flower picks for Punk

luvstocraftMay 17, 2010

Here's the fuchsias in my back yard that you wanted to see, Punk. Mine are pink ones. You did a wonderful job on the ones you painted on your tray. Luvs

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Beautiful!! If I can ever get my back flower beds ready for planting I am definitely planting one of those! Love it!

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Luvs, your fuchsias are stunning. I never in my wildest dreams would of thought they grew like this. Thank you so much for sharing.

Do you have to trim them or are they easy keepers? I'm so amazed at the size of them. So can you grow any of the varieties in your yard? Goes to show what our cold winters keep us from enjoying.


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These things grow like crazy and only get trimmed when I need to "shape" them up a bit. Who knows what they would look like if they belonged to someone who actually "knew" how to care for them! LOL We do have automatic sprinklers, so they get watered regularly and seem to do fine in the sun.

Do you know what a "jade" aka rubber plant is? Suculent with small teardrop shaped leaves? Growing up in Mo., my Mom always "babied" a small one in a flower pot. We moved out here and I was so amazed to see that they grew huge with trunks as big as small trees! I've always wished that she could have seen the ones in my side yard--I know she would be amazed too. LOL

I think all areas have both good and not so good points about them, but it is fun to see what grows where. At least you can paint some pretty fuchsias anytime you want them now. ;o)


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Luvs....your fuchsia tree is beautiful! Do you ever "pop" the buds?

Fuchsia's in baskets do very well here as well, but few tree survive the winters.

One of the plants I loved when we live in Santa Clara was the Hybiscus (sp ?) No chance of growing one here!


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I have a dark pink hibiscus that has survived 2 winters so far. Waiting to see if it's gonna come back this year. It looks like the woody stems are still green so hoping!! I'll take a pic for ya this year if it does!

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I haven't had good luck growing Hibiscus, but my DIL has a really pretty yellow one growing by her porch. I also have not been real successful with Hydrangas which I love too. Actually, there are so many flowers that I love! LOL

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I found out yesterday that you can't post back to back....I need to say I'm sorry to Punk and Bebe for getting their names mixed up....Sorry!

We took a long trip yesterday to a nursery to pick up several Smoky Purple False Indigo, really wanted the blue but could only get the purple. I think someone either at the nursery or the source need to go back to school and find out what a gallon looks like. What we got was not a gallon sized container, but then we were only buying the plants...still makes me steam a little!

It is stacking up to be another "what ever kind of weather you want, just wait a few minutes and you will get it" day so I am doing the laundry and painting....finally painting.

Do any of you have an online site where you purchase brushes and paint? I have tried several sites and the shipping is so expensive, but I am not finding what I need anywhere around here so I need to do it online. I know that decoart and other brands sell their paints but again at a higher cost.

Well, the laundry is calling...Take Care!


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Actually you can post back to back if you change the subject line. =) Gotta be tricky!! lol

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See =D

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Belle, I don't order online very much because the cost of the shipping irritates me because it just eats up any good price I've found.

You can order from Michael's, Joanne's and Hobby Lobby online and they often have coupons available too.

If I want to buy a new painting book, I will have to order from online--our Michael's no longer carries them. Doesn't matter much though, they hardly ever got any new ones in and usually not what I wanted anyway!

I'd really like to get more Renee Mullins and Sandra Malone books some day. Maybe I should look on Ebay or Amazon for some. Artists Club usually carries books and supplies too.


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Luvs....thanks for the info..never thought about Michaels etc. I do most of my buying from the Artists Club and really loved it when they had a store in Vancouver. They did two really big sales each year and OH! the savings. Books for a buck each and cut outs for almost nothing. Ah! the good old years.

I have found sseveral good books site but there again most have high S & H.

Well the sun is out so off to the year to plant some Nasturtiums. Had to pull all of the flower planters back in close to the house last night, first frost in about a month. Silly weather anyway!


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