What is my house style?

fairymeadowsMay 23, 2008

I'm completely stumped when what to call the style of my house. It was built in the early sixties and it's just over 1800 square feet including the basement. The exterior walls are stucco and we have a brick wall on the front lower half (it's a planter that hasn't been filled in yet). Please excuse the colors of the house as I'm about to repaint it. Even though you go up a few steps to the front door, it's not exactly a bilevel so what the heck is it?


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A raised ranch? Tri-level? Is it one floor with a full basement or 2/3 levels?

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It's one floor with a basement.

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From the side photo my guess is a raised ranch. Not to be confused with a tri or bi-level, since you have one floor and walk directly into the main level.

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I can't help, but here is a.....

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Yes, a ranch house, and very pretty too!

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It's a ranch. I lived in a house like that when I was in high school only the garage wasn't attached.

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In New England a "raised ranch" is a two story house with entrance midway between the two and stairs to each level. Out west we called it a "split level". This is the only place I've heard the term "raised ranch". Nobody builds them anymore and they are hard to sell.

As pointed out, this house is not a "raised ranch". It is simply a ranch house set up off the ground to take advantage of a basement that otherwise would have been too shallow to use. Attractive house with a lot of possibility!

Dayle Ann

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We have raised ranch homes aplenty here in Missouri and Kansas. The picture really doesn't look like a raised ranch but it does look like a bi-level. It isn't a split level because there aren't enough levels.

I think the design of the house has more to do with the slope of the land and this worked out as the most functional to build.

When I lived in California I never saw homes like this but, then again, you can't really have a basement due to the threat of earthquakes.


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If it doesn't have any hallways it's a bungalow.

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