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luvstocraftMay 26, 2008

Hi Anj, I can't find the other post where we were discussing our outdoor swings, so will just start a new post. Did I show you this post on GJ? It's about half way down the page and shows how they use wood to make the seat and back, then you could paint it and add cushions. Just an option.

Mine does have the seat and back, but sits better with the cushion on it. I bought a pair of curtains at the TS and was going to try to cover the existing cushion--but didn't like the way the floral fabric looked on it.

Individual chair cushions seem to run around $30, so in the long run, it might just be better to fork out the $99.00 for a whole new swing with the new awning and cushions! I'm thinking that even though mine is faded, it just might make it one more summer. LOL


Here is a link that might be useful: Repair for outside swing

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Hey Luvs, my mom's swing is just like hers. I had been watching the post to see if she'd post the instructions, but then forgot about it like I do. ha Thank you for posting the follow up. Very clever to use the clamps. Mom's is just starting to look a little worn on the edges so it will probably last at least thru this year, but I wanted to know what to do with it when it croaks. ha I hate sending something to the landfill if we can keep it going. Her's looks so nice.

On yours, if it can last one more year, maybe hit the stores at the end of the season to find some cushions on clearance sale? They usually mark then down pretty good. ~Anj

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