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anjabeeMay 19, 2010

Thought I'd start a new thread for the week for our conversations. Got DH home sick today and the 5 yr old is out this week, but I'm going to try to paint. We'll see how that goes! ha I'm starting to get frustrated.

I have been working a little bit on trying to update the freebies post. A lot of the ones on the old list are gone and hoping to find some new ones to add. I'll add that over on Discussions as soon as I get it finished.

Not much going on here. Rained a bunch yesterday and this morning, but the sun is coming out so hopefully will dry things out .

I was at the TS the other day and found Pat Olsons' Christmas Classics book for .25cents along with an old glass telephone pole topper .50 and an ugly flower tree that I immediately dismantled as soon as I got it home. ha It was $1 but I wanted the rusty bells that were the centers of the flowers. Will use the other parts for other projects I'm sure. The base is a big chunky flower with a thick twisted wire. I'm just gonna turn it upside down and paint the base to look more like a flower and stick in the ground as a plant poke outside. ha I'll take a picture if I remember. Anyhow, gonna go get a few little things done so I can paint. Cya! ~Anj

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Good morning, Anj, and all. I haven't been writing much lately since I haven't been doing much worth writing about. LOL

Sorry to hear your DH is sick. Hope he's all better today.

I spent a little time this week gathering up some stuff and taking it to donate at the TS. I also went through a bunch of old crafts books (some from as far back as 1986) and donated a big stack to the little library store. I just made copies of the few things I still MIGHT want to do and acknowledged that most of it I no longer needed.

I've sorted out a stack of painting books too. Need to go through them one more time, then I'll take some pics and offer them on our forum here before I donate them. Many are ones I've picked up at the TS that are really old and sort of outdated. Silly to keep the ones that I'll probably never use--makes my shelves too crowded to easily get to the ones I want. I also found that there are some that I will probably never use again--but just couldn't part with yet! LOL Wonder if some of those styles will ever be popular again????

Anj, how sweet that you are trying to update the freebie sites for us. I had noticed that some of ours no longer worked. Mostly I missed that Ladybug one where we got that neat leprechaun design. Isn't it funny that no matter how many patterns we already have, we are always excited to find new ones???? ;o)

Hope everyone is having a good week. My little GD has her graduation from Kindergarten tomorrow morning. Think she starts first grade the end of August--hard to believe she is growing up so fast!

Better get moving here. TTYL


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Hey Luvs...DH is better thank you. He went back to work yesterday and today. Today is our 18th wedding anniversary. We kinda had plans but then this is the only weekend my brother could get the stuff to blow in the insulation into our attic and you know how long we've been waiting for that to happen. Guess we'll be going out to celebrate next Friday which is the 5 yr olds b-day, but we'll do her party on Sat.
It is only 45 degrees here today and I'm freezing. Have the front door open for the pipe to come thru to the attic for the spray! So I'm huddled up under my little space heater with a blanket going thru my painting books looking for something to paint on some little stockings that I got at the TS. Took the kids over yesterday. Found a fish sign that was pretty beat up that I repainted for my brother today (I'll post a pic later), another one of those flower trees with the rusty bells, and a few other little odds and ends. I got the little flag painted on the back of my pencil box done too. It's not that great....couldn't get the shading right, but whatever. Sometimes it just doesn't flow. I'll post a pic of it later too. Don't want to get out from under my blankie right now. ha
Luvs~ I know how hard it is to part with your books when there is something you may want to paint one day. You should see all the little post it tags I have sticking out of mine. Well, hope everyone is having a terrific weekend. I'd better get back to my hunt. ~Anj

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Oh, Anj, you just won't believe it! I had this nice stack of books set aside to take pics and see if anyone on here wanted any before I took them to the TS--well, I made the mistake of picking up part of the stack and looking back through them! Now I'm pulling out some of them to save awhile longer! Darn, I just know I will probably never go back and actually do these--but it sure is hard to let go. ;o( LOL

I knew it was about time for your little one's BD--my GD turned 6 on the 12th and the two of them are close in age. I laughed so hard today because she thought she couldn't play with the little triplets down the street from me anymore because she is six now and they are only five! Where do they get these ideas?

Congrats on your anniversary! That's a nice milestone to have reached--bet you wonder how the time has passed so quickly, don't you?

Hope that insulation finally gets finished, yes, you have been waiting for a long time. It will sure help on the heating bills and make your home so much more snug and warm, so worth the wait.

I had a 60% off coupon for Cricut cartridges at Michaels today so I ran over early. Really not much of a selection since the sale was to clear out the old stock to make room for the new ones coming out. I did find a Christmas one at least. I really think I have enough now to do most projects that I will want to do. And I tried using the Contact paper vinyl because it is less expensive than the Cricut vinyl. Love using the vinyl because it can be repositioned fairly easily. I made a cute plate and three little plaques--but they are for Halloween so won't show them now. (Why Halloween you ask? I just happened to see a plate on a blog that I really liked, then ran across an orange plate at the TS and knew it would be perfect for that project!) Also, I have to do things while they are fresh in my mind--or they get filed away and never done.

It is so good to have you posting again. I really miss you when you are gone. Our weather has been staying cooler too so far--in fact, I went back and turned our electric blanket on so the bed will be nice and cozy when I crawl in later. Is the weather going to make you late getting your garden planted? Sure hope you will have a good growing season.

I'd better get going. I'll be back tomorrow. Take care.


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Luvs...I can just see you doing that. Those books really are hard to part with. I'm sure every painter is the same way.
I don't know where these kids get their ideas! 5 yr old lost her first tooth this weekend and I heard her in there sniffling. She asked me if I still loved her since her tooth fell out! ha I reassured her, but why would she even think that? ha
Time is going by so swiftly! Can't believe I'm going to have a 16 yr old this year! ugh!!
Yes, the attic is sprayed and now just have to wait for DH to get the plywood screwed down and I can put everything back up there and get organized. It's supposed to be like a basement now and stay the same temp year round. Won't have to worry about anything getting ruined. You know how much I depend on that extra space (runs the whole length of our house and you can stand up in it) so it will be nice to get it back. Couldn't find a thing with my stuff out in the garage.
Glad you are having fun with your cricut. You are making me want one. ha
Can you believe that IT SNOWED THIS MORNING!!! For about 2 hours??? I can't stand it! Was around 32 degrees. I cannot stand this cold weather much longer. Did I tell you we were leaving in 3 weeks to go to LA/MS? I'm so excited! DH's dad had a stroke and we haven't been back since 2006 so really need to go visit with everyone. And did I tell you that DH changed companies and is loving is new job?? Thank goodness!! ha His commute is an hour each way every day which is the only draw back. =/
We are hoping to get the garden planted this weekend. DHis taking off for 5yr olds b-day to take her fishing (her choice). If we don't get it done this weekend, hopefully next if this crazy weather can level out.
Ok, my computer went crazy one time and started flipping back thru my past pages and lost my last post so I'd better get this one sent before it happens again. I'm trying hard to make time to get here and doing some painting too. Working on a Jamie Mills Price snow scene that I started a year ago. Want to finish it up. Talk to ya soon. ~Anj

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Hi All, I'm so excited to see some new projects. DD and DGD will be staying with us for a few days so I can hardly wait. Still gimping alittle but that won't stop some fun. She is really into her hula hooping so can just sit and watch her.

Loved reading about your DGD Luvs. Little ones are so serious when they say things. DGD has a special little boy at preschool that is so nice to all the little girls and it's fun to hear her talk about him.

Glad you got a new cartridge. Your making so many neat things. Hope you start painting some more projects for us to enjoy.

Anj, hope your trip is a fun one even though your FIL had a stroke. Is he doing ok? My DF is still having some issues with speach and it really frustrates her. I keep telling her to just keep calm and it will pass.

I sure hope your snow stops. It's raining alot and here and has froze but no snow the last week. Some of my garden has froze but most still looks ok. I placed Wall O Waters around most things.

Did you get your attic insulation in? I need to do some projects around here but don't have time.

Business is great again and we have alot of training to do so best get to bed.

Hope Belle lets us know what she's up to and I'm dying to see PF craft room.


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Hi Punk, so sorry you have a problem with your leg, hope it will be back to normal soon. Having your DD and DGD there will take your mind off it a bit hopefully. Good that business is so good--but hard too when both you and your DH are not feeling so great right now, huh?

Anj, so glad the attic is done. How wonderful to have all that storage space--I'm a bit green with envy. ;o) Bet your DD felt so much better when you reassured her and let her know she will get a new tooth soon. The little ones are just so precious. Wow! a sixteen year old--boy are you in for allot of new experiences! Don't envy you sitting in that passenger seat for those first drives! LOL

I'm sorry about DH's DD, but so glad that you will be getting to go visit. I just know you will be soaking up the sunshine and visiting the beach. Have a fun but safe trip. You had mentioned that your DH was wanting to find a new job, but never said he actually had. Sorry about the comute, but even that is better than not liking to go to work each day. Glad it has worked out okay.

I do have a couple of patterns laid out to paint--just need to get in there and get started. I really want to get that long wood piece painted up and out of the way. Have to admit that I have been distracted a bit getting used to the Cricut and figuring out things I can use it for. Today I pulled out a heart shaped plate and one with red/white/blue around the rim and cut out vinyl letters to go inside them. The really neat part is that if I ever want to change them, the letters can just be peeled off. Neat, huh?

Yes, I wonder if Bebe is still working on her room. Hopefully we will hear from her soon. Belle has been such a big help to our new poster on the discussions side as has Kraftymom. I'm so glad they could help because I sure didn't have the answers she needed.

Had lunch with a friend today, and tomorrow is movie day again--not sure what we will go see yet.

Hope the weather where both of you are warms up and you can have some nice warm days now. We are even cooler than normal here too--but I have to admit that I don't mind that at all and it is sunny and green and I'm loving it right now!


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WoW! Am I behind or what? Anj...sorry about the snow, we have been having everything but snow, where did spring go? Congrads on your 18th anniv., hope the tooth fairy helped the little one. Your trips sounds like fun along with visiting with the family. Hope all are well. Glad you have the insulation done and your storage space isn't far behind. We still have to insulate the underside of our house, not looking forward but our kids are going to help.

Luvs....I know how you feel about your books, I just keep thinking...less books means more space, I need space. Our road is having a neighborhood garage sale in June and I plan to put all of my extra books out, what doesn't sell goes to the TS. Guess I should make a list to post here first.

Punk....did I miss it....what did you do to your leg? Hope it is better.

DH goes in for another stress test today and will come home with a monitor. His DR., thinks he will have to have a pacemaker. One more sign of the "golden years!"

I have not painted any projects of late, just a lot of practice. Did some daisy's, hollyhocks and geraniums. Sigh! I just gotta remember they are not going to look like the real thing!

We are housing family of my SIL during graduation time, so I have been doing some really deep cleaning. Really glad for the push to get it done.

Better get a move on, all take care!


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Hey ya'll....my computer has been down. Comcast had to come and replace my modem. Finally back up and going and had to stop in to say Hey! I'm in the middle of doing some transcription work for DH so I can't stay long. I'll try to get back later and read your posts. ~Anj

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Gosh Anj, let's hope the new modem will take care of the problem. We are kinda lost without our computers aren't we? I know you've had off and on problems for awhile, let's hope that's over now!

Belle, you are so right about the "golden years". I heard it said once that "after 50, it's just patch,patch,patch" and that sure seems to be true. I also heard "old age is not for wimps" and I totally agree with that one as well! Hope they figure out what he needs and get him feeling good again soon. I know you will enjoy having your guests as well as seeing your grandson graduate. He sure sounds like a fine young man, you have every right to be proud.

Oh, and sure, we'd love to have you post a list of any books you plan to part with. Don't be like me and pick them up to look through again after you've sorted out the ones to sell--I keep finding patterns (excuses) to keep them! LOL


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