Window Seat in Dining Area

lavender_lassMay 5, 2010

Hi all! I'm finally getting my kitchen plan finalized...I think :) I have an L-shaped kitchen with refrigerator and sink or one wall with stove and oven/microwave on the other.

What was the dining room is really a pathway between the living room and kitchen, plus I really want to include a wood stove in the corner. This has me thinking that taking out the wall (not load bearing) and putting in a couple of comfortable chairs and an ottoman might be a better use of space. This area is opposite the sink wall, on the short side of the island. Opposite the stove, is an old porch that I'm thinking will be a better space for the dining area. I want to open this space up to about a seven foot opening and put in a table and chairs. It's about 10' x 15' so it's plenty long enough, but the smaller width has me thinking of using a window seat as seating on one long side of the oval table. What do you think? I've always liked built-ins, even before they started using window seat/banquettes in all the magazines. It also cuts down on chairs and all the legs that go along with them. Any thoughts?

Sorry, I don't have this graphed out, but I am working on it :)

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Sounds wonderful to me. You can even make storage in the window seat. Certainly will save space.

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I like that idea. Sounds really cozy.

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so the window seat is going in the narrow passage? is that right lavender lass? sorry, Im hopeless at visualising from descriptions.

I have a tiny eating area next to my kitchen, it is so tiny I dont know how anyone ever figured you could sit comfortably at a table in there but before I decided to use it as my sewing nook I considered having built in bench seating for it. At least that way someone could sit and chat to you while you cook.

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Lavender, I do believe that Mama Goose has a picture of a window seat in her kitchen. I noticed how beautiful it was.

With our redo of the kitchen, we will also be building in a window seat/bench, flanked by a 24x24x88" high cabinet (that is what IKEA calls them) on either end. And we will use the window seating with our small square dining table.

Our plan is to knock out a part of the wall between the dining room and kitchen, and part of the wall between kitchen and back porch, so the entire area is easy access.

I'm all for a window seat. Not a banquette, but a window seat. If you have an alcove big enough, a banquette could be fine and it would look like an old diner with a squarish table in the middle. If you have a larger area, a "C" shaped banquette with table in the middle might work too.
But to me it seems to dedicate a lot of space to only one function and not give much back that looks good.

I sure hope you get this plan drawn up soon so we can take a look at it and give you some spot-on advice or ideas. :)

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

I love window seats, they're so charming. I agree with shades--the storage aspect is great. I remember reading another post where someone suggested using a pedestal table with banquette seating, for easier access.

Here are some images (Now I'm going to be up late looking at all these beautiful pics!)

banquette seating images a>

Here is a link that might be useful: window seats

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Mama Goose, I was side tracked looking at pictures too.
I am still very fond of the straight out window seat, for my application. It will be longer than the table is, so taking a seat is easier. The 39" square dining table we plan to use with it fits nicely in our dining room. Very seldom do we have folks stay over for dinner, so this will be a fine setup for two people.

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I've been toying with the idea of a window seat in our next house. My current favorite design (Number 5,267, if you're keeping score) Has a combined kitchen and dining area, and the dining area is a little narrow. A 2' bump-out would be just right, as folks could sit on the window seat for that side of the table on the rare occasion we actually use it. Meanwhile, I picture plants hanging in the windows, and a contented cat curled up in the sunshine. I think I read too many 'cottage' magazines........... Oh wait! I could get comfy in the window seat, and read the cottage magazines!

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Jay :^))))) Now you are getting it.

So far the closest I am getting to a window seat is the love seat in the kitchen but I am loving it there and find myself sitting there often.


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We have an L-shaped window seat in our kitchen under some corner tall windows. We have 5 deep drawers (seat height is approx 18" seat height - drawers are @ 16" high x 16" wide) that provide terrific storage in our small kitchen. They were built by the same semi-custom cabinet makers that did all our cabinetry in the room. I totally recommend drawers v. lift up storage! It would be a pain to have to move cushions and pillows anytime you needed something. I found a place on-line to get the seat cushions made to our exact measurements. Chose Sunbrella materials so they won't fade given the windows face west.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

flgargoyle, you paint a lovely picture. If our grandson hadn't made our wider window seat his new 'banquette', I'd be moving a hanging plant in there right now. We put a small game table (with legs, not a pedestal) up against the seat for him.

tomalyse, I agree! Our seats have doors, not drawers, but they are t0y storage, so, much easier for small kids to access. I chose not to add hardware, so that nothing sticks out into the room. We didn't attach the seats permanently--we plan to add a piece of cove molding on each side to hold the decks in place, while allowing them to slide in and out. Easier for grandparents to access storage, if necessary!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Take a look at this ideabook on HOUZZ.
About windowseats.

Here is a link that might be useful: Windowseat ideas

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I liked the concept of the existing kitchen in your home, on windows you mean I think that's important because it will make your kitchen look more room nice and elegant.

Here is a link that might be useful: retractable screen

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Hmmmm, another brand newly registered spammer with a link which is totally "off the wall."

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