Happy Mother's Day

luvstocraftMay 8, 2011

Just wanted to wish all my lovely friends here a very Happy Mother's Day.


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Hope you had a great day with the family. I spent part of the day with the kids and then I painted a metal tray - I am not finished with it yet.


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Luvs...you are so thoughtful! TY and hope your day was filled with sunshine!

Nice to see that everything went find with you Anj....now just follow your Drs orders, it will make a difference down the road.

Luvs....I can never remember the name of the silly flowers I plant each year, they kind of look like Morning Glory, and yes they do trail. I am hoping our cold weather have moved on and will spend some time this week picking up plants, so it will freeze next week!

Just finished the turkeys, some go fast and some slow. Went to a garage sale and found several new wood pieces, including a hinged lid, recipe card box. Now I need to choose a pattern for the top. Been thinking of a rooster -----but then my only "not yet finished" painting is of a roost, so not a rooster. I have a Scarecrow on the Moon sealed and ready at go, then lots of Christmas tags. Thankgoodness I'm not painting the same thing or I think I would quit. Actually taking most of the day off to chatch up on housework, never thought I would rather do housework than paint, guess I need a break.

Bebe...hope to see your tray soon, when you base them, do you use a spray paint or bottled? I have picked up a couple of different shaped trays and need to prep them.

Better get with it....Ya'all take care!!!!!


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The SUN IS SHINING! Wonder of Wonders!!! It is supposed to be in the high 60's, gosh I might have heat stroke! My kitty is laying next to my painting chair in a square of sun, soaking up the heat.

Hope all are well, Anj....hope you are healing and feeling better. Punk..how is the new shop going and Luvs, I bet it is really warm there in S. Calif.

My Sweet Peas and Nasty's are just peeking throught and all of the various varities of weeds are growing like weeds. DH and DGS demolished DGS tree house/fort. DH built it when DGS was born, from scrap lumber and it was getting a little wobbly. It was fun watching them in their quest, although I think DGS was quite sad, anyway, they would remove lumber and wheel it out to a corner of our property, add it to the bonfire and sit back in their reclining lawn chairs and watch the fire.

I took the day off yesterday and didn't paint at all, I almost feel guilty. Did clean up my painting area and then cleaned every surface in the kitchen, even re-orginized the pantry, it was just getting so cluttered and I hate clutter, well dis-orginized clutter.

We invested in a new camera and so far I haven't been able to produce better picture than the old, EasyShare camera that wouldn't turn on or once on, off. Guess I need to read the instructions about another 100 times. Never did learn about stops and apatures (appatures?) and such. And the worst part of the camera is if it doesn't do what I want it to do I can't complain, I picked it out.

Well, better get back to my latest project, two pilgrims for Thanksgiving.

Take care!


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You are such a busy bee, Miss Belle. I'm so glad your weather warmed up a little. We've been having some showers and temps have dropped enough that you need a jacket! How about that for sunny California? LOL

Had my brother and sil here last week and did three events for little grandaughter's birthday so was pretty busy with shopping and parties. It was lots of fun though. DH is on new medication and it seems to be helping some--so greatful for that!

Haven't started a painting project, but do have one in mind as a gift for a friend so need to get busy on it. I helped a neighbor gal make some cute tags for presents she was mailing to her granddaughter, and I made a little card this morning. It was fun to get back to doing something "creative".

Anj, we are waiting to hear how you are doing. Hope you have been able to get lots of rest and just sit and paint to your heart's content this week. Let us hear from you when you can.

Punk, are things getting busier or finally slacking off a bit? You have been like me and just not able to get in the painting mood haven't you? Let's hope both of us get over that soon and get productive with our paint brushes again.

I had my sil go through a bin of "extras" I had painted and had in the shed. Told her to take any she thought her grown daughters might like too. Now I can get busy and restock it for my next house guests, right? LOL

Hope you are all having a great week. I'll chat again soon.


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Hi Everyone!

Again, we are being favored with warm weather, low 70's today and I am taking time off from painting to do some power washing, DH and I take turns. The lattice work takes the longest, but it is nice to see it change from a sickly green to the brilliant white it should be.

Luvs...sound like you have been busy, and painting gifts is alway an upper! And it nice to have family and friends stay over, but also nice when they leave. Guess I getting old and set in my ways. So, what do you have out for the summer? signs? planters? I really want to get a small patio table, but DH said he has plans for a new base, so there goes that thought. It's round and will sit 8 easily and is from the 50's. I need to have the chairs re-caned, so many chores to do.

It is so much fun sitting here by my window, painting while watching my kitty watch the squirl or birds. They just don't seem to care that they are food for a cat, but then, maybe they know about windows. And I had to save a bunny from my puppy, he thought it was a new toy and wasn't fazed a bit when a doe walked through the yard....big doe...little dog...being smart...not barking.

Our DS and wife are on a cruise to Alaska, we will pick them up in Seattle on Sunday. Our Dear Kids want to give us this trip for our 50th. As it doesn't spark my plugs now, what are we going to think about it in two years......Maybe their excitement will, Ah! Heck! That's two years away, I'll worry about it then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Better get working before the heat gets me down. hehehe

Anj and Punk...long time, no see!


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