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luvstocraftJune 5, 2008

Happy Thursday! Have you had a busy week? Having nicer weather so you can be outside a bit? Don't you just love seeing all the pretty flowers and green leaves this time of year?

Did you find a home for all your new "treasures"? I picked up a nice wooden and wire candle holder the other day for $5.00. I think I am going to paint it. I'll try to do before and after pics. Yesterday, after my Dr. appt. I ran in to GW. Would you believe I didn't find a darn thing that I really wanted? That doesn't happen too often, thank goodness! LOL

I've been doing some yard work, deadheading roses, and planted some new grass seed DH ordered for me because I was complaining about my grass. I've had to use some weed killer on it this year, all the yards seem to have been invaded by this clover looking stuff that gets little "stick tights" on it. They are "prickly" and really get tangled in my dog's hair. Don't remember it ever being a problem before. Anyhow, I've sprayed it twice and now we fertilized and planted this new seed. Keeping my fingers crossed that all this will solve the problem. Neighbor was telling me that her DH uses a "preemergent" on the lawn every spring that keeps the weeds from ever growning. Got to remember to look for that next year.

Only thing I've painted that I haven't shown yet is a couple of pickle jars I painted roses on. The jars were so nice I just hated to throw them out! Now I have two prettily painted jars taking up space in my cabinet! LOL

I've been going through all my books and making copies of things I might need/want to use while the big copy machine is still here. I think it will go the end of this month. DH is laughing at me--says we can always buy a small one--but I know the little ones don't always work as good as these big office types. And I love the enlarge/reduce feature.

Well, I've got to go to the grocery store and still have a bit more deadheading to do on the roses. Got to get back to the books too. After this, maybe I'll have a bunch of projects all picked out so I can start a painting spree! Wouldn't that be fun???? LOL

Take care and let me hear what you've been up to, okay?


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Hey...sorry, it's been one of those weeks. UGH! The kids are finally out of school today, but they are all wanting to head in different directions to friends houses and are driving me crazy! It's only the first day!!!! Ahhhh!

It's been raining here the past few days, but the sun has finally come out this afternoon. My flowers still aren't at the blooming stage because of the cold weather I think. I'm waiting for my rhododendrons and my clematis and my roses to bloom. I do have some geraniums that are finally blooming though. They look really pretty. I hope you get a handle on your weeds. Our grass looks really good. We didn't have very many weeds at all. Since we put up that fence last year I guess the dandelion seeds couldn't blow straight from our neighbors yard into ours anymore. He doesn't take care of them before they get to the blowing stage. We did have some big wiry weeds that had little prickles on them growing all along the new fence though where the flower beds will go. I had to weed those last Sat and I couldn't hardly walk for 2 days after that. ha I planted the garden Sat too while DH set up the watering system. Whew. I couldn't even go to church Sun I was so stiff.
Since it's been cooler I've been up in the attic trying to get it cleaned out and the rest organized. It runs the whole length of our house and I can stand upright in it and it's packed!! ha It has my storage + my parents + some of my brothers things. We are wanting to get the spray insulation put up there, but I gotta get it cleaned out first. Big job. I'm only about 1/4 of the way thru it so I'll be working on it next week too. Now that the kids are home I'm hoping they can take care of the little one so I don't keep having to run up and down for her and I can get it done a little quicker.
I am soooooo hoping we get that bathroom finished up this weekend. I put the door back on the hinges today and we just have to seal the tile and put in the sink and the trim. It's getting whittled down a little at a time, but so close!
Anyway, no painting in the works for me until I can get this big attic project finished. I have to get up really early tomorrow to go to a dr appt with DH tomorrow for a procedure. That's gonna take up a big chunk of my day. I will be so happy to take breaks and be able to see your painting though! That will make my hurry up and post your jars! ha A spree sounds wonderful!! ha If I can get this stuff done I'm gonna try to have a spree myself. ha
I miss my big copier too. When I did that big witch last year, the pattern was on 2 pages so I had to tape it up in my picture window to copy it like a light box. ha It would have been nice to just push a button. ha Plus I noticed that a pattern I was looking at recently needed to be enlarged 200%. Bummer!

Somebody's knocking on my door. Talk to ya later. ~Anj

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Wow! Sounds like quite a project for you clearing out the attic. How nice to have all that space for storage though. You may even find things you've forgotten about while you dig through it all! That's always a fun thing.

Sounds like you are getting so close on the bathroom completion now. You have been so patient. You know what they say--"good things come to those who wait." LOL Just teasing, I know you are anxious to have it all up and running again.

I'm going to meet a friend for lunch today. We opted to go to a restaurant that is a converted old house with seating outside on the patio. We were in the mood to enjoy sitting out and enjoying the nice weather. And their food is good and priced reasonably too.

Not sure what else I'll get done today--maybe finish up with the books. I'm finding several that only have one or two patterns that I still want to make. Should try to make those first, then can pass the books along for someone else to enjoy! You know the amazing thing? As I look through, I can't believe all the ones I've already made! Some I was even wondering who I gave them away too--and WHY did I give them away! LOL Sure wish I would have taken pictures of everything I made--would have been fun to see just how much!

Well, I'd better go get dressed. Maybe your DH will treat you to lunch after the doctor appointment today. ;o) I'll talk to you soon.


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Hey~ I'm not doing so good on these follow-up posts lately. ha Trying to go thru in a flash and I keep missing stuff.

How was your lunch Friday? Did you have a nice time? Did you get to do anything else fun? I spent most of the day in the hospital with DH. He had to have a colonoscopy. They had removed a precancerous polyp 4 years ago and this was his checkup. Everything was good this time. He did treat me to lunch (at 4pm) at one of the best grinder shops around here. Yum.
Sat we picked up my SIL and went shopping for some emergency essentials. We got some water barrels and some MRE's. With the way gas and food prices are going and the truckers striking we thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to have a little stash just in case. Plus they are always talking about earthquakes now on our local news and how we need to have kits in our cars and stuff. We've had quite a few small ones recently nearby so it never hurts to be prepared. They keep saying that a big one here is luck I'm living right on the fault line and don't know it!
Anyway, we went to church Sun and I was gone all day yesterday shopping for my weed children since they've outgrown everything they own. I feel like I haven't been home for about a week. ha I've got a lot of housework and laundry to catch up on plus I'm up in the attic again this week.
What did you get done over the weekend and what are you working on this week? Anything fun happening over your way? You haven't mentioned GD lately. Has she been over to "play"?
Guess I'd better get up from here and turn myself into a cleaning machine if I'm gonna finish doing all the things I need to get done today. You have a good one! ~Anj

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Morning Anj, Sure glad your DH got a good report. Mine has that problem too. Actually had bleeding polyps several years ago, and the doctors were considering hooking him up to a bag. Luckily, they were able to get control of the problem with medication and diet and he hasn't had anymore problems in several years.

I'm pretty good about keeping up with the laundry--but then I probably have a fraction of what you do since there are only two of us. I have to clean the family room floor everyday because the dogs shed and track in so much dirt--but I am rather lax about the rest of the house I'm afraid. I used to do at least a room a day--but lately with DH home more, I get side tracked and am off my routine. I did the bathrooms the other day, then finally vacuumed the rest of the house. Just this morning, I realized that I need to dust the bedroom furniture. It's a dark wood, so the dust really shows! Thing is, nobody cares whether I do it or not except me! DH is happy as long as he has food and a place to sleep. Sometimes I think he doesn't even notice the rest of the house (except the television and his computer).

I had a nice time with my friend at lunch on Friday. Always fun to have time for some "girl talk". Then yesterday, my other friend came to pick up her bird that I had "birdsit" while she and her hubby went on an Alaska cruise. It was fun to hear about that.

Yes, GD was here Sunday and will be spending the day with me on Thursday. She is just such a sweetie, totally amazes me how grown up acting she is now. We play dolls allot, her favorites are some little fairy ones I bought at Dollar Tree. They have brightly colored hair and she calls them whatever color their hair is! Shei s always the "mommy" and always wants me to be the one who won't stay in bed. (GD keeps getting up at night and going to her parents room since she got her "big girl" bed, so they've had lots of discussions about this!) LOL

Haven't started any new painting projects. Need to pick one and get going on it. Actually, I would like to get three or four projects ready to take along for our long motor home trip in July. (Yes, we're going in spite of the ridiculous gas prices--we'll just economize in other areas.) DH only has 17 days until he goes on vacation for five weeks and then will be retired!

Didn't know there were earthquakes in your area. We have had several of them here, luckily not any major ones. I always have bottled water and a good supply of canned goods on hand. Keep an emergency kit in each car too. And we leave the motor home stocked as well--it's in a storage area a few miles from here. Ours usually just last a few seconds and haven't done much damage. But it is good to be prepared. I kept saying that I was going to keep an extra set of clothes, coat, and blanket in the car--but haven't actually done that.

Well, I'd better get moving here. At least I'm already showered and dressed so can...

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