It's Father's Day

luvstocraftJune 17, 2007

Hi Anj (and any others who may be stopping by here). Just thought I'd say good morning and see what your plans are for celebrating Father's Day.

Little GD is coming over around noon, then we are going to DS' house for dinner when we take her home. I made my chocolate layer dessert that is a family favorite. Not sure what DIL has on the menu. Her Mom and Dad are here from Costa Rica, so nice to all be together.

Do you buy gifts? Sometimes DH and I don't for each other, but this year I did. Got him a couple shirts and some new cologne. Got DS some shirts too. And a coffee mug with a special saying on it for DIL's Dad. Not very creative, but at least a gift for each of them.

I'm working on a painting project--just not a fun one. Trying to get the trim on the shed repainted. Harder and more time consuming than I thought--been doing lots of scraping and sanding. Weather too hot right now too.

Well, Happy Father's Day to all the special Dads in your family. I'll catch you later.


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My youngest DB invited my parents and all of us over to his house for a Father's Day bbq. So we just went over there. I usually do get my DH, Dad and FIL a gift. My FIL knows his will be late every year anyway since we have to ship it and I'm not as organized as I wish I was. We are getting him some Clint Eastwood movies that he likes. Gave my dad some cologne. Got DH cologne too and took him out to eat at Texas Roadhouse Saturday night.

Sounds like ya'll had a good day.

I have got to get my painting area organized. I've got too many projects looking me in the face when I go in there and I think it's overwhelming me too much. I think if I only leave 2 out I'll be able to finish those and move on.

Hope you get that shed finished. Sounds like a big job. We are taking out our old chain link fence in prep for the new fence. The people who put in the old posts concreted the poles in with 3 feet of concrete! we have had a terrible time getting them out and now there is a section connected to our neighbors drive that is concreted all the way across that we'll have to bust up. I've been trying to help DH, but I'm not too muscular so it's really falling on him to do most of it. Good news is only a few more weeks until the new fence goes in!! We are really getting excited.

I've got to get DD ready to go on a church youth trip so been running around trying to get her things together. Got to go do a little shopping today to finish up. DS has to build some kind of box car for a Scout thing next week and we haven't started on that. You know how it is, just one thing after the other with these kids and their activities.
Guess I'd better get up from here and get started on something. ~Anj

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Yeah! You finally had a holiday where someone else did the cooking. Good for you Anj.

I know what you mean about seeing too many projects and feeling overwhelmed. Good idea to put them all out of the way except for just a couple. I was always that way at work too---actually had a pending drawer so that I only had the immediate paperwork I needed out on my desk. (Bad thing about that at work is that everyone always thinks you are caught up and tries to give you even more!) LOL

Bet you have one of those big family calendars so you can keep up with all the deadlines and activities for everyone, don't you? DH and I have a small magnetic one stuck on the door of the refrigerator. His stuff is written in blue, and mine is in red. It's a lifesaver sometimes--except that I sometimes forget what day of the week it is! LOL

I got the primer on the shed, now just need to do the actual painting tonight or tomorrow morning while it is cooler. Will be glad to have it done. Not as fun as craft painting.

Your fence removal sounds pretty hard. The people who put the fence in sure meant for it to be sturdy, didn't they? Know you will be happy to have your new one in and to be able to start your planting.


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Amen on the cooking thing! It was nice not to be the hostess for a change and my DB is not a bad little bbq'er so the food was good.

I got some big rubbermade boxes to separate out my projects yesterday. I do have a pretty big desktop calendar up on my "control center" wall and everyone has a different colored marker so I can keep up with stuff. I thought I'd have more time for things when the kids got out of school, but no, it's worse!! ha I just got my new Country Sampler mag and it has lots more ideas in it that I want to try. I've got to focus!! ha I told myself no more trips to the TS until I get some of these projects I've got lined up finished.

I would have to agree that house/shed painting is not nearly as fun as craft painting. ha I have still not finished my stairwell so I have it on the calendar to do on Friday. We'll see if it gets put off again. ha

Yes, they definitely didn't want that old fence going anywhere. I think it would have stopped a herd of wild elephants. ha I was taking out fence last night in my dreams.

Hope you are having a good day and some nice weather.
:) ~Anj

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