Luvs, Glue question....

anjabeeJune 14, 2007

Hey Luvs~ I got these 2 pieces at the TS last week. Want to make a little birdfeeder for my flower bed. DH said I should have tried to find a green vase for the stem, but oh well they didn't have any. ha Will you tell me again what you use to glue them together. I'm going to the store later and want to pick some up. Is it GE Silicone II? I already have some Gorilla Glue, but I don't know if it will work for this. ~Anj

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Hi Anj, that little plate is darling--good find.

Yes, it is GE Silicone II for windows and doors. I get mine at Lowe's or Walmart. They have the kind you use a caulking gun for and a smaller squeeze tube of the same thing.

Just make sure you get the clear one--there is also a white one.

The gals on the GJ forum seem to have tried several different glues--this one seems to stand up to both heat and cold well.

That will be really cute. Luvs

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Thanks, I didn't get to the store yesterday so I'll be going today. ~A

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Thanks for your help Luvs. Here it is "planted" in my flower bed. Still haven't put in the bark. One project at a time, right? :D ~Anj

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BTW~ saw your TS finds over on H. Good deal on that pic and love the little sandcastle! It will go great with your beach gal!

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That little birdbath turned out great. Love that dish you found, so perfect for the garden with that little butterfly on it.

I was so excited to find that picture at that price. It is in excellent condition, I've heard of the artist, and the colors are so pretty. Sure hope my Neice likes it too, and has a place for it in her kitchen. Won't know until August when we go there.

You know, we had three big sandcastles like that for sale at the little store where I worked before--they even got discounted 50% when we were moving. BUT I didn't know I might want them someday! LOL You just never know what you may need later.


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