how they often know what I am going to do even before I do it.

How is your DH doing with those kidney stones? No more pain I hope.

Can't wait to see your patriotic items, I'll be watching for your post.

Not much going on here, I had doctor appt. and DH had to go do his blood tests. I made a trip to our little library store and found a few books/magazines (none for painting). Met the sweetest talking little girl and her daddy there--she wasn't "pretty" but was "adorable" and had a wonderful vocabulary for a three year old. Got the biggest kick out of her and bought her a page of stickers and talked to her a bit. Then I had a big laugh driving home--you know how the boys wear their jeans three sizes too big and barely hanging on their hips? Well, one was walking up the sidewalk as I was driving past, and his pants decided to drop--he dropped what he was carrying and grabbed them and I just cracked up! Poor thing--and shame on me for laughing! LOL



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Hey! So this is where you guys hang out! I never noticed the other links at the top of the page before!

So, I'm pooped. Worked out in the yard for a few hours this morning, then did housework for a few hours, then made the weekly trek for groceries, ate too much for dinner, and here I am.

I'm so excited about our guest room! I've been doing all sorts of projects in there, and it's almost done. I need to make a trip into the city and look for some silk flowers for an arrangement, and it'll be good. I'm not happy with the curtains, but something else will have to wait until the budget improves.

I finally got to spray the sealer onto my paintings. It's been just insanely hot and humid, so it had to wait. Now I need to practice that brushstroke medium. Yikes!

Belle, I'm glad that kitten is feeling better. Our baby kittens all had a nasty respiratory infection right after we got them, and they were so sick!

Where do you all live that it's 65 degrees and raining?! Good grief! It's been in the 90's for weeks here, and not a drop of rain at my house. All of the grasses are already parched, and it's not even really "summer" yet. We're in central Texas, and it's always hot in summer, it's just not usually this hot and dry this early.

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Hi Franksmom, glad you found this side. You might also want to click on the Gallery side--lots of project posts on there as well as on the Discussion side. Most of us are just posting our projects on the Discussion side now that it has been kinda slow--the gallery just lets them stay on longer before the posts drop off.

Belle is in Oregon, Anj is in Utah, Punk is in Montana, PF is Florida and I'm in So. Calif. Not sure where Kraftymom lives. Several of us visit other forums also. I like Holidays, Crafts, and Garden Junk--and sometimes check out Home Dec and Cleaning forums.

I'm glad your room is coming along well, so nice that you have that space to use for your crafting. You sure got a good response to your request for pics didn't you? Did you also find some of the Scrapbooker's craft rooms to look at? Some really have allot invested in them--mine has always used whatever extra pieces I had on hand mostly.

No kitties here, we just have two Golden Retriever fur babies who have us very well trained!

Need to think about bed, I'll be back tomorrow.


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FranksMom...glad you found us!

Spent an over nighter in Easter WA., where the weather is usually hot this time of year. Friday night was warm but guess what? It rained! Hit some really hard rain in the pass coming back and it's still hanging around. (PS...I live in S. W. WA) We haven't hit 75 yet this month, very unusual for us. But then everything is green...the grass which is 2' high, the weeds, which are higher than the grass and I think I even spotted a green bird at the feeder. Actually have two water lilies in bloom, should be dozen by now. Ah! Well! Saving money on the AC unit not being in use.

Still need to finish my project, seems like everything else need doing first. DH picked today to flush the hot water tank and check the anode rod, which needed to be replaced, so off to town for a new one. I'll have hot water again....soon?

Kitty is much better and was a hit at the convention where DH had to "show and tell"

FM...sounds like your guest room is ready for a visitor, any pictures?

Luvs....sounds like a very precious child and so thoughtful of you to give her the stickers. Still laughing at the "punks pants" Those silly kids can't do anything that takes two hands. And to think that they were taken from the cloths convicts wear....who want's to look like criminal? Guess they do!

Well, DH says the water is warm enough that I can finish my moping...Yippy!

Hope Anj is safe on her trip and having a great time. Know that Punk is working hard and that Bebe is painting up a storm...well more like painting with oils? Sure hope not!

Stay safe ya' all!


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Belle, send that rain down here! It's dry as a bone, and 100 degrees. At this point, I don't care much about the plants, but it's such a huge fire risk. I watered the foundation yesterday and today, so we have that covered, but geez, it sure is dry!

So, I went to Hobby Lobby last week, and they have all of the fall flowers out, and CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS!! I get that crafters need supplies early in the season, but it's not even July yet! It made me grumpy to see that. I was just looking for some light colored flowers, and it was all orange and brown!

The guest room is close to being ready for pics, but I need to redo that flower arrangement. It all looked so pretty...until I put it in the room. Why is decorating so much trial and error?

I did practice using that brushstroke medium this weekend. I was all set to put it on the paintings, but now I'm skeered. What if I just ruin the whole mess? What if it looks bad? I guess there's one way to find out.

I'll be glad when those ridiculous baggy pants go out of style. I'm tired of looking at skinny boys' underpants!

I spent the rest of the weekend working in the craft room. I threw out two bags of trash this morning, and I have a truckload to take to the thrift. It's looking much better in there, and I haven't even started on the fabric! I'm starting to get excited about that room. I've been so busy working on the rest of the house, it kind of became the catch-all (uhem, dump) for everything else. And it was such a chore when I needed to sew something for the house, so I'm looking forward to a little more organization and order in there.

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