I am working on a project

luvstocraftMay 14, 2007

Hi Anj, Just want you to know that I am working on a project. Just a garden sign, but has lots of objects on it--many of them small, so it is not going very fast.

You know what? Regular painting is so slow now compared to doing the One Stroke flowers IMHO. ;o)


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Oh good Luvs. Can't wait to see it. I can see how it would be hard to settle down to a long project after doing the quick one-stroke.
It's pretty slow around here, but I realize that it's summer and everyone is working in the yard and doing other things....like I am. ha Hope you don't think when I commented the other day about you hiding out over in Holidays that I'm sulking cause you weren't over here or anything. ha You never know how things will come across when typing, ya know. I started thinking about it after I posted it hoping it didn't come across that way. I'm glad I can "see" you there and the junk yard too when things are slow here. Also glad to see that you are able to use some of your painted items in your tablescapes. I think that was a little something different for those ladies and I think they liked it a lot.:) I know I did! Even though I don't do any of that yet, I still like to look!
Well, I still have a few things "in progress", some cans, picnic basket, fan blades, a sign and a pot for my SIL to name a few. But....once again I'm off to the TS today. ha I can't stay away. Have to go at least once a week. I can't think that I may be missing out on something. Someone beat me to this cool old bench last week. If I'd only gone into the outdoor part a little sooner!! May have lunch with my DM today too if she's available.
Anyway, hope you have a wonderful sunny day. I think spring has finally sprung here. My rhododendrons and clematis are blooming. So pretty. And my blueberry bushes are blooming. MMm Even though they are still small I hope to get a few berries off of them this year! ~Anj

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So nice to find your message this morning. Yes, I wish our forum were busy like some of the others too. But I always check here first before I head over there to see what's going on. If I could just get in gear and paint more projects, I'd have something to post here.

You sure have lots of things waiting to be painted. That's always nice to have them ready so you can paint when the mood hits (and time allows).

Too bad about missing that bench. Can't believe your TS has an outdoor section! None around here have that. You would think they would since were in sunny (not today yet) California.

DH had to go into L.A. for meetings today. I'm thinking about making a TS run too. Debating between that and digging out some stuff around here and getting it finished up. I have a box of wood pieces already cut out, and lots of odds and ends I've picked up here and there. Really need to either use them or clear them out. I can be such a pack rat sometimes.

You never need to worry that I will take what you say (type) wrong. I know how nice you are--and i know your cute little sense of humor.

I enjoy playing around with the tablesettings, but it is sort of crazy since we seldom entertain at home anymore. Usually just go to restaurants now. And I love seeing all the ideas and those fancy inspiration pics--totally out of my league, but still fun. LOL And those ladies are so nice too. I still enjoy GJ too, but with my 13 totems, four BB's, and one set of stacked pots in my tiny backyard--there's not allot more I can add.

Don't you just love when all the flowers start blooming? How great that you will have some fresh blueberries. Hmmm, a little fresh blueberry sauce over ice cream while sitting outside enjoying the sun and flowers. Now that sounds like an ideal day!

Have fun shopping, I'll be eagerly waiting for your pics.


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Hey Luvs~ I got a few things at the TS today. I have some pics to show you, but just remember.....You asked for it. ha There are quite a few since I shot some from this week and last week and kept forgetting stuff so had to go find them instead of loading them all up on one pic. Hope you don't mind. Here goes.....
The 2 baskets were $1.50 ea, christmas tree .25, got 8 of those wooden gingers for $2, the old looking leather picture frames were .50, the little cow thing was from Pampered Chef for .25, got a bag with about 10-12 of those little stuffed gingers, welcome star sign has metal letters, and another bag of wooden eggs for $1 ea, and the little sprite for my flower bed and wooden mittens .50 ea. Plus a few books for the kids and a little Dora the Explorer toy for Neleh for about .25 ea.

Last week:
I think everything was a $1, .50 or .25 cents...

I need to make a grubby candle for this holder.

Can you believe this was painted purple and green when I bought it. Probably why it was only a $1. ha

This fleece was still wrapped in it's paper from the store and had the original store label on it.

A few outside things. Haven't decided what I'm going to put in the metal heart (plant or candle). It's just hanging in my tree right now.

These candle holders are heavy and black if you can't tell from the pic.

In the middle of repainting this sign.

I think that's everything besides a few little books and odds and ends that I may have left out. I love the TS! ha ~Anj

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OMG! Anj, I wanna come go TSing with you! I can't even pick a favorite, I love it all. You really found some great stuff, gal.

Those baskets will look so cute with a painted design on top, and you can always find a use for both the wooden and cloth gingers--made me think of Craftylady's boxes with the candle light in them.

I can't believe you found that little stitchery and the picture is my kind of thing too. The rustic heart is great, love the rust on it. That little doll will be perfect for all the red, white and blue holidays coming up--actually all year too for a patriotic theme. Love the sundial and the little cherub or angel, so precious. Birdhouses and candleholders are always good finds, and that welcome sign is great--hope you have just the perfect spot to hang it.

You had a very good shopping day and at great prices. Good for you.

I started to go, then decided I needed to do some stuff around the house so didn't. Hope I didn't miss out on too much good stuff.


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Hey Luvs~ I tried to post late last night, but this forum wouldn't let me. I was being bad. It was 10pm and I was eating ice cream right out of the box! DH was working late and the kids were all in bed so I thought I'd treat myself. I probably won't thank myself while I'm exercising today though, will I? :P

I'm glad you liked my treasures. My whole house is decorated with classic TS. ha You can go thrift shopping with me anytime! I'd love it! The one TS that I like best has an outdoor area for bigger items. It is covered and fenced around it though so nothing is out in the elements or anything. I'm pretty excited because I think they are building a new one right close to my house so I won't have to drive clear across town to get my fix. ha There are a good many around here and each one kind of has more of one thing than another. Like one has more wood items. Yesterday there were bags and bags of wood cutouts. Another always has a really good selection of pictures. Another one I go to for books. Kind of funny how certain areas have more of certain items donated.

I have a red white and blue thing going on in my house so the Americana stuff gets traded in and out and around.
I have another basket like that smaller one that I'm painting right now. They both have leather hinges that I like. Anyway, I'm totally addicted as you can see. It's a treasure hunt for me. ha And now I'm rhyming. :D

Well, hopefully I'll get done with at least one of my many projects today to post. I plan on working on finishing up several, but some things are just getting painted black so nothing fun to show. Have a great Wednesday!! ~Anj

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Hi Anj, With all the people you care for everyday, I'd say you deserve a treat. Funny how we think we'll just have a bite right out of the carton--then it ends up being more than if we'd put it in a bowl! LOL Been there done that--many times. ;o)

My house too has lots of TS items. I love to find a bargain for few dollars. Gives me my shopping fix and doesn't break the bank either.

I used to really decorate country style--mainly because I could make just about anything work including my painted items. Then I sort of went a little less country and more country victorian because I love lace and roses, etc. Sort of got stuck there. While I can admire and appreciate the new PB look and clean lines, it just wouldn't work for me. Besides, I am retired so can't be changing out a bunch of perfectly good furniture and stuff! LOL But it is fun to change a picture or add a new TS find to a shelf.

I'm working at a little antique/collectibles store for the next three days so probably won't get to work on my painted garden sign much.

I'll be watching on here for your finished projects and hopefully a few other painters projects too.


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Well, a few things came up and I didn't get to paint like I wanted to, but hopefully tomorrow. We spent most of the day today getting estimates for our fence. Got it bought, but now have to wait 6 weeks to get it installed. Going to have to be without a fence at all for a few weeks so don't know how that is going to work out with kids and dog. We'll just have to make it work. We have chain link right now and are going with a vinyl privacy fence. It's going to be soooo nice.
Anyway, don't know if you'll be stopping in here since you will be working. Have you worked at this place before or is this somewhere new? DH keep saying he's going to get a sitter and take me antiquing and to the swap meet one Saturday, but it hasn't worked out yet. I wouldn't be much use working there like you do. I'd be too busy oogling the merchandise. ha Anyway, have fun. ~Anj

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Hi Anj, thought I'd check the forums before I go to bed. No, I haven't worked at this store before. It is just down the street from the other store where I used to work. The two owners were friends so I got acquainted with this owner when he would stop by.

He called a month or so ago to see if I'd run the store for him while he and his wife went on this trip. With just a few basics, it is pretty much the same as the other store. I'm actually really flattered that he trusted me enough to ask for my help. I really enjoyed myself today, the store is small and cozy. I had about 63 customers, and tonight was market night. There was a band playing country music and all the vendor booths in the street. Tomorrow probably won't be very busy, but I should be busy on Saturday. He told me I could bring a book, but I won't. I plan to go around and do allot of dusting for him. He has a bad knee, so the lower shelves get a bit neglected. I had fun today checking out all the merchandise--and yes, found a few things I'll have to have. There goes my paycheck! LOL

Glad you are getting your new privacy fence. That will be so nice. They say the vinyl is great, lasts a long time and never needs painted.

I'll check in tomorrow night when I get home. Have a good day.


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How nice of you to go the extra mile and do the dusting for him. That is pretty great that he knew your reputation enough to have you run the whole thing for him while he's gone. 63 customers is pretty good business I'd say.
I forgot my mom is working summer hours and starting today gets every Friday off for the rest of the summer. She has enlisted me to run her around today so no painting....again! ha Those unfinished things are calling to me! Who knows how crazy tomorrow will be but I'm hoping I'll get in a little brush time. You have a good time being the "owner" of all that cool stuff for another day! Hope you'll share those must have purchases! Yes, even if they are dishes. ha ;) ~Anj

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Hey~ took my mom to the TS with me today. I found a neat Carol Endres print for $3. It has a cow on it and it looks pretty primitive. I know!! Another cow! What will my DH say? ha My DM probably thinks it's the ugliest thing she's ever seen, but I really like it a bunch. My camera is charging and I'll try to get a pic for you to see later. ~Anj

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Good for you on finding the print. Yeah, it is hard when we are passionate about something and our families just don't get it. Glad you got to spend time with your Mom.

Prices at this store are lots higher than TS. I have found a picture that I want for my kitchen eating area. Found several other things I like, just not sure about the prices. And do I NEED them! LOL

Got to go get ready. I'll catch you later.


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I can't get a good shot of that picture. Too much glare. This is the best I can get of it. It's a print, but it's signed. She is an American Folk Artist. Found a lot of her work online, but haven't found this picture yet.

Antique stores usually are more expensive, but they sure have some neat stuff. I understand the dilema of do you need it. I go thru that every time I buy something. I don't usually actually need it, but I ask myself do I "love" it, will I use it and do I have a place for it. If I answer yes to all then I get it.

I got one thing painted last night and it's in the gallery. Go take a peak. ~Anj

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That's a nice print Anj. Love the sort of antiquey look of it. Is it on canvas? Almost looks like stitchery in the pic. Good find.

I took the keys back to the shop owner and picked up my pay. He paid me a dollar an hour more than I expected and gave me an extra $25.00 bonus for all the cleaning and organizing. I told him that was not necessary, that I did that because I wanted to keep busy and thought it might be helpful to him--but he said he appreciated all my hard work and insisted on giving me the extra. ;o) He said he will be having knee surgery, and may call me to help during that time.

Well, you are finishing all kinds of projects, and mine is laying there partially finished.:o( Maybe I will designate tomorrow afternoon as painting time and get some more done on it. Can't expect you to be the only one keeping things moving on here now can I? LOL

Got my new Quick & Easy Painting mag today. Has some cute ideas in there. I met a girlfriend for dinner, then spent some time looking through the mag after I got home.


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Morning Luvs~ The pic does look like it's on canvas or that it's stitched on material. I had to look closely at it before I saw that it is just a print. Up on the wall you can't tell it's not.

Well, how nice that the guy gave you a bonus for going the extra mile like you did. Good work ethic always pays off.

I just got the April Painting mag from the library yesterday. It has some fun stuff in it. I looked at the Q&E Painting online and I love that scoop and the the candle lamps. I hope they have them in at Wally's when I go this week.

Today is my 15 year anniversary and both DH and I forgot. So much going on. He hurt his back real bad Sat and has been off work. Hoping it feels better today and maybe we can go to a nice restaurant for lunch. If not then we'll do something this weekend to celebrate. Have a good day. ~Anj

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Good morning! Happy Anniversary. Hope your DH's back is better. If not, just go get take out and bring it back. You can shoo the kids to the other room or outside,then put the food on pretty plates and light a couple candles (oh wait, that's on the other forum isn't it? Ha ha) Anyway, you can have a "mini" anniversary dinner for now at least.

Yeah, that whole work ethic thing comes from my Dad, I think. He always said "You asked for the job, so do it well." Also comes from being in Supervision for years and wishing employees would show some initative to do things without having to be told! LOL Besides, the time really does pass faster when you keep busy.

Well, got a couple more places to check, then need to get busy around here. I'll catch you later.


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