Good morning-Wed.

luvstocraftJune 25, 2008

Good morning, Just a quick hello while I have my cuppa coffee this morning.

I actually got a small piece cutout and painted yesterday. Just need to spray a couple coats of sealer on it today.

I need to decorate a table to post on the holiday forum for the 4th of July. DH has a meeting this morning, so think I will do that today.

What's everyone up to today? Lots of gardening and cleaning out going on? How's the attic project going, Anj?

I dead headed rose bushes yesterday and moved my patio plants into the flower beds so they will get watered while we are off in the motor home. Hope they will do okay with the sun--I sort of slid them where they should be a bit sheltered by the other plants. Guess I need to eliminate that type of plants since I won't be home as much now. Still have two on the front patio that I need to move as well.

I need to get a few projects cut out to take on the trip with me. Maybe I'll get a couple traced on and cut out today if I don't procrastinate too much! LOL

I'll talk to you later, have a good day.


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Morning. My attic project is going slowly because I got crazy Saturday and decided to move everything around in my house. ha Changed rooms on a few pieces of furniture and had everything pulled out and moved around. Worked on getting everything put back together yesterday. Still have a few pieces of furniture out of place, but I'll finish those up today. Things just weren't flowing for me so I had to take drastic measures. ha
I've got to go to the grocery store today which is always a 3 hour trip.
I'll be back in the attic again tomorrow.
Is this your yearly RV trip you are going on this time? Will you have internet service or will it be super slow like last year?

I feel bad that I haven't produced much in the painting arena. Our church is having a Craft Super Saturday in July. It's an all day event. You can sign up to do the crafts they have or you can bring something of your own to work on. I'm going to bring a few projects up and try to get them done. Of course, hoping I get more done before then, but the way things are going around here who knows. I try to plan my painting days, but they don't work out often.
Well, I'm done with my list and I'm off to the store. Have a good one! ~Anj

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As predicted, it took about 3 hours at the grocery. Picked up the new Quick and Easy Painting mag. Did you get yours yet? ~Anj

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Hi Anj, You're such an ambitious gal--you put me to shame! LOL I almost dread grocery shopping anymore--get home and still don't know what to cook it seems, and it all adds up so fast!

I did get my Quick and Easy Painting mag. I like the sign on pg. 15, love the flower pots and tins on pg.17, the basket lid on pg. 23,and the containers on pg.55. I also like pg.77 and pg 87. Should get busy and paint some of them, shouldn't I? LOL There's probably more I like, but those were just the pages I had folded down because I liked them. ;o) What about you, which patterns are your favorites?

Guess what? DH was given a gift from the Superintent's office today--a set of white dishes with gold trim and the Union Pacific railroad emblem on them. I was expecting a beverage cooler, duffle bag, shirt or hat--so that was a pleasant surprise! I immediately set them on the dining room table. I'll probably post a pic over on the holiday forum.

Well, I'd better get going, need to help DH with more packing up of the Union stuff. We have six boxes full so far--as well as four file cabinets, the copier, and more boxes that are on the shelves in the garage. He's not gonna know what to do with all this extra room in his "office". LOL Never fear, I'm sure he will have it all filled up in no time--one of my ongoing things I nag about is that his office is always a mess!



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Did you get everything boxed up yet? I went over to look at your dishes on Holidays yesterday and then forgot to post here. ha They are really nice.

I like all the patterns in the mag, but my favorite design(and the reason I decided to buy the mag) is the Liberty star on the bucket (pg29). I have 2 buckets just like that that I think I can paint it on. Mine look galvanized, but I have some rust colored spray paint that I think will work for a base coat. I also like the pots and buckets on pg16-17 a lot. And I love that little sunshine on page 82. I may try to paint that on a tiny basket I have and the clock scene on page 11 may go on another basket. Have to see if the pattern will fit. Some good patterns. Lots of Americana stuff. I like the tags on pg 30, but I'd have to change the colors.

I cut my hand up a little yesterday. Was putting a globe back on a tea light after cleaning it and it shattered. Sliced up one finger and punctured about 4 other places. It bled a lot yesterday. Ok today...just sore.

We are going out with 2 couples of friends tonight so I gotta go clean my van out since they'll probably all ride with us. Never enough hours in the day. TTYL ~Anj

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Hi Anj, I saw your nice comments on the Holiday forum.

I looked at the patterns you mentioned in the magazine and they are all good ones. Isn't it funny how sometimes the magazines have so many we like and other times hardly any?

Guess what? At one of the TS I recently stopped at, they had some of those galvanized buckets for $1.00 each. At the time, I couldn't think what I'd use them for, but now realize they would make great "May baskets" for my neighbors next year. I love your idea of spray painting them a rust color too. That would be a perfect background for that star design and many others too.

I liked the designs on those tags too, but that background just doesn't do them justice does it? I'm sure the tan is to make them look "antique" or old, but I think an offwhite would let the designs show up better. What do you do with your tags after you paint them? I've heard of people using them like an ornament on a tree or tying them on a jar candle. Any other good ideas for them?

I stopped by my favorite TS on the way to the mall today. Got a cute little round plastic "kitchen" for little GD to play with for only $5.00. I've seen them at Toys R Us for over $30.00, and it even had some dishes and food pieces with it. Has a little seat attached for her baby doll even. Gave it a good cleaning with Clorox and put it outside by her little picnic table to surprise her when she comes over on Sunday. ;o) (Also stopped in at Marhshall's and bought her the cutest brown knit dress with little pink and lime green hearts on it and a little card game to play--just couldn't resist!) LOL

At the TS, I bought three clipboards for 50 cents each, and two wooden trays for $1.00 each. They were so cheap and I thought they would be nice lightweight painting surfaces to take along on our trip. I need to have something to work on while DH goes to his meetings, and they will make cute little gift items I think. I got the goo from the tags off the clipboards and spray painted a coat of primer on them. Will probably just spray a coat of white on for the base coat, then find a pattern I like to paint on them. For the trays, I need your advice please. The big one has a Pottery Barn sticker on the back, and they are both wood. Do you think I should just paint on top of the wood finish, or should I spray paint them some color first? Here's a pic for you to see them. TTYL


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Morning. Hope you had a nice weekend.
I don't know if I'd actually use the tag pattern for tags. I was thinking they'd look good kind of put together like a quilt on something or put into a 4 sectioned frame.
You got some good buys at the TS and I can't believe you got those trays for $1 each. I guess it would depend on what you are painting on them on how I'd do the tray itself. I kinda like the lighter one the way it is so I'd maybe just paint on it, but the darker one might overpower the pattern you put on it depending on what it is. Do you have any ideas yet on what you want to paint on them? ~Anj

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Anj, that's my biggest problem--I have lots of patterns, but struggle to pick one! LOL Since I can't make a decision, I don't get much done!

For the clipboards, I was just going to do one stroke flowers on them--then I was thinking that my neighbor Maria is from Mexico and loves bright colors and I thought about a couple of patterns I have with a "salsa" theme so might go with that for hers. And the other neighbor, Nancy, loves Mary Engelbreit and I have one of her pattern books so might do that for hers. Not so sure about the one for Phyliss. She has lots of roses, so the one stroke flowers might be fine for hers. Just too many decisions to make--but for 50 cents it's worth it. (I had thought of doing them for Christmas, but really think a year round design would be better.)

Sure, those tag designs would look good on lots of things. I have one little plaque I bought that actually has nine small squares of wood glued on a larger plaque and there is a different little design painted on each of the squares.

Oh, I wanted to tell you that the two patriotic wooden items in my post on holidays were purchased items. The lady liberty I bought recently at a craft show and the Uncle Sam I've had for several years.

I need some info from you, so will email, okay?


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