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learningtopaintMay 20, 2008

Hi All

Well here I am!! There isn't really much to tell. I started painting last year. A friend from Ontario came for a visit with her kids for two weeks. At night after the husbands and kids were in bed she would try to show me how to Tole paint. Some of it stuck but a lot just didn't make sense. Maybe it was the wine!!!!

She teaches tole painting also. She showed me the basic things I needed to know. I just don't seem to understand shading and highlighting. I can't figure out what to highlight and what to shade.

Because I am not very good I do most of my painting on Rocks. If I don't like what I have painted I can just through the rock back into the woods. If I like it I keep it.

My husband loves walking in the woods with the dogs and brings me out rocks all the time. I have had to tell him I will only keep the rocks that stand up on their own.

I paint landscapes, lighthouses, and cutesy things. I did a stepping stone for a friends birthday but for the most part they are just rocks with pictures on them.

Don't get me wrong, I also have a room full of things to paint. Boxes, picture frames, welcome signs. Things I can find at the Thrift stores that I just have to have.

I have tried to paint flowers....what a mistake that was. They are a lot harder then they look.

I think a lot of my problem is understanding the instructions in the books. I usually try to do what the book says and then end up doing it my way. Which of course doesn't look right most times.

But with all that said I try to paint everyday. Sometimes I like what I have done but most times I end up painting over the rock until it frustrates me and I put it away and start a different picture. But I keep at it.

So there you have it. A whole book about me. As I said in one of the posts, people tell me I talk to much. And that is why I stay quiet on here.

So thank you for your time. I will try and figure out how to sent pictures so you can see what I mean about doing it my way.

Have a great day


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learningtopaint sounds like you are heading in the right way with your painting, after all it is doing what we love! practice every time you have a chance and you might enjoy a "live" class.Michael's and Hobby Lobby have classes, at least where i live.Just stay with it and it will give you pleasure the rest of your life.Would love to see pictures of your work!

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Hi Sue...thanks for posting about you. And Yay...another Thrifter! You'll have to share any good deals you get. I think Luvs and I go about once a week...well, I do anyway. Totally addicted. My Dh just rolls his eyes up and shakes his head. ha
Good for you for keeping at the painting. If it's something you enjoy then you shouldn't give it up. That's the only way you'll get better is practice practice practice. I'm self taught, but the first time I picked up a paint brush I knew it was for me. It is my total stress releaser. I've been painting for about 15 years or so and I still have a lot to learn. I'm going to try to take some classes when all my kids get in school...see if they can unteach some of my bad habits (like only using tiny brushes!) ha
There used to be a newbie post somewhere, but I don't feel like going to find it. ha I'll just tell you a little about me. I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids ages 13, 10, 8 and almost 4. My DH works long hours and is in the middle of starting his own company too so feels like I'm a single mom. My parents live in a MIL apartment in our house. My DM is retired and not always in good health so I spend a lot of time running her to dr appts and errands. My kids are active in Scouting and church groups so I run them around quite a bit too.
I don't get to paint much, but every once in a while I have to take a day off and paint all day. I've got projects for days waiting to be done. ha Ok, there's my history book for ya. ha Glad to have you here! We are all yappers so you'll fit right in. ha
Any other lurkers who want to come out and introduce yourselves, now is the time!! I gotta get going. Somebody has to cook supper and I've been elected by default. ha ~Anj

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Hi Sue, Glad you came over here to chat with us a bit. Love it that your DH encourages you so much. That is so great that he looks for rocks for you to paint on. ;o) So what kind of dogs do you have? Do they like to lay close by and keep you company while you paint? Mine sure do. I have two Golden Retrievers, one 8 and one 1 1/2. They are my buddies--no matter what I'm doing, they are right there with me.

I've only stenciled on rocks so far, but I've sure seen some pretty painted ones. In fact, one lady has a book out that is all about painting rocks. I love going to the TS to look for items that I can paint on. Even things like colandars, flour sifters, old trays look so great when painted. And I love it if I find a neat looking wooden birhouse or a bread box, even some metal cannisters to repaint.

I've painted since the mid 80's, I started because I wanted to paint things for my home. I was lucky enough to take a class taught by a co-worker in her garage. She was so good about reassuring us, and showing us little "cheats" to make things easier. Things like using the ends of the brush to make two dots side by side, then pull the paint in the middle to make a cute heart, or dip a q-tip in alcohol to remove even dried paint if you goof up or just don't like it. And she would help each of us individually--I really learn best when I can watch someone, then try it myself with them watching me. Sure wish she hadn't moved away--I still have allot to learn! LOL

Planning a project and painting it was always my stress reliever from a very stressful job. Amazing all the problems I solved while working on a project! I loved it so much and it was so expensive to buy cutouts, so I learned to use a scroll saw and starting cutting my own wood. The smell of wood is still a favorite--do they make a cologne in that fragrance??? LOL I don't normally sell my painted items, just use them myself or sometimes for gifts. I sure wish I would have thought to take pictures of all the things I've made--didn't do that until I found this forum

I had a wonderful friend/neighbor who used to paint with me, but she passed away several years ago. Finding this forum and making friends with Anj has sure helped to fill that void for me. I don't know how Anj ever finds time to paint, she is so busy, but love it that she does and that she comes here to chat.

You can't talk too much here, we love to hear about projects and even what is going on in each other's lives--so please keep joining us.


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Well Hi All

It is good to hear from all of you. I wasn't sure if you really wanted to know about me but I sure am glad to hear about all of you.

My hubby has been a great support to me. He really likes the fact that rocks don't cost anything. He carries home huge ones, small ones, everything you can imagine. The rocks I didn't use he built me a rock wall around my flowers, that way I can go out any time and get whatever shape and size I need.

We have 3 dogs that he walks. A huge black lab, and two little Jack Russells. I walk them all day and he takes over in the evenings.

I have 3 boys one is 24, one 21 and the one we can't get rid of is 20. The 24 year old moved to Prince Edward Island last year. The 21 year old has a girlfriend and they live in Dartmouth and the 20 year old lives here with us. He says he will never leave. Mom does his cooking and cleaning and laundry. He works everyday and pays rent so it isn't that bad. (ya right)haha

My hubby has been in the Canadian Navy for 31 years. Last winter he was in a car accident that left him with a broken leg and crushed knee. So after a year of rehab he walks with a limp but like you Luvs he loves the smell of wood and being outside.

I also know what it is like to drive everyone around. When my kids were younger I so right there with them. I used to volunteer in their schools so I would be able to help them with their homework. In the summers we spent a lot of time at beach and museums(bad spelling) So I to know what it is like to be a single parent a lot of the time. I really think it helps kids now a days to know that their parents care and will always be there for them. Good for you Anj. the payoff is worth it in the end. Even though they don't appreciate (bad spelling again) it.

I joined Photobucket yesterday so hopefully we will be able to figure out how to send pictures for you all to see.

I have the opposite bad habit Anj. it seems I can only paint with big brushes. When I try the smaller ones I see what I have painted and have to start over.

Well I better quit now. You will get bored reading all of this. Sorry!!!! I have never had a problem with talking.
Well take care

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You know I never get tired of chatting online. It's my only source of adult society most days. ha I'm here way too much. Really I try to only get on when I'm eating breakfast or lunch. I type fast so I can get a lot done.

It's raining here today and I'm going to try to get something painted. Rain lends itself to keeping people indoors anyway. ha Can you believe it was 90 degrees here yesterday and today it's back down to 60? Ugh, can it be summer already? ha How is the weather there in Canada?

I cannot paint well with big brushes. I get all sloppy and crazy when I get a big brush in my hand. The bigger the brush, the bigger my strokes get. ha The stress relief comes for me with the minute almost monotonous tiny strokes of my tiny brushes. ha But I do occasionally practice one stroke painting with my bigger brushes. Let's just say I need way more practice. ha Some people make it look so easy. Mine just looks like a preschooler fingerpainted. ha

Well, I'd better get off of here if I'm ever going to get anything painted today. Later~Anj

Oh, good luck on the picture posting. If you need any help at all just ask ok! ~A

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Hi Anj
Well just like you, it is raining here where I am today. It is only 9 here which is about 50 your temperature. I live on the Atlantic Ocean so it is colder here then most.

I am going to do some painting tonight also. But this time i'm going to try using only small brushes. Who knows maybe that will be the trick for me.

I'm also going to get hubby over here to read the Posting Pictures in the Discussion section.

Like you I can type pretty fast. When I was in high school that was one of the things we girls were taught. Not like today when they can get into Auto shop and construction. My how times have changed.

Our summer hasn't really got here yet. The warmest we have had so far is about 75. To me summer starts in and around 90. I love it hot.

Here on the coast we get the same weather as Maine. It is warm in the winter with only a little bit of snow, lots of rain in the spring and finally warm in about June.

I have also tried one stroke painting. You would think that would be easy. NOPE I have a good time trying though.

Well I better go supper is not going to cook itself I hear. It sure would be nice if it was magic like that.

Have a great night

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My supper just cooked itself. I just got online and ordered pizza. hahaaha My stomach is gnawing on my backbone since I only had a smoothie for lunch. Are you a good cook? I don't claim to be, but I try hard. ha If you have any good recipes you want to pass along I'm always trying new things. Can't stand eating the same things over and over, but I'm no gourmet so it's gotta be quick and easy usually.
Only got a few minutes of painting in today, but hopefully tomorrow will be better. DH called and had me working on some things and then I got sidetracked on some other work around the house. Usually the way it goes. I'll post pics if I get anything done tomorrow.
I gotta go herd kids. They are supposed to be doing homework, but I hear a bunch of wrestling going on instead. You know all about boys and wrestling I bet. ha Later~Anj

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My hubby loves pizza!!! I can take it or leave it. My thing is fish and chips. yum yum

I guess I'm a okay cook. .... I haven't killed anyone yet haha

I love to bake. That is my big down fall. I used to make fudge all the time. Then after I gained 80 pounds I realized I was the only one eatting the stuff. So I stopped making it. Now I buy it already done.hahah

I make a lot of cookies. The family loves choco chip cookies. Once again I can take it or leave it. I found it is cheaper to bake then buy stuff when the kids were little. I still make cinnamon rolls, bread, banana bread. But that is about as good as it gets now.

My 20 year old son that lives here with us LOVES the gym. He has big muscles and a nice tan and just won't eat any of the good things I make. He likes healthy eatting. What is that about!!!!!!!

My hubby eats whatever I put in front of him so he is pretty easy. As for the 80 pounds.....I still have them. It is really easy to put on but wow is it hard to take off!!haha

Boy do I ever remember the days of wrestling and cuts and stitches. All apart of growing up. Sometimes I miss those days....But not often. ha

We were alway busy with sports when the kids were little. As they got older they didn't spend as much time with sports, it became more immportant to drive cars and see girls. The youngest loved basketball for many years. He played on the high school team and went to many away games. WE always drove so we could watch the games and that is one of things I do miss. That was always fun.

I din't manage any painting yesterday. I started cleaning out my bedroom which lead to going through all the winter clothes and rearranging the furniture. Time flys when you are having fun.

Well I'm going to go. I told you I could talk!!!hahah
TAke care

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