efficient small ranch plans? Please?

measure_twiceMay 3, 2007

Anyone have simple single story plans?

We are having a very difficult time finding useful, efficient ranches for a single story. Most of the plans on the large web sites are unmitigated junk, depositing rooms here and there, master suites the size of our entire current house, and growing bump-outs and gables like tumors. And what is it with a kitchen bar, dinette, and dining room?

Here are our living desires:

1) 3 bedrooms and a multi purpose (swing) room for library or guests

2) 2 full bathrooms

3) Mudroom with dog-washing area or connect to a bathroom

4) mudroom from outside to kitchen

5) walk in or large closet for one bedroom

6) living and dining areas, could be combined

7) stairs to basement

8) bathrooms to be accessible from public spaces, not accessible only through the big bedroom.

I think this can be fit easily within 2000 sq ft or less, perhaps no less than 1750 sq ft. A house that large would seem huge to us. Here in New England it would have an equal sized basement!

The idea is to have all amenities on a single level as we age, ADA accessable, New England needs a mud room, and we have varying numbers of family guests and dogs.

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You might think about hiring an architect to do some plans for you. They can do a single story home that fits the style common in the neighborhood and probably have it not look too "ranchy". You can give them your ideas for layout and what is going to be the most functional for you and your family. I know there is a cost involved with this, but in the end, I think you might be happiest with the outcome. There are most certainly some ugly ranch styles out there. I have a split level and I know that's not the preference for many people but for me, it's fine and it's a good functioning style/size for me at the moment. Same thing with some of the tri levels I've been in with a somewhat more contemprorary look. You just have to find something that is going to work for you. Good luck and check out those architects.

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Make a bubble diagram of how you want each of your rooms laid out in relationship to each other, make a list of what you want in each room (doesn't have to be on the diagram) and then an overall idea of what sort of style you want your house in and then either find an architect or if your state allows owner/builders, then perhaps a draftsperson familiar with the building code in your area to draw up the plans for you.

Many times architects get paid on a percentage of the finished house costs, so to keep the budget reasonable see if you can get them to work for a set fee instead of a percentage of finished costs. Or perhaps for more money if they can keep it under a certain budget. Sort of a "give them an extra couple thousand if they can save you an extra forty thousand" sort of approach.

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I have this in 1470 sq feet. The bathrooms are small, as is the master bedroom walk in closet. I have alot of space in hallways and stairs to the basement - I wanted wide hallways and doors and stairs to accomodate moving furniture, someone with a walker, a wheelchair.
I could try to email you my floor plan. I do not have the builders plans but they usually have a drafter that can work from your floorplan. My dog washing "station" is in the garage which is insulated and sheetrocked. The mudroom is sort of a small walkthrough from the garage to the kitchen. Its plumbed for w/d but mine is downstairs. Its not big enough to be a mudroom and a w/d really but as you age you need less mudroom I think and w/d on main floor.
I think adding 2 feet to the width of the house making it a little over 1500 would have been much better in many respects. But overall its pretty nice.

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If you look at plans creatively, you will probably find a great many that would suit you with just a little modification. This one is just an example of what you could do. If the link doesn't work, go to EPlans.com and search for HWEPL01378.

Looking at this plan, imagine the master bedroom and "master bath" switched. The bath fixtures and the closet might have to be rearranged a bit, but then the bath would be accessible from the hall. For the mudroom, pull the front wall of the garage out about 6-8 feet (I'd go with 8 feet) and create a utility room next to the kitchen, connecting to the tiny laundry room. These are very doable changes. Most plan companies will make the changes for you for a small fee.

This is just one plan that could be revamped to work for you. I think a LARGE mudroom for messy animals is a wonderful idea!

Here is a link that might be useful: Example of a plan that can be changed to suit you

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Do a Google for Modular home manufacturers. I'm not saying to go modular but a number of them have floorplans on their websites. From basic to well, just about anything you want.
We're in Vermont and a mudroom can always be added as that's just a covered entrance. But it also acts as a second exterior door and prevents heat loss in winter.

Wre have a nodular and the biggest advantage to going this way is the short building season up here. As we too are getting older all our interior doors are 36 inches. Including the bathroom.

And you can have everything on your list in a modular.

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measure twice,
Check out this little gem! http://www.globalhouseplans.com/plan_details.asp?id=370&st=10

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Thank you!

It looks reasonable, and it is only 1650 sq ft. You have no idea how important a mudroom is with 7 large dogs.[wry grin)

BTW, I came across an interesting house book "Patterns of Home" by some of the authors of "A Pattern Language"(APL) I'll post more in a separate thread, but I mention it because the plan you posted separates the couple's area from the other family areas, similar to what APL suggests.

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We have similiar requirements and are seriously considering this plan (about 1450 sq ft w/ revisions):

original plan (1368 sq ft)

Identical but larger plan (1822 sq ft)


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