anjabeeJune 26, 2007

A bit of excitement here yesterday morning. An escaped convict came into the Arby's where my brother and his friends were having breakfast and shots were fired. They were waiting for their breakfast and saw about 60 police cars come up surrounding the building and this big tattoo faced guy came in waving his gun and screaming at them all to get down. He grabbed one of the employees and drug him to the back. An older customer who was at the counter jumped over and went to the back to try to get the gun away from him. The manager crawled out the drive-thru window. DB heard the gun go off and then DB & friends kept looking over the divider and heard his gun clicking so they figured he was out of bullets and all decided to make a run for it. DB was the first one out the side away from the gunman and his friends all went out the other way. The older gentleman did wrestle the gun away from the guy, but got cut on his neck with a knife. Convict locked himself in the managers office. We saw it all on helicopter surveillance. The guy shot and killed the cop who was transporting him to a medical facility, hijacked a car, over 100 mph high speed chase until they blew out his tire, into the Arby's. Crazy. This all happened at 7:30am and DB spent most of the day at the police station. I told him to come over here and I'd have some lunch for him. He crashed after that. And can you believe his dumb boss wanted him to come to work after all that? So pretty crazy day for us. Very glad to have him safe though and the convict back behind bars.

Other exciting news, ha, I went to the TS yesterday afternoon and found a Western Pottery cookie jar for $5. It looked old and like it would go with my other old crocks so I bought it. Found one like it online yesterday with a bid on ebay for $50! Pretty good investment! ha I need to do some more research on it to see how much it's really worth (may really be $5), but I think mine is original cause it has the maple leaf inprint on bottom. I love treasure hunting! ha I'll post a pic later in case somebody knows anything about it. Maybe Sal??

Luvs~ How did your shopping spree go?

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Hi Anj, Oh my gosh! I am so glad your DB is safe. What a way to start the day! So glad they caught him and no one in Arby's got killed--especially since he had already shot and killed the cop. That older man was foolish to go after the guy, good thing he was out of bullets I think.

I never went to do my clothes shopping. Just kept doing something else until it was then too late. Know I better get it done before all the summer shorts and things are gone, they always start putting out Fall and Winter things in the middle of summer. DH is so much better about enjoying clothes shopping than I am. I usually need to try things on, so just takes so darn long. Sometimes I buy them and come home to do all the trying on, then take back the things that don't fit or I don't like. That's a hassle too! LOL

Yes, Sal might know about your cookie jar. She collects some pottery pieces too. Hope it is an old one and worth lots more money. Of course, then you have to decide if you want to keep it, or maybe sell it and use the money to go hunt for more treasures. ;o)

I have been staying home to keep my dog from getting too rowdy while she is supposed to be recuperating. She is doing really well, wants to run and wrestle with the big dog. I have to keep making her take it easy. Stitches come out on the 3rd. I needed a shopping fix, so I did go hit a couple of TS on Monday. Found a few things and had a good time doing it. Here's a pic so you can see my treasures:

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Hey Luvs~ the older man had been a paratrooper or something in a past war so I guess maybe his training kicked in. He said he felt that the guy was going to kill the kid he drug in the back and he couldn't let that happen. He doesn't even remember how he got the gun away from the guy. Pretty brave though.

Did you get your dog fixed? Hope she recoupes quickly.

I love all your TS finds. Good fix! ha That lighthouse is gonna go great with your others. The dragonfly plate is very cool!! The Beatrix Potter "potter" ha will look great with a plant (a flowering cabbage??ha) or for just filling with fun veggies. Great rabbit and angel table fillers.
Do you have something specific in mind for the glass piece?

I'll have to try to charge my camera today and take a pic of my cookie jar. I could use the one off ebay since it's the same one, but I think some people frown on the use of their pics. Going over to see if you got your projects posted. ~Anj

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I was telling DH about all the excitment--he said your brother will probably just want to go through the drive thru from now on. What a nightmare. Just glad more weren't hurt.

Yeah, had to get the little girl spayed. She's seven months so needed to do it before vacation. She had never been away from us, so we felt really bad about leaving her there overnight. She is doing great, I'm having a hard time keeping her from being too rowdy while she is healing.

The little glass thing is the top to one of those cheese server things. Thought I could use it over my faux cupcakes to keep them clean. I have a pedestal dish (totem) that I put together--I think it is just the right size to use with it.

I did a centerpiece using the lighthouse, it's posted over on the holiday forum if you want to take a look. Everytime I go to do a table, I realize I'm missing something. It's much more challenging than I thought it would be--but also a creative outlet, so that's why I sort of enjoy it.

Yes, would love to see your cookie jar. You need to email a pic to Craftylady/Sal and see if she is familar with them.

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Yea, I think DB might consider the drive thru a very good option for a while. ha

Are you taking the pups on vaca with you? Can't remember if you said you did before. Where ya gonna head out to this year? We were actually half planning to come to CA to Disneyland this year, but with all the kids activities and the fence and other expenses we'll hold off until next year I guess. As soon as we can squeeze in a long weekend we are just going to another city nearby to stay in a hotel and let the kids swim and go to a big dinosaur park, an amusement park, a candy factory and museums. Just to get away from work and work at home so it will be relaxing and not far to travel.

You got your indoor totem made huh? ha Did you post it on H yet? I need to get over there and look at some of your new stuff in action. ha

I didn't get my jar posted as you can see. Took the kids to the Childrens Museum yesterday and then DH took me out on our clothes shopping date last night. Only found 2 things so we'll need to have a few more dates. ha
Well, I'm off to work on putting in some garden trellis for our squash and cucumbers and fence removal. It's gonna be a long hot day. ha I already hear a Sonic Slurpy calling my name! ha ~Anj

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Anj, if you guys ever do head to Disneyland, we will have to get together for lunch or something. I live about 40 minutes northeast of Disneyland.

The place you are going sounds like fun. The kids will love it, I'm sure. And nice for you to get a break from cooking and cleaning too.

The little pedestal dish I made has a raised edge on it and is too small for the glass cover. Wouldn't you know it? Guess I will just have to make another one. LOL

Yes, the dogs are traveling with us. I would worry about them too much if we didn't--they are like my kids now. LOL Will be a bit of an inconvenience the week I am alone in Mo. trying to visit relatives. A few have fenced yards so I can take them with me--but otherwise I will have to make sure I only leave them for a few hours at a time--need to be there to take them out to go potty and play. I'm sure it will work out fine. The older one has gone with us many times, and he just sleeps while we are out. Not sure how the new one will be, she tends to be more of a barker, so that could be a problem if she barks when we leave her.

Know you will be so glad to get the fence all out. I know what you mean about hot days, I have to do outside stuff early in the day, or wait until evening to do it. Can't take the heat in the middle of the day at all.

Nice to hear from you. I'll talk to you soon. Luvs

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Heck yeah we'll have to meet somewhere if you are that close! I've been wanting to go to Disneyland for years, but we haven't made it there yet. The youngest will be a little older by then and she'll probably enjoy it more too.

Too bad the cover didn't fit. Darn, guess you will have to make another (sounds like you are real upset about that!) ha

Hopefully your little girl will take her cue from your other pup and be good for you. That will be a fun trip to visit relatives. Well, if you like the relatives anyway. ha Is that why you are going alone? ha Maybe DH doesn't like them so much. ha I've got a few like that myself. I sure hope you'll enjoy yourself and don't forget to check out the out of town $1 & TS's while you are away. :) One of the hilites of my trips to MS is to visit the Dollar General and Hobby Lobby since we don't have those here. ha ~A

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Oh yeah, Hobby Lobby is on the top of my list! Although my sister tells me it has changed from the last time I was there. They had great prices on painting supplies, and lots of good wood surfaces then. I also love to go to Cracker Barrell--sure wish they had those out here. I like the food, and the gift shop. Sister will laugh when I ask her to take me to the local TS, won't she? I know there is a church sponsored one close to her--those are usually pretty good. Pretty bad traveling thousands of miles to go to a TS. LOL Do you think I am addicted to dishes and GJ? ;o)

I've sent her pics of my totems and other GJ, so she knows I look for that sort of stuff. This time I will be able to bring stuff home since we will have the motor home and my Jeep too. Not like when I've flown there and could only get a few things in the suitcase!

No, DH likes my relatives okay. LOL He has a Union convention in Florida, so figured if we drive the motor home to Mo., I can stay there and visit Aunts, Uncles,cousins,and my brothers and sisters, etc. to my hearts content while he flies on to Florida for that week at the convention.

If I went to the convention with him, I would just end up hanging out by myself most of the day while he is in meetings. I've gone to several of them over the years, and have had some good times and some very nice meals and know a few other wives who sometimes go--but it will be nicer to get to have the time to see family since we live so far away and don't get back there that often. Rich barely knows the Aunts, Uncles, and cousins, so doesn't make a difference to him if he doesn't see them. He will get to see my brothers and sisters when he gets back from the convention.

So how did your yard work go? Is your weather warming up like ours is? We're supposed to be in upper 90's this week. Hope your fence goes in soon, so you can get some planting done and enjoy it this summer.

I'll chat with you later, okay? Luvs

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